Europe, North America · 12 Days · 17 Moments · November 2017

Chelsea's adventure in Jersey City, NJ, Unite

1 December 2017

Went to see Lady Liberty, Ellis Island and another view of the skyline.

30 November 2017

Went for our last dinner together at my favourite restaurant in times square before heading to the Christmas markets.
Other pretty decorations.

29 November 2017

The Rockefeller center tree for this year. Its sooo big. Looked amazing. Saw Gwen Stefani, Seal and loads of other perform for the lighting.
My bench is still there ❤

28 November 2017

Hi ho hi ho its back to camp i go. Hiked to bald rock and then out for a all u can eat buffet. Was good to be back.

27 November 2017

So i went back to the river front but a different spot to FaceTime dearest so she could see the view then went out for all you can eat wings for $5 and i feel u know i got my moneys worth and heres me thinking i was full.
Went to ihop (international house of pancakes) and ate far too much...story of my life. Yes all the food u c was mine.

26 November 2017

Went an got a new skyline picture at my favourite place and they had all the trees lit up near by.

25 November 2017

So only family were to wear burgundy so i thought it was sweet she asked me to. The party was amazing n well worth all the stress and effort the past 5 days
Sorting out the last bits and setting up for Imani's sweet 16 party.

23 November 2017

Heres some balloons from the parade. Roads were blocked off but still managed to see quiet alot.
Ofcourse u get a good view and a giant stands in ur way lol. Ish even felt small.
Got my hot choc to keep me warm and its off to the parade i go. Said hi to the empire state building for u all.

22 November 2017

Already cant deal with the food and wanted a jacket potato. Note to self dont order a jacket potato by that name as they dont understand what that is.

20 November 2017

Landed and got my first peek at the sky line as we drove home. Was welcomed with a birthday cake and happy to see the doggies.
And so the journey begins. New neck pillow as i forgot mine and broken suitcase but i will survive. Next stop USA.