Asia · 2 Days · 5 Moments · December 2017

NCDA Conference, Sharjah - UAE

11 December 2017

Gave my speech on osteoporosis and it was well received with some coming up to me to express their appreciation including Prof David Williams who was one of the speakers­čśä The Malaysian lady, Margie lost her phone and asked me to accompany to the police station. The PR guy from the organiser was so nice and accompanied us to the police station. He is from Morocco.

10 December 2017

2nd Day of Forum. In the evening, visited the Meila Archaeological Museum followed by a wonderful BBQ in the desert. There were traditionally UAE dances by men and camel rides

9 December 2017

Gala dinner at Flag Island in the evening. Sharjah is quite westernised. Saw some girls walking and eating alone. Photos 1/2 Entertainment 3 Fish Market 6-8 Food trucks 9/10 Tyres used as seats and planters.
The NCD Alliance Forum is such an eye-opener for me, learning so much and also meeting lots of interesting and passionate people. We broke up in groups by regions. I joined the SEA group, which also included Sri Lanka, Nepal and India. I felt embarrassed that we don't have a NCD Alliance in Singapore. But later learnt that we have a NCD union which is at a regional level and has a Nepalese guy to the helm. Photos 7/8 Princess Dina, sister of King Abdullah of Jordan. She is lovely and so charitable. 9 Jessica Bealgey of NCDA 10 NCDA team