France · 92 Days · 9 Moments · September 2014

Exchange Semester in Paris!

9 December 2014

My exchange in Paris has come to an end. I had a great time and met many amazing people which made this experience unforgettable. Looking forward to my next trip to Paris!!!

3 November 2014

Best week ever!!!! So here is what happened..I applied to NYU for my next semester and i got accepted!! Soo happy and excited didn't think this would happen. Paris and New York..dream coming true!

1 November 2014

It's been a while since I last gave some updates about my exchange here in Paris so I thought I would share some moments with you guys right now: Friends from Switzerland visiting me, ATP masters with Roger Federer!!!, haunted house on halloween, vintage market and visit of the champagne cellars De Castellane in Epernay, Champagne :)

26 September 2014

Can't get enough of this city! Whenever you feel bad, you just go out for a walk and remember how lucky you are to be in such a beautiful place..
Welcome back to reality!! I remembered that I actually have to do something during my EXCHANGE SEMESTER..but it's not that bad - Eating at chipotle, sitting on a nice spot and learning something that is actually quite could be worse, really!

20 September 2014

Roland Garros! Every year, one of the four grand slam tournaments is held on these courts. On the "journées du patrimoine", we were able to get free entrance and saw the different courts all famous people like Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Maria Sharapova, the Williams sisters, etc. played on. We also visited the museum - quite funny to see how people used to play tennis back in the day! Afterwards, we went backstage and saw where the tennisplayers hang out during the tournament - definitely worth going if you're interested in tennis!

13 September 2014

Beyonce and Jay-Z make a stop in Paris, the only place in Europe where they perform for their "on the run" tour! What can I say..freakin' awesome?? Not only did they do a great job, but they also had a guest..the one and only nicki minaj! Long story short: Not a bad evening here in Paris!!

10 September 2014

I have been in Paris for a little over two weeks now and I am lucky to find myself in such a beautiful city. My studies start on sept. 22, and by the end of january I will go back home to Switzerland. I have already met a lot of great people thanks to the erasmus exchange program and had countless opportunities to stroll around the city.

9 September 2014

The view from the Arc de Triomphe, the Jardin the Luxembourg and so many more sights are an absolute must while staying in Paris. After a long day, i find myself strolling along the Seine on that beautiful, sunny day..Where else can you relax, have a drink and enjoy such a magnificent view?