Europe, North America · 10 Days · 18 Moments · December 2016

Sverige och Skuleskogens

9 January 2017

I'm not going to attempt explaining my experience here in a summary. It's meaningless to you and a waste of time. The only thing I can say is this- people need to see these things for themselves. Everybody is so busy in some routine, so busy waiting for tomorrow, excuses not to do things until they know what it is they’re doing or comfortable doing it . I can guarantee that you don't even remember what you had for breakfast two days ago. And you don't even care, or want to think about it. Wanna know why? Because you're content with every day being just like yesterday, and you're waiting for something other than yourself to make you do something different. I don't understand it. You have to do these things. Stop looking for a reason to do something. Stop waiting until you're "ready" (If you are a living, breathing person, you're ready). Don't wait until you're old, out of school, done with your job... just GO. Trust me. It might change your life.

8 January 2017

We are never tired. So long as we can see far enough.

7 January 2017

Don’t go on Google looking for pictures of this place. I essentially orgasmed at the apex I've been trekking upward for the last half hour. This is my first exclamation moment- most of the time spent was spent with my head down. I know people are around now- it’s the first clear sky in days. I didn't care. But I had a flashback of last night's wind, snow, cold sweat, the shattering of my frozen ass cheeks as I slip on icy rocks. It's too much to explain in words, but my eyes are hungry. If there's one thing you need to do more of in life... it's to take time out of looking forward to look up. It’s not all about the destination ya know.. I'm headed to the second of three cabins for my second night. Should be another hour or so hike, downhill this time along the coast to get to the little island-lip thing of Tarnattholmarna.
So thankful past travelers leave pots for idiots who decide to come in the winter. These questionable souls have no choice but to melt snow in order to eat so they don't die of hypothermia or fall into a frozen lake trying to get water. I was able to get a ton of sleep for how frostbitten my ass cheeks were. Anyway, I woke up a little later than I'd like to, so I want to get out of here ASAP so I know I'll have enough daylight getting to wherever I'm going. Things I learned: Don't leave your wood stove open when you aren't using it unless you want everything smelling like ashes. When you're inside and not sweating anymore, change wet socks immediately and put on 8 pairs of dry ones. Also, reload the wood stove in the middle of the night so you don't get frostbite on your ass cheeks. Time to find a way... somewhere...

6 January 2017

My Swedish gf may not ever see this, but you are the image of Sweden I'm left with. Generous people and a generous culture. This amazing person actually offered to drive me 10 miles to the south entrance of the park after she had been working management at a grocery store all day. I'm such a scumbag. I had hoped there'd be a taxi around, but when I found out the closest one was in ornskoldsvik, she drove me. She's going to pick me up Monday at 9 am. Next hobo I see in California is getting a ride from me. I love people.

5 January 2017

At this point, I knew I was going somewhere out there, and was committed to the idea, but didn’t know where to go, what to bring, or how to get there. I went into sundsvall, specifically targeting a store by the name of Naturkompaniet, and in there I met a man by the name of Petter.

3 January 2017

Overnight, the snow piled up to a jävla foot of snö.
Day and night in stone city

2 January 2017

Let’s see who’s on tinder for me to fika with
Bless. $20 hostel- Gaffelbyn vandrarhem- at the top of a mountain. Here's the journey upward

1 January 2017

Sundsvall. I didn't even know if I was in the main area of the city, but I chose to get off anyway in a semi-lit part of town. I say semi-lit because it's New Year's Day and just about every light in the city is dimmer than it should be. It's snowing, it's 5:30 and dark, and nobody is outside. I'm actually scared now. What have I gotten myself into? This is kind of what I asked for. Do I deserve this though? So I've been walking in circles around the city for about an hour now. Everywhere is officially closed, lights turned off, I've checked all the hotels and hostels I could with the 28% battery I had left on my iPhone 4S. Nobody is dumber than me. Every one was closed ONLY tonight. My body temperature was literally below zero omg. My fingers were literally icicles. Literally. I just needed to get inside somewhere. My body has been thermally abused.
You won't believe what I accomplished. I got... ...on the bus. Yes. You heard it alright. I was able to manage actually getting on the bus. Place is called Sundsvall. About 6 hours up north. No idea what's there. No idea how to get back. No idea where to stay. But I'm uncomfortable when I'm comfortable, if that makes sense. So many little towns, animals and people to see. It's so vast yet simple out here. The snow is piling up the further I get north. It frightens me just a bit, but I'm confident in my navigation skills.
New Years

31 December 2016

I made my move a little later than I wish I would have, but I'm going to a town an hour or so up north called Gävle (pronounced yaw-vlay). Of course I have no idea where to go, but I'm going anyway. Apparently the place is famous for their annual burning of a giant goat. Not an actual goat.. if it were an actual giant goat thatd be tight and they'd probably worship the giant goat. Yeah. Anyway it's a huge goat figure made of straw that everybody gathers around and dances. You know what that means... I'm headed straight to the systembolaget to buy some pregame for the bus.
Went to bed at 5 pm completely exhausted, so plenty of sleep. 6 am now and I'm ready to get somewhere. Don't care if it's here or another city. The city's already preparing for New Years. No idea what to expect.

30 December 2016

Took a bus to Centralterminalen in Stockholm. Gonna walk around while it's still light out, hopefully find some cheap food, a SIM card and a hostel
If you plan to stumble upon something, did you plan it or did you stumble upon it?