United Kingdom, Spain · 5 Days · 9 Moments · January 2018

Chelsea's adventure in Lanzarote, Spain

22 January 2018

Cocktails, and finally ready to fly home... see you all in the rain 😭😭😭

21 January 2018

One stop was at a vineyard where u can do wine tasting. That volcano in the pic is Timanfaya. Justen didnt like standin on the glass bottom too much and the tour man called him a pussy hole high light of my holiday.
Buggy time soooo much fun but very dusty. Making loads of stops to see different sites and learn things. Justen had to have a booster seat hahaha

20 January 2018

Day by the pool then off to see the sun set...well first attempt but the cloud blocked it.

19 January 2018

Its friday...woke up, had breakfast then went exploring. Gettin steps in.

18 January 2018

Took a trip to the supermarket. Theres no shortage on capri-suns then had our first ice cream of the holiday which j had trouble eating because hes a special breed of human.
So we turn up thinking it's a hotel and we have our own little bungalow haha no pic of the bathroom as j was occupying it.
Almost didn't make it to the airport due to nearly being blown away but before we knew it we were on the plane and both woke up 10 minutes before landing. Boots don't sell mouth masks and there was too much coughing for me to be awake n listen to. Met some camels already. Open to suggestions on what to call them.