Singapore, Sri Lanka · 14 Days · 14 Moments · May 2017

Charlie & Veronika in Singapore and Sri Lanka

11 June 2017

On Sunday we finished packing and went to have breakfast. We wanted to avoid bus after yesterday so we got on the train to Gahampa. They only had 2nd class tickets left. It was packed like London tube. Horrible 2 hours. Then we had to take bus and tuk tuk to the airport. We saw a celebration promenade on the way with kids dressed up and elephants too on the way. Now we have 21 hours journey home. V nedeli jsme dokoncili baleni a sli na snidani. Chteli jsme se vyhnout autobusu, tak jsme jeli vlakem. Meli jenom 2.tridu volnou. Bylo to narvany jako Londynsky metro. Strasny dve hodiny. Pak jsme museli jet autobusem a tuk tukem na letiste. Po ceste jsme videli promenadu na oslavy. Byli to hlavne deti a dva sloni v kostymech. Ted nas ceka 21 hodin cesta domu. :(

10 June 2017

On Saturday we got bus back to Kandy. It was so hot and bus was so full. Horrible bus journey. We got lunch and had a walk around the town. Then we packed and went out for dinner. Guess what we had? :D and Kottu rotty... / V sobotu jsme jeli autobusem zpet do Kandy. Bylo hrozny horko a autobus byl narvany. Byla to hrozna cesta. Koupili jsme si neco k obedu a pak se prosli po meste. Nakonec jsme si zabalili a sli na veceri. Hadejte co jsme meli?.... a kottu rotty...

9 June 2017

Today we went Sigirya rock. It's a huge rock that used to have a temple on the top. Now it's only ruins. It dates back for the 1st and 2nd century. It was expensive but beautiful views. It was busy but worth it. We then went back to our place to have a shower.Our next place we went to Dambulla cave temple this was a cave into a cliff with loads of statues and painted walls and ceiling. It was beautiful.We of course had or dinner curry! / Dnesek jsme stravili u Sigirya skaly. Je to obrovsky kamen,ktery kdysy mel chram nahore. Ted uz to jsou jen rujny. Byl postaven nekdy v 1.nebo 2.stoleti. Bylo to drahe, ale krasny vyhled. Bylo tam desne lidi, ale stalo to za to. Potom jsme jeli zpet a dali si sprchu. A vyrazili jsme do Dambulla jeskyniho chramu. Bylo tam hodne soch Budhy a fresky na zdech. Bylo to nadherne. A samozrejme ze jsme meli kari k veceri. Co jineho? :)

8 June 2017

On Thursday we got the train to Kandy at 6:40 and then bus to Dambulla. The buses here drive very fast and they pack them as full as they can. We spent most of the time standing to give some old people our seat. It was a big full moon celebration in temple. They give out free drinks or food in each village.We of course had Curry for dinner lots of different vegetables. Most of them we didnt know....and still dont even after they showed us. It was amazing. / Ve ctvrtek jsme jeli vlakem do Kandy a pak busem do Dambulla. Autobusy tady jezdi jako kdyby nas ukradli a jsou narvany. Vetsinu cesty jsme stali, abychom pustili stare lidi sednout. Byla vsude velka party na uplnek v chramu a rozdavali caj a zmrzku zadarmo v kazde vesnici. Samozrejme jsme meli kari k veceri s ruznou zeleninou. Nevedeli jsme co vetisina je a furt nevime ani po tom co nam he ukazali. Bylo to vyborne.

7 June 2017

On Wednesday wo got up at 4. Got breakfast and got picked up to go to Yala national park safari. It is a beautiful place. We saw elephants, antelopes, peacock, lots of birds, chameleon, monkeys, mongoose, boars, crocodiles,... Our guide was a bit sh... and we were supposed to get binoculars so we argued and got some money back. Then we got 3 buses back to Ella. We had Kottu rotty for dinner. It was basically meat and veggie and eggs cut up and mixed together with rotty which is kind of like naan bread. It was good. We were tired but went out for couple to see Georgia and Jo for the last time. :) / Ve stredu jsme vstali ve 4 a jeli do Yala Safari. Uzasne misto. Videli jsme slony, antilopy, pavy, ptaky, chameleony, opice, prasata, krokodyli,... Nas pruvodce byl naprd a meli jsme dostat dalekohled tak jsme se stezovali a vyhadali si naky penize nazpet. Pak jsme jeli zpet do Ella 3ma busama. Dali jsme si veceri a sli na drink a Jo a Georgia naposled. :)

6 June 2017

On Tuesday we had a breakfast. Then we walked to Ella rock. It was beautiful views on the tea plantations and the mountains. It was nice weather. After that we went to black tea factory. It was awesome to hear about the proccess and see all the machines. In the afternoon we got bus to Tissamaharama. We left our stuff in the hostel as we already booked it and just took few things with us. We booked safari for next day. / V utery jsme si dali snidani. Pak jsme vyslapli na Ella rock. Nadherny vyhled na farmy na caj a hory okolo. Bylo krasny pocasi. Pak jsme jeli do faktury na cerny caj. Bylo to skvely dozvedet se jak se caj vyrabi a videt vsechny ty stroje. Odpoledne jsme jeli autobusem do Tissamaharama. Nechali jsme batohy v hostelu jelikoz jsme si to uz stejnak zarezervovali a vzali si jen maly batoh. Zarezervovali jsme si Safari na zitra.

5 June 2017

On Monday we ended up getting first class tickets. Were given food and cake from locals. Chairs turned around so we could watch the view. Best view and train ride ever epic views. Arrived checked in, went for dinner. 5 veggie currys. So good but so much food. Then we went shopping and bedtime. Our homestay is lovely, the owner is lovely and it is nice and quiet here. / V pondeli se nam podarilo sehnat listek na vlak prvni tridu. Dostali jsme buchtu a jidlo od lidi ve vlaku. Sedacky se obratily dokola tak jsme meli vyhled. Nejlepsi cesta vlakem. Nadherna krajina. Kdyz jsme dorazili do hostelu, sli jsme na vecu - 5 ruznych vegetarianskych kari. Vyborne ale bylo toho moc. Pak jsme sli do obchodu a spat.
On Sunday we got up and went to find somewhere to do our laundry. The only 2 places charged per item. They charged £1 for a shirt. (which is a lot) We also went to prebook a train ticket but they didnt have any left. Then headed back to meet Joe and Georgia. We then washed some clothes in the sink and headed out for lunch. We then walked to a huge budda over look the whole of Kandy. It was huge 88ft tall. We then headed to a dance show which was superb! 12 different traditional dances with fire walking at the end!! Highlight so far. :) / V nedeli jame vstali a sli si nekam vypeat. Jediny 2 mista stali za polozku. Tricko za 30kc coz je hodne. Taky jsme si sli koupit listky na vlak ale uz zadny nemeli. Pak jsme sli s Joe a Georgou na obrd na trhy. Dosli jsme k velkemu budhovi na vyhlidku na Kandy. Vecer jsme koukali na Kandy tance s chozenim na ohni nakonci. Bylo to uzasny! Nejlepsi zatim :)

3 June 2017

We got the train to Kandy. It was a nice train journey and a great way to see the country. We arrived at Kandy then walked to our hostel. It was a great hostel called No 26d. We were given some tea and biscuits on arrival. The English couple Joe and Georgia we met in Colombo also stayed at the same place. We went to buy some fruit at the market. We got lunch at the market and walked around the lake.We then went to a budhist temple where the a holy tooth is kept. It was nice to see the ceremony but would of been better to know what was going on. :D Everyone was a bit crazy to take photos. / Naskocili jsme na vlak do Kandy. Byla to hezka cesta a hezky zpusob jak videt okoli. Dojeli jsme do Kandy a dosli do hostelu No26D. Dostali jsme caj a susenky na privitani. Joe a Georgia byli ve stejnym hostelu. Sli jsme na obed na trhy a pak se prosli okolo jezera. Vecer jsme sli na ceremonii do buhistickeho chramu, kde uchovavali svaty zub. Bylo by lepsi kdybychom vedeli co se deje. :D

2 June 2017

On Friday we had layover in Kuala Lumpur for 8 hours. Got to Sri lanka at 9:30. Took bus and tuk tuk to our hostel. Went to get lunch with English couple. Had vegeterian curry and ate it with our hands. We then just did some planning and relaxing in the hostel. And all went for dinner to Chinese restaurant. Portions were too big so we had lots of food leftover for breakfast the next day. / V patek jsme meli mezipristani v Kuala Lumpur na 8 hodin a pak Sri lanka. Autobusem a tuk tukem jsme dojeli do naseho hostelu. Potkali jsme anglickej par tak jsme vsichni vyrazili na obed. Meli jsme vegetariansky kari a jedli jsme to rukama. Pak jsme planovali a relaxovali v hostelu. A vsichni jsme opet sli na veceri do Cinake restaurace. Porce byly obrovske tak nam zbylo na snidani na zitra.

1 June 2017

On Thursday we went to Sinapore ZOO. We saw so many animals and it was a pefect day to end on. We then headed for dinner and had Chilli crab. It was so messy but worth it! We then went back to get our bags from the hostel. Then jumped on a flight to Kuala Lumpur and then Sri Lanka. :) / Ve ctvrtek jsme jeli do Singaporske ZOO. Videli jsme spoustu zviratek. Byl to perfektni den na zakonceni. Pak jsme jeli na veceri do Chinatown na Chilli kraba. Bylo to vyborne! Pak jsme si vyzvedli tasky z hostelu a vyrazili na letiste. Leteli jsme nejdriv do Kuala Lumpur a pak na Sri lanku.

31 May 2017

On Wednesday we went to a Haw par villa theme park, which acually was lots of folk tales that were told with brighly painted figures and scenes. We then headed to little India for lunch. We had the best curry we have ever had. It was Fish head soup. Veronika had Mutton curry.After eating too much we went to the Botanical gardens.We then went around many different plants and flower displays.Then we had dinner at Gaylang serai market.We tried chicken feet, chicken bums, chilli churros, thai ice-cream, deepfried thai milk and octopus and sotong cheese balls./ Ve stredu jsme jeli do Haw par villa parku, kde malovane postavicky vypraveli pribehy. Pak jsme jeli do Male Indie na obed. Meli jsme Kari s ryi hlavou a mutton kari. Nejlepsi kari. :) Odpoledne jsme navstivili botanickou zahradu a sli na trhy na veceri. Zkusili jsme kureci paraty, zadky, chilli churros, thajskou zmrzliu, usmazene thajske mleko a oktopusove a sotongove kulicky.

30 May 2017

On Tuesday morning we headed back to Chinatown to see a temple. We finally found the markets. Found beautiful dim sum stall. It was awesome lunch. We had one with chilli crab, one with who knows what that meant and one with warm custard. We went to walk in the city then back to the hostel to have a nap. In the afternoon we headed to Gardens by the bay. We visited Flower dome and Cloud. We waited for a light show on the famous flowers. Magical place. We went to have food and then saw a preview for celebration show with acrobats. / V utery rano jsme jeli do chramu v Chinatownu. Nasli jsme trhy a uzasny dim sum stanek. Dali jsme si s Chilli krabem, s buhvi co to bylo a horky puding. Dali jsme si slofika v hostelu a jeli do Gardens by the bay. Navstivili jsme Flower dome, Cloud a pockali na svetelnou show. Magicke misto. Dali jsme si veceri a stihli zkousku velke oslavujici svetelne show s akrobatama.

29 May 2017

On Monday morning we arrived in Singapore after getting little sleep on the plane. We got shuttle to InnCrowds hostel. We left our bags there and went to McRitchie reservoir. We walked like 10km in humid hot weather and tree top walk was closed but it was still nice afternoon. When we got back to the hostel, we had shower and went to Chinatown to get food. We could not find the market but found cheap place to eat. :) / V pondeli rano jsme dorazili do Singapuru po tom co jsme se skoro vubec nevyspali. Dojeli jsme do hostelu InnCrowds a nechali si tam batohy. Vyrazili jsme do McRitchie parku. Prosli jsme se tak 10 kilaku v horku a dusnu. Prochazka nahore ve stromech byla zavrena, ale byla to hezka prochazka. Dojeli jsme zpet do hostelu, dali si sprchu a vyrazili do Chinatown. Nenasli jsme trhy, ale nasli jsme levne jidlo.