Canada · 51 Days · 3 Moments · September 2017

Charly's Canadian experience

7 November 2017

Our monthly stay in Victoria is know over too. We found our first job in Canada here at Tim Hortons which is typical for Canada. It was interesting but a really hard work and I’m glad that it was just an month. I met amazing people to who I can call my friends now. So saying good bye was a hard thing to do. We also bought our car Gladice here! She is a Chevrolet Venture 2003 and in a super condition. I hope we have lots of good memories with her. We already did some trips with her and even slept in the car on our day trip to Tofino which was incredible. Vancouver Island is a beautiful place and I’m glad living there for a month. Next stop is Vancouver again because I finally got a shop in a ski resort there. So my next chapter will be in North Vancouver at Grouse Mountain and I’m so exited. We also have our own apartment there with a friend of mine.

24 September 2017

Our week in Nanaimo/ Cedar on Vancouver Island is over and so is our farm stay at Blake and Putus home. We had a lot of knew and great experience. I did thinks I could never done in Germany. I drove this huge ford truck, Emu and I rode in the back of the truck, we build a path, did the compost, prepared wood for the cold winter days and helped with the haverest. It was really great but also really hard work. I also have to say, that although it was a great stay little thinks where a bit weird. Just like going to the fridge and eat there food. I didn't want to eat it in case they want it. But otherwise I worked for it. The kids were really active and loud. In the end it felt like we did something wrong because Putu and Blake acted totally different. What else is to mention is the great nature. We were able to see the salmon run and got so nice videos of them. We're also swam in the Nanaimo river which was so cold but so cool. All in all it was a great experience.

17 September 2017

Our first few days in Canada, Vancouver, are over. We're currently heading to the ferry which will take us to Vancouver Island and where we meet our host family. The next days/ weeks we will do some farm work and than we will see what's next. The hole situation is really weird and a bit scary. It's just that everything is so knew to us and we don't know what's next. Also the SIN- number from Emu isn't there yet but we were able to close our bank account at the RBC because of our knew one at the CIBC. So one worry less. The hole job situation is really frustrating. I just want a job and a home. Vancouver is a really beautiful city though. We had so much luck with the weather so we could fully enjoy the beauty of the city. But I'm really excited for the farm life now and the stunning nature of Vancouver Island of course. Maybe we can stay there and do housekeeping at a lodge.