Singapore, France · 6 Days · 2 Moments · April 2017

Charlotte's voyage in France

9 April 2017

France Day 2 Our Second Flight from Singapore to Paris was a little more nerve-racking. For most of the flight we were flying over countries like India and Russia. It took a good solid 13 hours to arrive in Paris and when we go there we were already amazed. The Airport was massive but was also a structural masterpiece. It was truly incredible We were on our way to our hostel in the heart of Paris! It was 8am so we had a full day ahead of us. We let the sights of Paris sink in and tried to absorb the culture we were only seeing from the window. We were amazed at the amount of soldiers and police walking around it was a culture shock from what we are used to in little old New Zealand. The first stop was Notre Dam. It was breathtaking, I was in awe of what I was seeing. After Notre Dam we were off on the Metro to the Fat Tyre Bike tours that took us all around the city of Paris. The sights were incredible and it was just starting to sink in that I was actually in Paris!

8 April 2017

France Day 1 To get to France we had to go through 2 flights and a long 23 hours of travelling. I was petrified about flying but found out that I was really over thinking things. I didn't even notice that much that we were flying I was more restless to the fact that I was stuck in the same position for 23 hours straight On the first flight we were accompanied by 2 school groups ( fortunately they were both boys schools) the Westlake boys and Sacred Heart Boys were so kind and joined us on the plane ride to Singapore When we arrived in Singapore it was super humid and it was a bit of a shock. GOOOODDD MORNING VITENAM/SINGAPORE. We had about 5 hours before we were to catch our plane to Paris SO around Changi Airport we checked out the site. The Airport was like a little city it was fully equipped with Shops, Showers (who had RUDE and un-friendly short ladies yelling at you) Pools and even a butterfly garden. It was time to Jet off to Paris ✈️🇫🇷