Australia · 20 Days · 31 Moments · July 2017

Charli's tour through Western Australia

9 August 2017

Tuesday 8th August Today was really fun, and today was really fun because we went Ski Dooing. Ski Dooing is an underwater motorised skooter. But you don't need to do anything and you don't even need to stand on the skidoo. All you need to do is hold on to two handles and press two buttons at the same time and the skidoo will drag you along the water. You can also dive down to the bottom on the Ski Doo. We skidooed around the reef for about 2 or 3 hours. It was so fun. The coral was beautiful and the fish looked amazing there were all different colours and all different types. Skidooing was awesome.
Then we went to bed. Today was so fun. Snorkelling, going on the glass bottom boat, playing and relaxing, I can't wait until tomorrow.

8 August 2017

Monday 7 August Today we went on the glass bottom boat to look at the Ningaloo Reef. Our tour guides were Jess and Chantelle and they took us to the outer reef. We visited Ayers Rock which is a giant Coral that has been growing for more than three thousand years. It is completely round and grows like a mushroom. We went snorkelling and we saw lots of beautiful colourful coral. We also saw lots of pretty fish. We saw a Flute Fish and a trumpet fish. Some people saw a turtle but I missed it. Some people also saw a Humpback wale. But it was swimming very fast so I didn't see it either. I'm sure I might see a turtle somewhere. I still loved snorkelling and I loved watching all the fish swimming under the boat. After the glass bottom boat we went to the pool and relaxed. We didn't do much besides play in the pool but we did go on the jumping pillow. After we had a play in the pool and the jumping pillow we just chilled again then helped cook dinner. After dinner we played pontoon and

7 August 2017

4th, 5th, 6th August We have spent three days just relaxing and swimming at Coral Bay. The caravan park is really cool. There is a jumping pillow, swimming pool and Tennis courts. We are right opposite the beach. We have spent most of our time snorkelling, laying on the beach and relaxing. When I went snorkelling I saw lots of different fish like rainbow fish, clownfish, blue fish, black and white fish, black and yellow fish, orange and black fish, orange and white fish and lots of other fish. I also saw lots of different coral. Most of it was brown but they all looked different. The Staghorn coral had blue tips.
Thursday 3rd August Today we drove to Coral Bay. I was very excited because Coral Bay is the place I have been waiting to go to. We thought the drive would take a really long time but it only took three and a half hours. Carnarvon was a great place to visit and we had lots of fun. When we got to Coral Bay we went to the beach for the afternoon. I loved all of the beautiful and colourful coral and fish. 🐠 I thought it was amazing when you took one step into the water there was coral right at your feet. I am really looking forward to the next week here at Coral Bay.

5 August 2017

After the space museum we went to the 1 mile jetty. The 1 mile jetty is a jetty that's is 1 mile and we walked up and back on it. After the walk James and I bought an ice cream and then we drove to the shops. Before we went back to the caravan park we went to the shops to do a big shop for the next three weeks. After we went to the shops we went back to the caravan park. I loved today and I can't wait until tomorrow. This has been the best holiday ever and I don't want it to end.
Played a song the ping pong ball would dance to the music. If you turned the music down the ball would still go up and down but not as high. If you turned the music up again the ball would bounce higher. There's some examples of sound waves. There were lots of other really cool things like a plane simulator and an electricity station and a station to test your skills and see if your like an astronaut. Phase three was really fun and so was the rest. At the museum there was a shop and I bought astronaut ice cream and a dancing robot. His name is Buzz. And I also realised that I named Buzz after Buzz Oldren.

3 August 2017

Wednesday 2nd August Today was really fun. We went to the Carnarvon space museum. At the Space Museum we learned all about space. Mum wasn't there for all of it because she was at Beaurepairs getting a new tier. We dressed up in space suits and got in a capsule witch showed real life footage of the Apollo 11 Taking off to the moon 🌙. We went to phase 3. Phase 3 is a room full of fun and scientific stuff. We got to see sound waves but they weren't invisible. Sound waves are invisible waves of music, for example if you play the piano there would be sound waves but you can't see them. There was a piano with a bar at the top. The bar had sand in it. And whenever you played a key on the piano the sand would make a pattern. And if you played lots of different keys there would be all sorts of different patterns. There was another example of sound waves. There was a tube and underneath the tube was a speaker and it played different songs. In the tube was a ping pong ball. Whenever you

1 August 2017

Tuesday 1st August This morning I felt sad because we were leaving Monkey Mia. We had to drive to Carnarvon which was 4 and a half hours. We stopped at Eagle Bluff and walked along the boardwalk. It was freezing so we didn't stay for long. When we got to Carnarvon we checked into the he caravan park and then we went to town and had a look around. We drove to the Crab Shack on the pier and bought some fresh seafood for dinner. We chilled out in our camper van and played games. 😎 After we bought dinner we went to the jetty and got a flat tire. We didn't walk on the jetty because it was to windy. Mum and Dad missed the sign that said no caravans or campavans and they drove through and got a flat tire.
In the morning before the sunset cruise we walked around little lagoon. Little lagoon is a lake near Denham. The little lagoon was a nice and carm lake. We walked all the way around it. It was very still. After the walk around little lagoon we drove back to Monkey Mia and then we went on the sunset cruise. After that we went out for dinner at the Monkey Mia restaurant. I really enjoyed my last night and I loved walking around little lagoon and getting drenched by an unexpected wave on the Sunset Cruise. I loved today and I don't want to leave Monkey Mia but I know that I'll have fun everywhere else.
Today is Monday and Monday is the day we go on the Sunset cruise. Today we went on a sunset cruise. We were on the boat to take photos of the sunset but it didn't go as planned. We didn't get to see much of a sunset. It was starting to rain and it was very windy. Dad was and I were standing at the front of the boat, and then a GIANT wave came and went over the top of Dad and I and we got drenched. We started running towards inside but the wave kept splashing over us and then we finally made it inside but Dad were soaking wet. It looked like we just swam we were covered in water soaking wet. For some reason Dad had an extra top in the bag. But I had nothing I had to wear Mums jumper. After the boat ride or should I say the sunset cruise Finnished Dad and I walked off the boat soaking wet. There wasn't much of a sunset today but Mum still got photos. But getting drenched on a boat is still better than being at school.
Today is Sunday. We went on a cruise and we saw 2 Dugongs, 2 Turtles and lots of Dolphins. At the back of the boat there is a net hanging off the boat into the water and I sat in the net on the way back. The water was freezing. After the boat ride we went to the Springs. The Springs is a a well the Springs are actually a hot tub except the water is from under ground. There was a pump that pumped water from under ground up into the tub. The water is Artisan. Artisan water is hot water from under ground. I loved today it has been really fun and I enjoyed it allot. The boat ride was really fun too and I loved sitting in the really hot Artisan water. Did you know? Did you know? Only 1 Loggerhead Turtle in every 1000 survives. 🐢 Did you know? Dolphins are Dolphins. 🐬 Did you know? Dugongs have been around before the Dinersours.

30 July 2017

Sting ray. But it wasn't on the Ray. They were from a Ray. The Pig Fish was a pink Fish with a black stripe on it's body. When a Pig Fish is hungry it will come out of the water and spit water. I think the Pig Fish was very hungry because it kept on spitting water at everybody. Fun Facts Did you know? Did you know? Did you know? Did you know? Did you know?
Today is Saturday 29 July. Today we went to the sea life aquarium. Our tour Guide was Mason and we learnt allot about sea life. We got to see Mason feed the Sharks. We saw lots of different animals like Fish, Rays, Sharks, turtles, Sea Snakes, Squid and lots of other things. We also saw different types of Fish like Stone Fish, Pig Fish, cod, Snapper and other a Fish to. Mason fed the Sharks. He tied a dead Fish to some string And and lifted it up and down so the Sharks new there was food. There were Lemon Sharks, Tiger Sharks and Sandbar Sharks. In another tank there were three sharks some Rays and Fish. In another tank there were Fish and an animal that looked like a plant called Sea anenamea. We saw Clown Fish and the sea anenamea were protecting them. The Clown Fish were hiding under the sea anenamea but they would only protect the Fish if the Fish bought the sea anenamea food. We saw Rays. They had blue spots on them. One Ray was named Frank. Mason showed us stingers from a real

29 July 2017

About Dolphins. Dolphins are social animals. They communicate with each other using movement and sound. Wild Dolphins began visiting the beach at Monkey Mia in the 1960s when fishers began sharing their catch with them.
Did you know? Dolphins can not sleep. Did you know? Baby Dolphins stay with there mum for 4 years.
The Dolphins names are: Wirriay Kiya India Puck Samu Flute Piper Eden Piccolo Crookedfin Shock Static Sonic Surprise Sparky Burda Shiver Holeyfin Nicky Fin Missel

28 July 2017

Came along and just walked around the restaurant and the beach I even named them and there names were Ernie, Ian, and there was one more but he didn't come to the beach, we saw him at our campavan. I could tell tell who's who and you might be wondering how. Well it's the same as Dolphins but I didn't tell you about them either so this is how. To find out which Dolphin is which you can tell by their fin shape they are all different. At the jetty there was a big board of all the Dolphins and their names. I took some photos which will be at the end but that's how they tell which Dolphin is which. And that's the exact same way I know which Emu is which except Emus don't have fins I can tell who is who by looking at their neck. Ernie has hair on his neck but Ian doesn't and Edd only has some hair on his head. Today has been really FUN and AWESOME and I loved feeding Shock and I also can't wait until tomorrow because tomorrow is going to be a big but fun day I never want this holiday to end
That was so fun I just got back from feeding the Dolphins. At the start everyone waited on the jetty and then waited until the ranger came. Then the ranger told us all the rules and thought us allot about Dolphins. After the ranger talked with us we went down to the beach and watched the Dolphins. At the end the volunteers came and picked two or three people to feed the Dolphins and I was one of them. After Dolphin feeding we just hanged around in the campavan doing nothing. Dad James and I went down to the peer and watched some of the Dolphins. Then we got back and hanged around doing nothing again while Mum and Dad went and had a walk around. Then we went to the restaurant to have lunch. The restaurant is right at the beach so you can watch the Dolphins from the restaurant. While we were there two Emus Fun Facts: Did you Know? The average lifespan of a Dolphin is 41 years. Did you know? Dolphins scratch on the mooring. Did you know? Dolphins can swim up to 40 kms per hour.

27 July 2017

Today we drove from Kalbarri to Monkey Mia. On the way we stopped at Hamelin Pool. Hamelin Pool is a bay that has stromalites these are weird rock formations that are made from micro organisms that live in the sea. Life in Hamelin Pool is one of the reasons Shark Bay is listed as a World Heritage Area. After we went to Hamelin Pool we drove 45 minutes after to Shell Beach. Shell Beach is a beach full of shells. There was hardly any sand, instead of sand it was all shell. The shells in some parts were 9 meters deep ( in depth). So the hole Beach was covered in shells. I love Shell Beach!!! In the morning at Kalbarri we fed the Pelicans on the beach. We learned allot about Pelicans. James and I got to feed them. We fed them Fish. At the start there were 3 Pelicans a bit later another one joined in then another one came a bit later so we got to see 5 Pelicans.

26 July 2017

Today we went sand boarding the dunes, It was so so so so cool and fun I loved it and we went down REEEEEEALY steep hills. I went backwards, I layed down on my stomach, I sat on the board and I even stood up. We also went snorkelling and on our way to the dunes the ride was very bumpy but it was still really fun. The biggest dune was 290 ft and 90 meters. Our tour Gide was Alex, and there was also someone else sand boarding with us named Paul. We snorkeld at Lucky Bay. There was heeps of coral, fish crabs and really pretty shells. After sand boarding we went to the national park. The view was AMAZING we got to see the hawks head. The hawks head is a rock shaped like a hawks head. The view was BEAUTIFUL, the sun was shining on the water and the water was sparkling, the rocks looked STUNNING they were changing colours when the sun reflected off them I LOVED the view. After we went to the national park we drove home, the drive was about half an hour. After we drove home we went to the

25 July 2017

Today is still day 5, tonight we went out for dinner, we went to a pub called Kalbarri motel. After dinner we just relaxed and then we went to bed.
We are now in the campavan on our way to Kalbarri, the drive isn't to long it's only 1.5 hours. On our way to Kalbarri we are going to stop at Hutt River. I am back from Hutt River and I got to meat prince Leonard, I didn't know we were going to a different country. WOW right now there are Emus crossing the road I'm going to take some photos. These are the Emus I know its pretty cool you don't get to see Emus crossing the road that much, we are not to far away from the caravan park there is about 15 minutes until we get there I can't believe the holiday has already started I can't wait until tomorrow.
Tuesday 25th July This is James and I eating breakfast. This morning James and I went to the jumping pillow and were about to go for a walk on the beach. We didn't walk on the beach because there was a lot of seaweed and the tide was to high. But I'm sure there will be lots of other great beaches.

24 July 2017

Monday 24th July Today was our first day on the road. We have learned a lot of things that we need to remember but I'm sure we will get the hang of it. Today we went to the pinnacles and James ran naked through them. Dads friend Mark ran naked through the pinnacles once, and James said "I'm going to do that". I thought he was joking but he actually did it. I didn't bring my iPad with me so I couldn't get any photos but it was hilarious. We stopped driving once we got to Geraldton and we stayed in a caravan park on the beach. Our first day of traveling is off to a great start I can't wait for our really fun journey to continue.
This is My bed and James's bed And this is Mum and Dads bed
This is us eating dinner. The camper van is pretty little but it's very cool. James and I are sleeping up the top and Mum and Dad are sleeping in the double bed.

22 July 2017

Today is Saturday 22 July I am now at Josh's house yesterday Dad surprised us all by getting us first class tickets. We went to the version lounge it was so cool, there was even a buffet. While we were there Dad gave us a first class ticket, first class was so cool. We had our own servent. My servent was Peter, there was a remote to control your TV and whenever you wanted your servent to come to you you just press a button on the remote and your servent will come. The chairs were reclineble so you can even lay down flat if you want to. The food was so good I had chicken and rice I also had chips, popcorn chocolate and 2 glasses of apple juice. On the TV I played games wachted movies and TV shows I layed down flat and relaxed on my reclineble chair while watching the Luny tunes and eating chocolate popcorn and chips it was SOOOOOOOOOOOOO FUN! After the plane ride we caught a taxi to Josh's house, after we got to Josh's we played, ate dinner played again then we went to bed.

20 July 2017

I'm going a holiday around WA. I can't wait. It's a road trip. On Friday 21 July we are flying to Perth. My cousin Josh lives in Perth so we are going to stay at Josh's house for 2 nights. After we stay at Josh's house we will hire a campavan. Then we are going on a road trip for 7 weeks.