Asia · 6 Days · 28 Moments · December 2014

Cherie's voyage in Japan

23 December 2014

After taking a train to Kobe, we went to our first stop, the Nishiki Market! We ate udon for lunch :)

22 December 2014

We had dinner at Fisherman's Market in Mosaic at Kobe. The food isn't too bad, but still can't beat the previous dishes we've tasted.
Port of Kobe!
After lunch (Kobe beef), we went to Motomachi, the Chinatown of Kobe!
We took a morning train to Kobe, and are on a local city tour! The first stop was Rhine House, an "Ijinkan" styled house which was damaged in 1995 but is now reopened for exhibition. Then we walked around a previously Dutch community in which the Rhine House resides, where we ate the famous cream cheese and macha ice cream :) I also bought a really nice painting from an artist who was painting on the stairs.

21 December 2014

Sushi for dinner!!!
Went up the Umeda Sky Building and saw the city skyline of Osaka :)
After having Japanese curry rice for breakfast, we went took the train to the Instant Ramen Museum in Ikeda, where we made our own instant noodles!

20 December 2014

We went back to Doutonbori to eat the best crab dishes I've ever tasted 😍
After walking to Namba Parks, we went to Kuromon Market and are yummy cook-on-the spot delights like Kobe beef, fried tempura and sushi!

19 December 2014

Had Japanese barbecue for dinner!
Night parade!
The Wizarding World of Harry Potter! It got really cold!
As the beautiful sunset dawns upon us :)
Universal Studios Japan!
Universal Studios Japan via the trains of Osaka :)
Good morning! We're up and ready for Day 2! Spending the whole day at Universal Studios Japan (USJ) :)

18 December 2014

Walked through Doutonbori, ate Takoyaki and had a ramen-filled dinner! :) yum!
Our room :)
Took a sweet train ride and arrived at Swissotel in Namba.
As evening descends upon Osaka
Spent the whole day at Rinku Premium Outlet!
Hello Kasai Airport, Osaka!
Finally on the plane to Osaka! Japan, here we come! :)
Reached Hong Kong airport! Transit to Osaka now :)
Taking off in 5 minutes! :)
In the plane! :)
At the Singapore boarding gate!