Nigeria · 5 Days · 5 Moments · February 2016

Charlie's odyssey through Nigeria

13 February 2016

Non-Alcoholic Guinness. Like Root Beer.
Blades of the hungry grass swept up into a howling wind. They danced backwards that night Led on by totemic drums And evil cartoon grins From gods That simply didn't give a shit Sacrificing dogs on each highway Fido, Lancelot, Spot and Lassie Blood trickling through the cracks Into the cracked street below Still escaping the clanking of chains Haunted by portraits of cruel milky princesses and ferret faced Devils. Anger had cleared the path for ritual Going around and round the circle Hopping in and out of dead languages While babies watched unspeakable acts Committed in front of Volcanos, The Sea and the burial grounds. They say the man in the corner used to be dead I can see him through the wicker bars He still looks dead Yet he laughs and prepares the solution To shrink the heads of all us men Who stumbled upon this sight And our God won't help us now And our God won't help us now And our God won't help us now

12 February 2016

Few miles from Lagos, Hanging around the vaguely prison like NYSC hostel/trading post. All a bit Mad least I know I'm mad! Leaving for Ikorodu in the morning, finally we will meet our hosts. Lots of Stephen King, Going on to ride on Motorcycles.

8 February 2016

Thought for the day: Do they have Water pistols in Nigeria?
So we have finally arrived in Nigeria and are now at the National Youth Service headquarters. Blazing heat, prayer and a lot of jumping around...phew. Can't wait to actually start working in Ikorodu. We have heard so much about it and get I have still not been there. Spending the next few days reading and meeting the Nigerian volunteers who glow with light.