Thailand, Laos, Vietnam · 56 Days · 53 Moments · February 2017

Charlie's journi to Southeast Asia

30 March 2017

First and coolest meal in dalat
One day in nha trang

27 March 2017

Second day riding. Elephant waterfalls and hai van pass were stunning.

26 March 2017

First biking adventures with these strays to an abandoned water park.

21 March 2017

Private island for the evening

20 March 2017

Monkey island shenanigans.

19 March 2017

Ha long bay cruise.

17 March 2017

Hate having to do this but I'm going to ha long bay on another sleeper bus.

16 March 2017

Absolutely exhausting day trekking to the roof of SeAsia 3143m. Walking/climbing for just under 9 hours but I made it and reaching the top felt amazing. Completely exhilarating experience. And made a little friend on the way.

15 March 2017

Got shown how to make rings out of coins by one of our hosts.

14 March 2017

Another great day trekking in great weather we all got burnt but had a really fun evening in the homestay.

13 March 2017

So spent about two hours in Hanoi then caught a sleeping train and then a bus to finally get to sapa. The good weather made it all worth it one of the most beautiful landscapes I've ever seen. So worth being in transit for 36 odd hours to make it in time for good weather.

11 March 2017

So sleeper bus from Vientiane was..... interesting. Bus broke down within half an hour. It was cramped and uncomfortable but the cheapest option. It had to be done.

6 March 2017

Caving at blue lagoon three and an awesome swim in the pitch black of the cave.
Rafting at blue lagoon three surrounded by amazing scenery and awesome people.

5 March 2017

Tubing was so awesome although like everything out here a con.

2 March 2017

Blue lagoon caves were so awesome can go about a kilometre in and almost get completely lost.

28 February 2017

A few photos from Kiangsi waterfalls. No photos can do this justice.

26 February 2017

First day of the slow boat that was a messy one

25 February 2017

Luckily we got to stop at the white temple on our way to our accommodation before the slowboat tomorrow. It was strangely hard to walk away from.

22 February 2017

Bit of peeling going on but going to come home black either way. Went to a local bar with the guys and had a beer with some of the first guys to start organising trips to local hill tribes. Which was cool. Hill tribe style cigarettes don't taste half bad.

21 February 2017

New machete I bought from the guides father.
A few photos of lod caves. Decided to do that bare foot as well very very bad idea.
Kitted out and decided to do the last day of the trek barefoot. managed to do it.
Bow slingshot a local showed us.

20 February 2017

Big family meal got very drunk on moonshine but no hangover to speak of.
The last ramone and some backy and cigars I got for dirt cheap.
Few pics of the incredible scenery.

19 February 2017

First meal we helped cook.
The trekking begins. Caught a papaya hanging over the river while the guide knocked it down.

17 February 2017

Pretty much sums up the few days in Chiang mai chilling and the night market.

15 February 2017

Night market and a very entertaining bus ride back to the hotel. played cards all night before saying farewell. You guys were awesome you will be missed.

14 February 2017

Met the new people to the group and went for food and got quite drunk with some locals.
Afternoon headed to the temple of the white elephant I think it's called.
A few photos from our trip to an elephant sanctuary. I'll try to find the exact details of this sanctuary but the elephant seemed to be treated very well and seemed very happy.

13 February 2017

Temples, temples and more temples. Think I might become a Thai Buddhist.
Cards and lots of booze in the room.

12 February 2017

At night we had dinner and wound up at a bar played pool all night with the live band in the back ground. This very cute kid was selling key rings as well and it's very hard to resist especially when he starts break dancing. Then we headed to our room to play cards.
Started the day at the war museum at kachunuburi. And the original Wooden bridge.
Went out saw Man U v Watford good game and started to play so decent pool. Mean while the rest of the group are asleep.

11 February 2017

Great view from the hotel.
The 7th level of heaven. Top of the erawan waterfalls and the rest the park. It was amazing.
Also saw some local wildlife at the Erawan national park.

10 February 2017

Spent the evening and night hanging out at our raft house. Also went for a Kayak met some local who gave us food, rum and a cigar on the which was awesome.
We then went on a river boat and also saw the bridge over the river Kwai.
First day of the trip started at wat pho temple and the reclining Buddha.

9 February 2017

Saw china town when arriving at the hotel for the start of my trip every other store is purely metal working.
Sweet view of a temple from the hotel roof.

7 February 2017

Saw a monitor lizard in Lumphini park in Bangkok.

6 February 2017

Managed to out of bed at 4:30pm having had only 2 hours sleep to go to Khaosan road. We ended going to cloud 47 met some girls and the night turned into a bit of a mad one hence blurry pictures.
Didn't see much day 3 but did spend the very early hours of the morning watching the super bowl which started at 6:30am local time. Needless to say that morning was hectic.....

4 February 2017

The second night in this crazy city. Big group of guys started by playing pool and then hit the red light district of pat pong.

3 February 2017

The journi begins as we land in Bangkok.