United Kingdom · 3 Days · 4 Moments · April 2018

Chesterfield/Sheldon, UK

18 April 2018

Today we sadly said goodbye to Granny to board our train to Paris. We are travelling back to London and then connecting onto Paris.

17 April 2018

Today we were lucky enough to visit the stunning Chatsworth Estate. Upon arrival we were shocked at the share enormity of the place. We walked around the estate feeling as though it’s all rather excessive but incredible all the same. Dan, Indi and I went through the house (haha mansion) whilst Granny and Lucas went to the farmyard. We had a great walk around, scoffing at the ridiculous amount of gold and share size of the place. We didn’t muck around so we were done pretty quickly and met back with Granny and Lucas for a lovely lunch. The China they severed our tea in was beautiful. After lunch we all went back to the farmyard and adventure playground together. It’s such a great facility for the kids. Unfortunately Indi hurt herself on the trampoline quite badly and couldn’t walk so we ended up at A&E at 11pm that night when she woke upset... they X-rayed her and it came back fine so we were back to bed around 1am, exhausted to say the least but the staff were great!

16 April 2018

Today it was lovely waking up in Granny’s home. Granny has a kettle in her room and she says she wakes up, makes a cup of coffee and reads her book for an hour. I thought this was just amazing. When Granny came out she was straight into playing games with Lucas! Granny had organised a taxi to take us for lunch at a traditional English pub! We went the scenic route and got to see the moors which was beautiful. We passed Ashford in the Water which I fell in love with when I saw! When we got to Sheldon I was stunned at how cute the village is. I’ve never laid eyes on these stunning villages and I just love them! Lunch was great, dan and I both opted for traditional hearty meals! We got back in time for more games, including “what’s the time mr wolf!” Granny cooked us another lovely meal. And we enjoyed a wine. Another great day!

15 April 2018

First up, we were so impressed with St. Pancras Station, it’s stunning and has more than a lot of malls in Christchurch! Our train ride to Chesterfield from London was great! We had an awesome booth and we got to go through the Chunnel! We were amazed by how fast the train goes!! Arriving in Chesterfield it was dismal but so exciting to see Granny. She was waiting for us and we could see her before she could see us. Dan and the kids jumped in a cab and Granny and I went to the supermarket which was an experience! Granny’s village, Holymoorside, is the cutest wee village. It’s exactly as I pictured in my head. Her house is so lovely with such a lovely outlook. I can see how she loves it so much. The kids settled in and we had a quiet afternoon/night. Granny played some games with Lucas and read him a book. We had a lovely dinner Granny had prepared for us, of salmon, a lovely salad and potatoes, she had really gone out of her way. A very nice welcome to her home!