Europe, South America · 42 Days · 55 Moments · April 2019

Char and Con SA

7 days ago

#selfiesforinsta and the Inka town - just an unreal experience that we will remember forever. Maybe even have a few scars so we physically can’t forget!
The grand finale!! Machu Picchu was pretty stunning. I mean I was happy with flat ground after hiking for an hour up the steepest steps you could ever imagine at 5am. My calves will never forgive me. It was pretty cloudy when we got up so we couldn’t see anything but thank goodness for the sun.

8 days ago

Day4😂 - honestly a super hard day (as much as this picture tells you otherwise). In the evening of day 3 we went to the hot springs and then had a fire with alcohol ( including Inka tequila - funnily enough doesn’t taste great). Day 4 consisted of a hangover and 6 hours of walking to Aguas Calientes the closest just below Machu Picchu. Neither of us were in the mood to take pictures- apologies haha

9 days ago

Lunch on day3- our favourite time as we visited a restaurant with an award of the best coffee in 2018 in a worldwide competition and got to cuddle puppies. ( no they didn’t bite us Mum or Stace don’t worry- no rabies I promise)
Day3- only 8 hours😅. We walked past waterfalls, maracuya ( Passion fruit), avocado and banana farms and got our face painted by our guide with some juice from a berry🤷🏼‍♀️

10 days ago

Day2 - the hardest day. 10 hours in total with 4 of those being up to the Salkantay top! Leaving at 4am was pretty great... We had a big group full of a lot of French, some Peruvians, a couple of Germans, a polish woman, an American and French Canadians! Some great, some just plain annoying (what can ya do)

7 June 2019

What you’ve all been waiting for! Our Salkantay trip, the hardest 5 days of our lives (I know privileged right). To be fair to us it is known as one of the hardest treks, as there is waay too much walking. Here are pictures of day1. Only 5 hours, however the hour to get up the Humantay lake was steep and pretty scary haha.

6 June 2019

We haven’t been too lazy as we spent a day trip to Rainbow Mountain- with the several minerals this place is very picturesque (yet extremely hard to get up to haha) With the crazy high air you can barely breathe which makes hiking for 3 hours quite difficult but rewarding.

5 June 2019

Lazing around Cusco for a few days was nice yet we mostly felt ill and enjoyed the inside of our hostel. Conor drank a gallon of fresh orange and ginger juice to get ready for our trek. However, we also enjoyed an amazing meal for around 14 quid each and even had a night out with our Israeli friend Kyano playing beer pong and drinking wayyy too much.

1 June 2019

Yesterday morning at 5am we got to Cusco, Peru. On our 4th country already! Yesterday we watched the football in the highest Irish pub in the world. I was supporting Liverpool so I was happy ( unlucky for Conor😝). Today we are feeling lazy so maybe just a walking tour and chill out.

30 May 2019

Copocabana and Lake Titicaca - highest lake in the world. We took a 2 hour boat on the lake to the Isla de sol where ‘the sun was born’ according to the Incas. We then settled down for some trout for dinner!

29 May 2019

Food in La Paz
Charlotte was smart enough to not join Conor mountain biking through Bolivia's infamous 'Death Road'- supposedly the most dangerous road in the world. Great views though!

28 May 2019

Spent the day taking cable cars around the beautiful city of La Paz- the world's highest capital city!
Spent the day taking cable cars around the beautiful city of La Paz- the world's highest capital city!

25 May 2019

The last of our pictures from Sucre. Had such an amazing time!
After a pretty intense week travelling, we've been chilling out in the beautiful Sucre taking Spanish lessons and eating 4 course lunches for less than a 10er between us! Weather's been great and hostel is beautiful- will be back on the road tomorrow for a night bus to the capital but will miss this place a lot!

21 May 2019

Abandoned trains in Uyuni

20 May 2019

Some hilarious pictures from the salt flats, our guide Angel really worked hard to get us some great shots haha ( he was a bossy one - we loved it)
Sunrise on the salt flats

19 May 2019

Salt hotel, bit weird having salt on the walls next to your bed. Doesn’t taste good.
Lunch with the best view
Geysers and blue and green lagoons
Band pictures! We have finally met some English guys! Declan and Sarah!

17 May 2019

Took a flight to San Pedro de Atacama in the heart of the desert and saw some beautiful landscapes. Leaving early in the morning to head to the Bolivian border before a three day trip towards the salt flats. Super excited!

15 May 2019

We had an amazing time in Valparaiso especially because we met the best people ever. We cooked some local fish together and then went out for drinks and to a local club which was super fun. We now have friends from Canada, Germany, the Netherlands, Israel and Australia😍

14 May 2019

Street art tour in Valpo

13 May 2019

Valparaiso - Already super in love with this place, these photos were taken from a random 10 minute walk from our hostel. The rainbow steps lead to our hostel.
This is con and his big onion, they are really big here🤔

12 May 2019

San Cristóbal- pictures couldn’t ever do this justice!! We walked up a super steep scary hill for 45 minutes for this view ( even worked up a sweat😵) but it was so worth it.
Walking around Santiago and going into the human rights museum was awesome, learning about the horrible dictatorship and regime of Pinochet and his rule was a real eye opener to Chile’s past

11 May 2019

Tours for tips around Santiago
View from our hostel today in sunny Santiago. Today we went to Pablo Neruda‘ house ( Chilean poet and activist - I had no idea who he was either🤷🏼‍♀️) This evening we are going on a free walk in tour of the city and maybe definitely have some drinks😛

10 May 2019

Travelled through to Chile on a 7 hour bus, crossed the border with no trouble thank goodness! Even got some pretty pictures of the Andes and passed Aconcagua ( tallest mountain in the world outside of the Himalayas!)

9 May 2019

Extremely rainy day so here is a picture of our £1.90 wine 😆 night in the hostel tonight before our trip to Chile tomorrow

8 May 2019

Lush meal made on the BBQ with some Australian, Brazilian and Swiss friends we made along the way
Organico vineyard
Bunch of cowboys and cowgirls just chilling on their noble steeds
Today was the best day BY FAR! Went horse riding across beautiful mountains and into a vineyard! Conor did really well for his first ride on a horse- although on the way up didn’t stop looking like he was going to poo himself 😂

7 May 2019

We even got off our asses and hiked up to the Glory Hill monument which had some great views of the city!
Lovely day yesterday exploring the gorgeous parks in Mendoza, bit colder than BA but we are loving the more chilled out vibe before we head to Chile in a few days.

6 May 2019

Our hostel in Mendoza!

5 May 2019

Lovely 13 hour coach to Mendoza!
La Boca - home to the Boca Juniors and some pretty colourful buildings
Recoleta cemetery!
San Telmo market with some tasty empanadas!

4 May 2019

The obelisco

3 May 2019

Some more really crappy photos from the two worst photographers. In our first hostel tonight, currently sat having a coffee in av de Mayo, off to the Recoleta cemetery and then for more steak!

2 May 2019

First night and day done! Lots of walking around and enjoying the interesting buildings (and dodging cars left right and centre). Gorgeous weather- now for a siesta!

30 April 2019

Found a bar at Gatwick with the footy on... and the adventure begins!🙄😂