Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica · 17 Days · 14 Moments · August 2016

Charlotte's odyssey through Panama

7 September 2016

Woke up at 6:30, had cereal and coffee, drove for about 5 hours down the coast to Manuel Antonio (with a stop off to see the crocs and then a later stop for a dry ham cheese sandwich lunch!) checked in at backpackers Manuel Antonio $12 with brek and then went to the beach. It was cloudy but the water was warm and wavy and we chilled! Monkeys came for a visit and we watched sunset! Had a tuna and spring onion omelette for tea and had an early night!

6 September 2016

Got up had an organic breakfast next door for $4 (omelette, fruit, bread and coffee!) the owner let us try his cucumber juice!, hiked up the volcano next to arenal (which was covered in cloud!!!) the hike took 2 long hours of sweat and pulling up branches and then down to the lagoon crater, we swam but was afraid of alligators!!! Hiked back! Caz wasn't a fan! Me and George went to La Fortuna waterfall while Caz had a ciabatta!!! The waterfall was incredible...bats were flying out! We had noodles for tea and then had an early night!

5 September 2016

Woke up at lodge, had eggs for breakfast, lodge ended up costing us $80, drove a terrifying journey back up hill from the lodge to the road "mas power", drove to volcano poas where they said visibility was 50/50 so we turned away as didn't wanna pay $12 to see nothing, quickly changed our minds as we had driven all the way there, it was cloudy but I was adamant it would clear so we did a work out while waiting and shared stories!, it cleared 🙌🏼 and we saw the volcano crater briefly! Had a walk to the lagoon and then drove to La Fortuna. Checked in at arenal hostel backpackers $11 no brek, went for tea and I had spaghetti, booked flight to cancun and then had an early night! I felt weirdly sick!

4 September 2016

Local bus from Puerto viejo to San Jose, taxi (tried to scam us $60 for a ten min journey by helping us!) to alajuela, ended up renting a car for $350 for 5 days, drove to a lodge by volcan poas (quick Starbucks on the way!!!)

3 September 2016

Puerto viejo day 2

30 August 2016

Bocas day 2: bikes to playa bluff and then night out at las iguanas. George got searched!!! Met Argentinan guy!

29 August 2016

Bocas day 3: Aqua lounge
Bocas day 1

28 August 2016

Panama day 3 then travel to bocas del toro

26 August 2016

Panama day 2 (fri night)

25 August 2016

Day 4 San blas to Panama

24 August 2016

Day 3

23 August 2016

Woke up in a strange room (deeps room!) took a quick snap of the morning sun and then went back to my hammock! What a night! Nicole took great pleasure in filling us in on the antics of the night before (probably exaggerated!!!) she said me and George were walking around our hammock room with no pants on. We figured this was because we were trying to go for a swim! We sat and had breakfast altogether awkwardly because no one knew anything!!! Then we got on the boats to island 3. Here we had huts with beds. Deeps allocated the beds and put me George Caz and Nicole together in a separate hut to everyone else to keep them away from us crazies! (we weren't complaining...we had 4 in a hut, with an ensuite and balcony!) we all went for a swim in the sea, had dinner which was a salad buffet with meat sandwiches. It was so nice! Then i had a sleep (much needed!) before we all went to the little monkey island. The monkey's were tied up though which I felt sad about. Everyone sat around while..

22 August 2016

Woke up in Sapzurro, had eggs for breakfast (scott freaked out about ketchup on his plate!!) got on the boat and went to the boarder crossing! They made us lay out all our bags in rows and then sent a sniffer dog up and down searching for drugs! After Colombia this was a pretty stressful time! Not that I had anything! Dog didn't seem to interested to be honest! Waited around while the police read checked the boat and then we were off to island number 1! It was beautiful. Like sailing into a lagoon filled with palm trees! We had lunch out of leaf which I was sceptical about but it was gorgeous! Rice, potatoes, chicken...filling! Went for a swim and I suggested swimming to the other island in the distance. George suggested taking the rum! This is when I knew we'd be friends!!! Me, George, Caz, Shona, roishin, deeps, Nicole, brayden, Erin, Helena, Alex all stood round drinking a litre of neat rum!!! Helena got stung and refused to be weed on so they left. After a while we went back and..