North America, Asia · 9 Days · 56 Moments · February 2015

Cheryl's voyage in South Korea

7 March 2015

Oh boy. Stuck next to grandma and grandpa. They're going to take forever to get off of the plane. OMG I hope they're not the last ones to get off.
I can't believe they got in n out for lunch today. Also, remind mom that next time she gives you a Benjamin to break one into twenties. #cherylproblems

7 March 2015

It pays to have status. (Singapore Airlines lounge)
Break time before heading to the airport.
This was/is by far the best souvenir purchase. Ever. (9900 Korean won for a Winnie the Pooh neck pillow and six donuts, yes, shaped like Winnie the Pooh.)
More exploring.
Last breakfast (plate) at Grand Hyatt Seoul.

6 March 2015

We need these little baggies for to-go drinks in the US.
Namdaemun Market. More shopping insanity. Really overwhelming.
Royal changing of the guards at Gyeongbokgung (palace), Gwanghwamun (gate).
Seoul Opera house
Oh yeah, in the news, a U.S. Ambassador was stabbed on Wednesday while giving a speech downtown.

5 March 2015

I don't know if it's the carbon monoxide or the smokers or the general quality of air in Seoul, but I have been coughing like I have smoker's lungs. I see why people wear masks in Asia, felt like I needed one myself today.
My treat from Myeongdong. Ew there's red bean paste on the inside. Other than that the strawberry is really good.
And seriously, why can't we have McDonald's delivery?
Hilarious. The restaurant's wifi password is 12345. Also they're sold out of kalbi. Worst place ever.
Also Koreans (women) love beauty products like fat kids love cake.
Back in Myeongdong for dinner. Koreans love ice cream. I stopped into Adidas and Club Monaco, and noticed in Adidas that everything is an XS!! I'm gonna have to find the top online instead.
I think this is part of Jungbu Market. It's like the Korean version of a bazaar, but 100x bigger and 10,000x more wasteful. Insane. Euljiro is lined with home decor stuff for MILES (lighting, backsplash, sinks, bathtubs, faucets, hardware, etc.).
Just...what. Dongdaemun
The Shilla Seoul hotel (and duty free shopping, which was underwhelming). Although the Candy Crush convention is intriguing--what product are they discussing?
Daylight attempt of the view from the hotel.
Late breakfast today. And why won't they bring me another cup of coffee?

4 March 2015

Some attempts at taking night shots of the view from the hotel.
The "Original Ho Bar, Since 2002"
Dinner at Busan Galbi. I've had better kalbi. Way better.
All the American restaurants I've seen so far: - McDonald's - Burger King - KFC - Popeye's - Papa John's - Domino's - Pizza Hut - starbuck's - The Coffee Bean - Baskin Robbins - dunkin donuts - 7-Eleven
Changdeok Palace. BTW: we bought tickets for The Secret Garden but the (mandatory) guided tour started at 3:30 pm and we didn't want to stick around in the wind for it.
I have new respect for Korean women who wear skirts/dresses on the winter with tights when it's freezing outside.
Cafe Artisée
Bukchon Hanok Village
Cheonggye Stream
Holy crap I love her outfit.
Pretty sure the equivalent of the U.S. Secret Service just left the Grand Hyatt.
Just saving this for later :)

3 March 2015

For mom.
And now they're playing drinking games.
Dinner at some "in the mountain" restaurant. Howard keeps laying the empty beer bottles on its side on the table. It's driving me nuts. Dinner conversation is the boringest thing ever. They were talking about the history and evolution of DDR3 and DDR4 and everything was a huge inside joke for them. I am ready to go to bed.
Okay pet peeve: people who talk on the phone in the elevator and say, "Hello? Can you hear me? I'm in the elevator. Hello?"
I think I'm going to rip through this book. Edit: on second thought, I think I've already read this book and forgot that I read it.
Buffet breakfast at the Terrace.
I noticed while I was walking around yesterday that I would catch a whiff of something stinky. Is that why people wear masks? Also woke up at 0500 today. Probably should take a nap this afternoon.

2 March 2015

I didn't eat anything for dinner because I wasn't hungry, but I did find a Double Bulgogi Burger at McD. Also I got way too excited when I saw a Jamba Juice.
And now I'm just too tired to leave the room for dinner. Can I just skip dinner and stay in? Ugh time to go catch the bus.
We woke up around 0600 and took a quick shower before going to breakfast. As much as I dislike the location of the Grand Hyatt, it has a pretty nice view from the top of the hill. The buffet breakfast was legit with everything from sushi to glazed ham and chocolate croissant. After breakfast, I headed back up to the room and read my book (All the President's Men). The plan was to hang out at the room until lunch time and then we would go out to Itaewon, from which I could wander around Seoul for the rest of the afternoon. We ate Korean BBQ at Maple Tree House and then parted ways. I made the mistake of heading west instead of east and ended up making a loop back to the hotel, at which point I THOUGHT of taking a cab to JW Marriott but was too stubborn to let go of my original plan of walking the three miles there. I ended up walking 10 miles today and covered way more ground than I expected (which is not reflected on this map!!!!)
Lunch at The Maple Tree. Supposedly the best kalbi around.
Arrived and waiting in immigration

1 March 2015

Finally arrived at the hotel. It's not that bad, looks pretty nice and there was a live band playing. I'm too tired to eat or do anything. And the room is kind of small for two people :P. I'm gonna have to ask dad to move his bed farther apart.
We up in da club. And our flight got delayed by 30 minutes.
I would totally eat in n' out right now if they were open.

27 February 2015


26 February 2015

Just landed in SFO!