North America · 20 Days · 27 Moments · March 2018

South bound Feb 2018

20 March 2018

Home at last🤗
Who turn the heat off🤔

19 March 2018

We are lucky to have missed rush hour through Salt Lake. Yes we are see snow on the mountains, yuck!
Leaving St George, on our way to Idaho Falls, camping in Walmart tonight 🤗

17 March 2018

Went for a beautiful drive in the Jeep through the Virgin River Gorge, had lunch in another Mexican place in Mesquite. Bentley got to enjoy there dog park
Very scenic drive from Phoenix to Vegas

16 March 2018

Last evening in Surprise, AZ (suburbs of Phoenix). Beautiful sunset & my dog that is becoming more & more of a true lap dog

15 March 2018

Tour today through the desert and on Canyon Lake on the “Dolly” paddle wheeler. Excellent trip with views of the volcanic rock walls along the lake and the variety of cactus. Long day, started at 7am and not back to the motor home for 10 hours.

14 March 2018

Enjoyed the afternoon hanging around the pool & also an ice cold margarita 👌

13 March 2018

Went to a “Diner, Drive-in & Dives”, La Piazza, wonderful homemade lasagna
Down by the pool,early morning walk prior to daily activities start. Another warm sunny day! Sunflower RV Resort is beautiful, but the Phoenix area should come with a sound warning, military flight training base, planes flying most of the day.

11 March 2018

Bentley fav spot at the new RV Resort is the dog park, made some friends. Stuart & I are going to enjoy the pool, water aerobics & water volleyball.

9 March 2018

Another pub for dinner & Bentley come too. He loved the pizza crust with the cheese. Bentley got has ice water too, he thinks that is a new game, keeps drinking to try and catch the ice until he get freezer brain & the he shakes his head.
Drove across the Parker dam today, Bentley liked that mode of transportation much better then yesterday

8 March 2018

Then we went to dinner at Pirates Den, beautiful sun and my people enjoyed fish & chips while I dined on yam treats. Back home in that water taxi, not my fav
We took a water taxi across the river, stressful for a puppy, Then we they took me into a bar, dad got us drinks, but I can’t reach mine. Mom handled it for, weird water with floaty things called ice

7 March 2018

Bentley is fascinated by the Palm trees, walks are very slow as he needs to sniff each one. We came across some donkey friends along the side of the road, came right up to the Jeep.

6 March 2018

Chef Stu is smoking some ribs for dinner to night, today we are all into the food
Had lunch at an authentic Mexican restaurant, Tierra Caliente Meat Market. Great food! Came back & reclined in my lawn chair, the view was blue sky & palm trees, wonderful. Even had a short Siesta in the warm sun (25 C)

5 March 2018

Spent a lazy day and had many puppy walks. Bentley has many friends

4 March 2018

Dinner is always great when someone else makes it
Wonderful relaxing day, walks on the beach. Bentley absolutely loved it & he found many doggie friends along the way. Went in the “saloon” for happy hour to end the afternoon.

3 March 2018

We finally found the sun & warmth! Pulled into Parker, Arizona. Bentley is so happy to see his lawn chair & I happy with our view, that is what I am going to wake up to for the next week! We are right at the Colorado river edge.

2 March 2018

Long day of travel, Bentley is ready for bed.
We spent the night in North Salt Lake, wonderful RV Park, Pony Express, would have stayed longer but a storm is coming in. We are the opposite of “storm chasers”, storm racers☺️ Left this beautiful park about 10:30am, storm is to hit about 2 pm. Unfortunately before the storm is strong winds, almost feels like home. Haves little anxiety as I watch Stuart fight with the steering wheel down I15 through Salt Lake ( long city ever!)

1 March 2018

Going over Continental Divide it was cold, furnace & heater on, but Bentley needed this blanket
Late start to our trip, RV went in for servicing, needed a part which held us up for a day. On our way Feb 28th to Great Falls, Whuwho!! Spent the night in Walmart parking lot, we had to pick the night they decide to have their snow piles loaded & trucked away. Just a little noise, backup beeping, scraping & dumping, but we were tired enough to sleep through a good portion of it, Bentley not so much. On our way to Leeds, Utah. Going to be a long day of travel but we want to get on the other side of the winter weather that it predicted, in search of sun & heat, that is our mission 🤣