Belize · 11 Days · 3 Moments · May 2017

Charlie's voyage in Belize

3 June 2017

RaggaMuffin Day 2/3 Spear fishing day. Spent day with Dutch couple, really sweet. Went on our own with the dude to spear fish. Didn't catch anything. Captain and Shak caught some proper fish for dinner. Caught Barracuda. In evening, went to next island had a proper dinner then played a massive group game with everyone. Such good games. Do a rap about the tour, Tell story act it out to everyone behind. Sell an item to everyone. Ran by Paula and Miranda. Slept in the dorms. Overnight all my clothes flew off balcony into sea. Snorkelled for them next day in presence of yellow spotted stingray. Had success 3/3 items returned. Next day, snorkelled in really cool shallow site, then got a boat back to Dangriga for a little flight to Belize city. Overnight bus cancun, woman illegally brought child onto bus wanted money to pay for fine, then fly to Cuba. Quality

31 May 2017

RaggaMuffin Tour Day 1 Captain Jacob Shak, Chef Larry. 22 person tour of Belize Barrier reef. . Spend my time with 5 Irish medic graduates. Shaun, Lisa, Nicola, ... ... Day 1: Few hours sailing. Arrived at first sand bank. Great coral life, saw turtle eagle rays. Most important, when leading the way with captain, lifted my head out of water to see everyone was, put my head back down and a Manatee swam directly under us. Huge creature, probably 7-10ft in length and incredibly dense. The billy of the sea. Followed him alone with 1 girl for a few minutes. Swam pretty slow. She turned around and just looked into my eyes for a good 20 seconds from 4 ft away. Big wide eyes, completely calm. Best moment. Take my money. Had lunch on the boat, then another snorkel in afternoon before going to first island to camp for night. Had a beautiful fish dinner made by chef Larry. Played Box drinking game, never have I ever, then slept in Tent with shaun on the island. Stunning

24 May 2017

Caye Caulker First night in Bellas, left after a day. English lads joke about dads jobs secured departure. Arrived at Yumas, met the LA model immediately, was extremely cool. Took my number, went for coffee, took photos talked to randoms. Next day met Shaun and Katherine. Irish couple spent the next few days with. First night went to dinner with 10 others including Coleen, very cool people. Went for dinner with them next 2 days. First night went sports bar after dinner, watched FA CUP final there next afternoon. Caye Caulker another immediately endearing place. Slow pace, lovely people, sand paths, only golf buggies. Snorkel day trip to Shark Ray Alley, Hol Mai Reserve, Matatee Gardens, sea Turle sanctuary, seahorse sanctuary. Hol Mai Reserve, best snorkelling ever. Every minute we saw turtles, rays, tropical fish. Protected area, totally beautiful. Got onto the 3 day tour of the barrier reef.