Canada · 7 Days · 10 Moments · July 2016

Charlie and Veronika's adventure week one

11 July 2016

Sunday morning was a little hangover struggle (mainly for Charlie😃) even though we had quite early night and didn't drink much. But lovely Chris made us great breakfast. After that we went to John's (Emma's dad) BBQ by the pool. We met some lovely people, had delicious food and chilled day by the pool. What more can you ask for? ☺After that we stayed as we are now staying at Emma's parents house for about a week./ Nedelni rano byl trochu boj s opici (hlavne pro Charliho😃) i pres to, ze jsme domu dorazili brzo a moc toho nevypili. Hodny Chris nam udelal snidani a potom jsme vyrazili na Johnovo (Emmy taty) grilovacku u bazenu. Poznali jsme mili lidi, jedli vyborne jidlo a relaxovali u bazenu. Co vic si muzes prat? ☺ Po grilovacce jsme zustali jelikoz tenhle tyden bydlime u Emmy rodicu.

9 July 2016

Another waterfall? Why not. Today Emma and Chris came with us to Albion falls. Not quite as hot today which was nice but it was busy with people, not so nice. So we decided to have a walk down the river and then had lunch on the golf course. :) Dalsi vodopady? Proc ne. Dneska Emma a Chris sli s nama na Albion vodopady. Nebylo takove horko, coz bylo prijemne, ale bylo tam plno lidi, co tak pekne nebylo. Tak jsme se rozhodli jit na prochazku kolem reky a pak jsme si dali obed na golfovem hristi. ☺

8 July 2016

Today a little kitten arrived as Emma is cat sitting for a week, cute! That was the theme of the day. We then went to a huge outdoor shop which was heaven for Charlie. And the rest of the day we spent near the Botanical Gardens. We saw......a deer, black/grey squirrels, a family of Racoons, turtles, several type of birds and of course the cute little chipmunks. Big kudos for Dawn for taking us and buying the nuts. / Dneska dorazilo kotatko, ktere Emma bude hlidat tyden. Roztomilost zacala.a Potom jsme jeli do velkeho outdooroveho obchodu, kde Charlie byl ve svem zivlu. Zbytek dne jsme stravili u botanickych zahrad. Videli jsme... jelena, cerne a sedive veverky, rodinu myvalu, ruzny ptacky a samozrejme chipmunky. Bludistaky Emme mamince Dawn za to, ze nas tam vzala a koupila orechy. ☺

7 July 2016

Thursday we went to discover Hamiltons Farmers Market in the centre of town. As normal we walked which was fine apart from the heat. When we arrived the cool air was very welcoming. We had a look round and they had lots of stalls which sold moslty fruit, meat and cheese which all looked very tempting but we manged to resist. What we couldn't resisit was some homemade cakes. After the market we had a wander around the shopping mall then headed into the heat and home. For dinner Chris got some Chinese and Emmas parents (Dawn and John) came over. It was a great night with stories and poking fun, mainly at Chris.
So on the 3rd of July we went to Chris' parents house. They had a pool which was superb. We didnt do much apart from talk, eat watermelon relax and enjoying the hot weather. Perfect! :) / 3. cervence jsme jeli ke Chrisovo rodicum, kteri maji bazen na zahrade, takze jsme stravili den povidanim, jezenim melounu, relaxovanim a uzivanim si vedra. Perfektni! :)

6 July 2016

We liked the trip to waterfalls so much that we decided to go to another one. This time we walked the trail until we got to Cliffview falls. Saw an amazing view of the whole of Hamilton. There was hardly any water because it's so hot so we went to Chedoke falls, only a few mins away. After jumping across the fence and a bit of climbing we got there. There was a tiny lake under the waterfall. Water was deep and freezing but we jumped in to cool down. Took different way back along the river again. Another perfect day. ☺ / Tak strasne se nam libilo na vodopadech, tak jsme se rozhodli navstvit dalsi. Lesem jsme dosli az ke Cliffview vodopadu. Po ceste jsme videli kraany vyhled na cely Hamilton. Nebylo tam moc vody, tak jsme sli k Chedoke vodopadu, kde jsme museli zase preskocit plot a slezt dolu. Bylo tam male jezirko s ledovou a hlubokou vodou, ale skocili jsme tam, abychom se zchladili. Zpet jsme sli opet podel reky. Dalsi skvrly den. ☺
On Tuesday we decided to explore 1st Hamilton's waterfalls. We took the bus to Dundas. We enjoyed being in the nature and saw Tew's falls. When we got to the Webster falls we sat down to have a lunch a couple walked passed and asked us if we're going to the waterfalls at the bottom. As we didn't know how to get there we joined them. Another couple joined us on the way. Only had to cross the fence, jump a little cliff but soon we got there and it was beatiful. One man with two kids showed us a different way out of the forest along the river. We had a wonderful day and met some nice people. / V utery jsme se rozhodli navstivit prvni Hamiltonsky vodopady. Jeli jsme autobusem do Dundas. Uzivali jsme prirody a videli Tew's vodopady. Kdyz jsme dorazili k Webster vodopadum, potkali jsme par, ke kteremu jsme se pridali, abychom se dostali dolu. Dalsi par se pridal a po preskoceni plotu, seskoceni male skaly jsme tam byli. Byla to nadhera. Cestu zpatky nas vedl pan se dvema detma podel reky.

5 July 2016

So we looked at the map and decided to walk to Hamilton Harbour. It was a 45 min walk through Hamilton but well worth it. We had a great walk. Took some nice pictures and finally saw the amazing lake Ontario. / Podivali jsme se na mapu a rozhodli se jit projit k Hamiltonskymu pristavu. Bylo to 45 minut pesky, ale stalo to za to. Konecne jsme videli to slavne jezero Ontario.

4 July 2016

After getting picked up from the airport by the lovely Emma and Chris we went for dinner and drinks. But after being awake for over 20 hours we went to bed and had some well earnt sleep. / Po tom, co nas Emma a Chris vyzvedli z letiste jsme si zasli na veceri. Jelikoz jsme byli uz vzhuru vic jak 20 hodin, tak jsme sli celkem brzo domu a uzili si zaslouzeny spanek.
So we took off with so many emotions. It was a strange feeling to leave you job, flat friends and family. We will miss all of them as well as missing home but what we have to come is going to be an adventure of a life time. / Tak a cas odletu se spousty emocema byl tady. Zvlastni pocit skoncit v praci, vystehovat se z bytu a rozloucit se s rodinou. Vsichni a vsechno nam bude chybet, ale ceka na nas zivotni dobrodruzstvi.