Netherlands · 3 Days · 9 Moments · August 2016

Our new life begins, follow our adventure!

11 August 2016

Goodbye Amsterdam Live music and an open mic night to end our amazing little trip to the Dam! Farewell Amsterdam, it's been a pleasure ☺️

10 August 2016

Pancake 1 : Charlie 0 Giant pancakes topped with hot cherries and ice cream. Riverside swing for grown ups. Could life be any more perfect right now?!
Typical tourists Took a gentle stroll around the beautiful park, found Anne Frank's house and enjoyed the sunshine ☀️
Dutch Dave Drinking jäger with Dutch Dave and the gang! Drunken night wandering through the red light district with our very own drunken tour guide.

9 August 2016

Selfie time Riverside walks, beer in the sun and Irish grub! Pretty perfect day 👌
Sex Museum of course! No visit to Amsterdam would be complete without a trip to the sex museum. Definitely not sexy but well worth a visit, felt like naughty school kids giggling as we explored the museum.
Lennon Love Found the artistic side in us by discovering our love for street/modern art.
Picture perfect! Our dream to travel has actually become a reality! We took a stroll around this beautiful city to settle into our new way of life.

8 August 2016

The adventure begins! The 2 weeks leading up to this moment were super stressful. We sold everything we owned, redecorated a whole house and refitted the bathroom after the last minute 'leaking toilet disaster' 🙈 With our lives on our backs we set foot on our journey 👌 Arrived in Amsterdam to find champagne had been delivered to our room! Lovely surprise and perfect start to our trip...thank you Becky and Kelly 🍾🍾