North America · 13 Days · 25 Moments · May 2018

June 2018 get away

12 June 2018

A wonderful 2 hour cruise into the “Gates if the Mountain” in Helena. Enjoyed the scenery!

10 June 2018

Drove out to Lakeside on the outskirts of Helena, true “red neck” saloon with live music. Two old guys with a harmonica & a guitar sing the “blues”
Went for a tour around Helena, lots of historical buildings

9 June 2018

Went for a walk about in Last Chance Gulch in downtown Helena. Very hot out, 33, had to stop for a beer

8 June 2018

Stayed at Jim & Mary’s RV Park, disappointing! No satellite capabilities and very woody site. We all were hauling various derby, messy pine needs and sappy crap. We are moving on today, off to Helena

7 June 2018

Wield rock formations along the way
Traveled from Clarkston to Missoula, up one side of the mountain & down the other following the river almost all the way
Monarch butterflies hitching a ride

6 June 2018

Lazy day, my people did boring things like laundry & grocery shopping. Something does smell good on that BBQ, dad makes great stuff on that.

5 June 2018

Stopped for lunch at a roadside “food trailer” for some Mexican food. Stuart’s tacos were good but my nachos were a grease pit. Can’t win the all🙁
Went for a leisurely drive along the riverside, a little like home.

4 June 2018

Another brewery to visit, at least I received ice water. The waiter brought it to me in a bucket, my peoples educated him, I drink out of a glass
New neighbors, we realized there are many different ways of setting up camp🤣

3 June 2018

Thunder storm blew over right after dinner causing everyone to scurry into their unit, batten down the hatches!
A little shopping this morning, ice cream sundae special a the RV Park today. Was tasty on such a hot day, got up to 35. To hot for me & Bentley, spent the heat of the day in air conditioned RV. This was the view from the front window

2 June 2018

I truly believe he is part human, look at that pose
The trip to Moscow wore everyone out, afternoon siesta time for all.
Found Moscow Alehouse. Bentley enjoy the ice water while we sipped on a nice light beer. Yes we were in Moscow, Idaho that is.
Walked around the farmers market, very busy & hot. Bentley need a drink so we went in search of a puppy friendly pub
Took a drive up “Old Snake Road”, good thing we were in the Jeep not sure the motorhome would do the sharp hair pins

1 June 2018

Great relaxing day for all
Stopped a local winery & they offered us a tasting, some great choices. Then walked around the corner to a brewery, enjoyed the sampling there too. Good thing we are only a short walk from the RV Park.
Morning started out with Bentley’s lawn chair like a small swimming pool. Note for future days here, move his chair under the motor home out of the sprinklers way. The sun is shining, no wind, and warm. Just the way Bentley ordered it!

31 May 2018

Made it to Clarkston,WA. Beautiful RV Park, right on the Snake River. Our site has a wonderful view
First night away, stayed in HomeHardware’s parking lot. In the road by 8:30am, headed to Premier RV Resort in Clarkston, WA. About a 6 hour haul.