North America · 7 Days · 19 Moments · June 2017

Charlie Bonnie Jazz Fest Montreal 2017

5 July 2017

A few last day photos, at the festival and inside the National Monument where we thoroughly enjoyed a Lizz Wright concert. Nous avons passé des moments merveilleux! What a great time!

4 July 2017

Biked along Canal-La-Chien and over to Atwater Market for lunch. This was off the regular tourist route and really sweet.
Rode our bikes to Park La Fontaine and had a nice picnic lunch. Nap time!
Breakfast at L'eufrier

3 July 2017

More fun with street bands, this time with Les Accoules Sax.
Aboard the Le Petit Navire, 45 minutes of wonderful relaxation.
Old Montreal, so much better in the summer!

2 July 2017

Accoules Sax at festival
Photos of and from our lovely patio. Happy Canada Day!

1 July 2017

Sons of rhythm at the Bell stage. Pretty sweet band!
Saturday night at Jazzfest. We're a little burnt out already but still standing!

30 June 2017

What can I say?
Urban Science Brass Band. The best of positivity hip hop and New Orleans Style jazz musicians all heaped up with a beautiful dose of joy and killer dance moves. Oui!

29 June 2017

A few of my street photos. Love this city!
Dinner at Sesame's. we came here last time we were in Montreal. Bonnie says she wants to eat here every day!
We made it to the festival!! So it begins!
Our beautiful Airbnb with our very nice host Daniel.
So it starts! We are stopping in our beloved Saratoga Springs for lunch as we embark on our journey to Montreal. Looking forward to a break from USA news for a week!