North America · 85 Days · 88 Moments · August 2016

Charlie and Veronika's USA roadtrip

1 November 2016

81 dni 3 sezony 17,216 mili nebo 27,545 km 2 auta 1 mrtvy zajic 33 US statu 26 Narodnich Parku 10 mest Mezi 42°c a -4°c Zvirata, ktere jsme videli Belohlavy orel x 6 Cerny medved x 4 Aligator x 4 Vlk x 1 Kojot x 2 Chipmunkove Skunkove Myvalove Osprey Praying Mantas Jelen Elk Bob cat Humming bird Divoky osel Buffalo/Bizon Psoun Medena hlava had A vice... Krev, pot a slzy s mnoha neuveritelnymi vzpominkami. Diky vsem, ktere jsme poznali a sesli se. USA jsi legendarni!!

30 October 2016

81 Days 3 seasons 17,216 miles 27,545 km 2 cars 1 dead rabbit 33 US states 26 National Parks 10 Cities Between 42°c to -4°c Some of the many animals we saw Bald Eagle x 6 Black Bears x 4 Aligators x 4 Wolf x 1 Coyote x 2 Chipmunks Skunks Racoon Osprey Praying Mantas Deer Elk Bob cat Humming bird Wild donkeys Buffalo/Bison Praire Dogs Copper head snakes And more. Blood, sweat and tears with so many unbelievable memories. Thank you to the people we met and caught up with. USA you legend!!

29 October 2016

We had to pack all our stuff first thing in the morning on Saturday. Then we returned Keith and made our way to the airport. It took about 2 hours to get across Chicago. On the way we gave our extra sleeping bags, water barrel and other bits and pieces to a homeless man as we didn't need it anymore. We finished backing up all our photos and had dinner. And made our bed on the bench at the airport to get at least few hours sleep before our early flight to Costa Rica. / Jako prvni vec rano jsme si museli zabalit vsechny veci v Sobotu. Potom jsme vratili Keitha a vyrazili na letiste. Trvalo nam to kolem 2 hodin dostat se pres cele Chicago. Po ceste jsme dali nase extra spacaky, barel na vodu a dalsi malickosti bezdomovci, jelikoz uz jsme je nepotrebovali. Dokoncili jsme zalohovani fotek a dali si veceri. A pak jsme si ustlali na lavicce na letisti abychom se vyspali aspon par hodin pres nasim brzkym odletem na Kosta Riku.

28 October 2016

On Friday we had a final drive back to Chicago. In the morning we finally managed to send off our package. Hopefully it will get there. We spent little bit of time backing up and planning. We also had shower and then got on 4 hours journey to our last Walmart car park sleep before we return Keith (decided to name this car as the guy who we assisted at his motorbike accident in LA). :) / V patek nas cekala posledni jizda do Chicaga. Rano se nam konecne podarilo odeslat balicek. Snad dojde do cile. Stravili jsme naky cas zalohovanim a planovanim a podarilo se nam sehnat sprchu. Pak jsme se vydali na 4hodinovou cestu, abychom prespali na poslednim Walmart parkovisti nez vratime Keitha (pojmenovali jsme tuto auto po panovi, kteremu jsme asistovali pri nehode v LA).

27 October 2016

On Thursday we got up and headed to find wifi to help send this package. We arranged for this parcel to be sent from a UPS so we've got to print off the label once we were there. However they didnt send us the email as we were out of office hours as its a UK company. So the send-a-box-home-mission will continue into its 3rd day tomorrow. We found a nice campsite in a forest so we had curry with our last fire in USA. :( / Ve ctvrtek jsme jeli najit wifi,abychom mohli poslat ten balicek. Zaridili jsme, abychom mohli poslat pres UPS kde muzem jen vytisknout cedulku a poslat. Nicmene nam neposlali tu cedulku jelikoz je to UK firma a je po urednich hodinach. Takze nase mise prechazi do 3. dne zitra. Nasli jsme pekny kemp, kde jsme si uvarili curry a udelali posledni ohynek v USA. :(

26 October 2016

On Wednesday morning as we had time we made a fire and treated ourselves for warm breakfast and tea. We have developed a little tea deficit in last few months on the road. We drove to Sioux falls city to go to shop and post office to send a package which became a bit of a mission. Sending a package and pay postage that is 3 times more than value of the content is not what we're looking for. We then only managed to drive to our campsite. / Jelikoz jsme meli cas ve stredu rano, tak jsme si udelali ohynek a uvarili teplou snidani a caj. Po tech par mesicich na ceste mame cajovy deficit. Pak jsme jelo do Sioux falls mesta do obchodu a na postu poslat balicek, coz se stalo misi. Poslat balicek, kde postovne je 3x vice nez cena obsahu se nam opeavdu nechtelo. Pak uz jsme jen jeli do kempu.
Tuesday we drove and did some backing up at McDonalds. We found a campsite where we can have a fire and that is metal fire pit due to dry grass everywhere. We had another half of steak for dinner. With a beautiful sunset, campfire and us two it cannot get any better :) / V utery jsme po ceste zalohovali par fotek v McDonaldu. Nasli jsme kemp, kde si muzem udelat ohynek a to v zeleznem kruhu jelikoz je vsude sucha trava. K veceri jsme si udelali druhou pulku steaku. S krasnym zapadem slunce, ohynkem a my dva to nemohli byt lepsi. :)

24 October 2016

We spent Monday driving through Badlands National park in South Dakota. When we were driving through we saw 2 bold eagles and coyote, lots of praire dogs, had to drive through a herd of bisons. We stopped at viewpoints and went to Visitor centre to learn about Badland's history. The landscape in Badlands is just spectacular, it is like being on another planet and even though it looks like there's no life, there's lots to see. And the best thing, we managed by steak for dinner for $3 as it was expiring. It was nice to have proper nice meat. :) / V pondeli jsme projizdeli Badlands narodnim parkem v Jizni Dakote. Videli jsme 2 belohlave orly, kojota, spoustu psounu a museli jsme projet stadem bisonu. Zastavili jsme na vyhlidkach a v navstevnickem centru. Krajina v Badlands je neuveritelna, jako na jine planete. A i kdyz to vypada, ze tam nic nezije, je toho spousty, co videt. A podarilo se nam koupit steak za $3. Skvely, konecne dobre maso. :)
On Sunday we finally got to Mount Rushmore to see Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt and Lincoln carved into the rock but ended up just taking a photo from a passing place as they wanted $11 for parking for a day but all we wanted was to see it. We found a camp close to Badlands National park so we made our way there. We saw lots of Praire dogs by the road and bisons. At night we heard coyotes and bison (they sound like pigs) and then found out that the whole herd of bisons was about 100m from our tents. / V nedeli jsme konecne dorazili k Mount Rushmore, abychom videli Washingtona, Jeffersona, Roosevelta a Lincolna vyrezaneho do skaly. Nakonec jsme si je jen vyfotili na okraji silnice jelikoz chteli za parkovani $11 na den a my se chteli jen kouknout a jet dal. Nasli jsme kemp blizko Badlands Narodniho parku, tak jsme vyrazili tam.Videli jsme spousty psounu u silnice a bisony.V noci jsme slyseli Kojoty vit a bisony (zni jako prasata) a pak jsme zjistili, ze cele stado je od nas tak 100m.

23 October 2016

On Saturday we didn't do much. We made our way from Yellowstone towards Mount Rushmore National Monument in South Dakota. / V Sobotu jsme toho moc neudelali. Cely den jsme stravili na ceste z Yellowstonu smerem k Mout Rushmore Narodnimu Monumentu v Jizni Dakote.

21 October 2016

As Yellowstone has a lot to offer we spent Friday there as well. First in the morning we managed to find shower. Yay! Always appreciated. Today we went to see Noris geyser basin and Mammoth hot springs with the hottest water in the park (138°C). And we managed to find a quiet and beautiful campsite by a lake and mountains around. We of course spent time to explore all the animal's footprints in the snow around. :) / Jelikoz Yellowstone ma hodne, co nabidnout, stravili jsme tam i patek. Prvni vec rano se nam podarilo najit sprchy, jeej, coz se vzdycky ceni. Dneska jsme sli navstivit Noris geyser basin a Mammoth hot springs s tou nejhorcejsi vodou v parku (138°C). A podarilo se nam najit krasny kemp u jezera oblehlym horama. Samozrejme,ze jsme stravili nejaky cas zkoumanim stop zvirat ve snehu v okoli. :)

20 October 2016

We got to Yellowstone on Thursday. We drove to Old Faithful first to see the hourly eruption. After that we watched a video about Yellowstone in the museum. And we saw Coyote on the way! :) In the afternoon we visited Black sand basin, Yellowstone lake and West Thumb Geyser basin, Midway Geyser Basin and Fountain paint pot. It was all mixture of gases coming out the ground, bubbling pools, beautiful clear water and lots of amazing colours. We found a nice camp by little spring. / Ve ctvrtek jsme dorazili do Yellowstonu. Nejdriv jsme jeli k Old Faithful podivat se na maly vybuch, ktery je kazdou hodinu. Po ceste jsme videli Kojota! :) Pak jsme se koukli na film o Yellowstonu v museu. Odpoledne jsme se jeli podivat ruzne prameny, plyny vychazejici ze zeme, horke pruzracne rybnicky a spoustu uzasnych barev. Nasli jsme hezky kemp u potoka.

19 October 2016

Wednesday was a driving day. We drove to Glacier NP Visitor centre but it was already closed for winter. On the way we just stopped to do some internet duty and get some food and carried on towards Yellowstone National park.:) / Stredu jsme stravili na ceste. Jeli jsme do Navstevnickeho centra v Glacier NP ale uz bylo zavreno na zimu. Po ceste jsme jen zastavili na chvili na internet a nakup a pokracovali jsme smerem slavny Yellowstone Narodni park.

18 October 2016

We spent half a day on Tuesday in Waterton Park. Decided to go hike to Bertha lake. It was about 10 km. It was a beautiful lake in between the mountains. We left the park about 2 pm and headed towards Glacier NP in USA to cross the border again. This time it was lot easier. No que and we had a date when we're leaving so all good. :) Recommeded rising sun road through Glacier NP was closed so we had to drive around and managed to found campsite by the river. / V utery jsme stravili pul dne ve Waterton NP. Rozhodli jsme se vylezt k Bertha jezeru, coz bylo jezero mezi horama, tam a zpet kolem 10 km. Z parku jsme odjeli kolem 2 odpoledne smerem k Glacier NP v USA. Prechod pres hranice byl tentokrat jednodussi. Zadne fronty a meli jsme datum odjezdu, takze v pohode. :) Doporucena silnice v Glacier NP byla zavrena,takze jsme to museli objet. Podarilo se nam najit misto na kempovani u reky.

17 October 2016

On Monday we ate breakfast looking over a peaceful lake and looking at a mountain. We the drove to Waterton Lakes National Park. We drove round the small town but everything seemed to be closed. We were a little tired and annoyed. After we spoke to the Park Ranger and we went for a little drive. We saw some deer and Elk. We also saw a Wolf, yes a Wolf!! We then drove to Red Canyon which was a small clear stream running in a beautiful red rock canyon. We camped by a nice river. / V pondeli jsme si snedli snidani u krasneho vyhledu na jezero a hory. Jeli jsme do Waterton Narodniho parku. Projeli jsme kolem mestecka Waterton a vse se zdalo byt zavrene. Byli jsme unaveny a otraveny trochu. Potom co jsme se pobavili s park ranger jsme jeli n projizdku. Videli jsme jeleny a elky. Taky jsme videli Vlka, jooo vlka!!! Pak jsme jeli do Cerveneho Kanonu kde tekla mala ricka skrz cerveny kanon (cerveny kamen). Kempovali jsme u hezke reky.

16 October 2016

Sunday was a certain beautiful ladies birthday.We started the day by having a shower in a Hostel which was wonderful.We then drove to a very nice Banff town which was very small and cute. Where we did some laundry and then Veronika chose somewhere for us to have lunch.She chose well. It was called Grizzly house. We had a set meal of soup, then swiss cheese fondue, then we had a selection of Venison, Buffalo, Wild Boar, Beef, Elk. We then cooked the bits of meat on a hot rock. Yum! Dessert was Chocolate fondue with fruit. We then drove to our campsite by a lake and had a fire and listened to the trees swaying in the wind and fell asleep to squirrels and birds talking to us and each other. / Nedele byly krasne slecny narozeniny.Den jsme zacali sprchou v hostelu, coz bylo skvele.Pak jsme jeli do maleho a mileho mestecka Banff, kde jsme si vyprali a Veronika vybrala kam na obed.Vybrala dobre.Meli jsme menu -polevku,syrove fondue, maso-jelen,hovezi,divocak...a jako dezert cokoladove fondue.

15 October 2016

On Saturday we went to hike the Parker Ridge. We had to stop by the road as the car park was covered in snow. It took while to get ready as it was hiking through snow up to our knees and further up up to our waist. We had to sometimes guess where the path is. We didn't get all the way to the top of the ridge as it was snowing, windy and we didn't want to get in trouble. :) We then drove to Lake Louise in Banff NP where we took a photo a run away as it was too many tourists around. Then we had to leave to find campsite as usually. / V sobotu jsme sli vylezt na Parker Ridge. Museli jsme zaparkovat na strane u silnice protoze parkoviste bylo zasnezene. Chvili trvalo nez jsme se oblikli, jelikoz jsme chodili ve snehu obcas po kolena nebo po pas.Obcas jsme museli hadat kudy cesta vede.Nedosli jsme az nahoru na hreben, protoze snezilo a foukal vitr, tak jsme se nechteli dostat do problemu.Pak jsme jeli k jezeru Louise v Banff NP, kde jsme si to jen vyfotili a rychle sli pryc. Moc turistu. :D

14 October 2016

On Friday we spent the day in Jasper NP. First in the morning we woke up to our tent and car being cover in about 15 cm of snow. :D We drove to see the Althabasca falls and Sunwapta falls. And then we went to hike the Wilcox pass which we went only half way as it was too late and we were walking in a snow. It was hard to find campsites around here as most of the places are closed for winter so we ended up sleeping in the car. / Patek jsme stravili v Jasper Narodnim parku. Rano jsme se probudili a nas stan a auto bylo zasnezene tak 15cm snehu. :D Jeli jsme se podivat na Althabasca a Sunwapta vodopady. A potom jsme jeli vylezt Wilcox horu, ale vylezli jsme jen do pulky, jelikoz uz bylo pozde a trvalo to dyl chodit ve snehu. Je to tezke najit kemp tady v horach, protoze vetsina mist je zavrena na zimu, tak jsme nakonec spali v aute.

13 October 2016

On Thursday we were driving through Glacier NP to Yoho NP where we went for walk around Emerald lake. It was such a clear water like everywhere around Canadian Rocky Mountains. Then we drove to Jasper NP all the way up so we can make our way down the next day. We managed to find somewhere to put our tent up just before it got dark. When we were cooking dinner little mouse kept coming closer to get some food. :) / Ve ctvrtek jsme projeli skrz Glacier Narodni park do Yoho Narodni park, kde jsme se sli projit kolem Emerald jezera. Voda byla pruzracne cista jako vsude kolem Rocky hor. Pak jsme jeli do Jasper Narodniho parku az nahoru, abychom mohli projet a uzit si vse po ceste dolu. Podarilo se nam najit misto, kde muzeme postavit stan nez se setmelo. Kdyz jsme varili veceri, mala myska se priblizovala, aby dostala nejake jidlo. :)

12 October 2016

On Wednesday we went to hike Balu pass. When we were getting ready we met Peter from Australia at the car park. We got to talk to him and then ended up walking with him all the way up. He kept us a good company. It was nice and sunny about 2°C. We walked to the Ridge and the last 300 metres we had snow up to our knees. We made it to the top and the view was rewarding at over 2000 elevation height. When we got back to our car Peter recommended us lots of places to go while we had nice warm cup of tea. It was a lovely day. :) / Ve stredu jsme sli vylezt Balu pass. Kdyz jsme se pripravovali, seznamili jsme se s Petrem z Australie. Bavili jsme sem a nakonec jsme s nim vyslapali az nahoru. Bylo krasne a slunecno, okolo 2°C. Vyslapali jsme az nahoru na hreben a poslednich 300m jsme meli snih az po kolena. Zvladli jsme to az nahoru a vyhled byl nadherny ve 2000 m nad morem. Kdyz jsme dosli zpet k autu, Peter nam doporucil kam se podivat pri hrnku caje. Byl to hezky den. :)

11 October 2016

On Tuesday afternoon we finally got to Glacier National park in British Columbia in Canada with a stop in Walmart. Went to information centre to get tips what to do. When we planned what to so for the next day it was too late so we went to find some campsite. / V utery odpoledne jsme konecne dorazili do Glacier Narodniho parku v Britske Kolumbii v Kanade s jednou zastavkou ve Walmartu. Sli jsme do Navstevnickeho centra pro nejake tipy co podniknout. Kdy jsme naplanovali co delat zitra, bylo uz pozde, tak jsme jeli najit, kde kempovat.

10 October 2016

On Monday morning we discovered that our bath was a jacuzzi so we had a bath again.Then we went to Walmart to get food for next 2 weeks.We found out that 10 Oct is Canadian Thanksgiving so shop was full of people and the only meat they had was turkey.Then we had to head off.At night Charlie woke up and we thought that there was a bear jumping on the top of our car but it happened to be a big truck of pigs. Then Veronika woke up thinking of hearing bears but it was the truck full of pigs that stopped not far from is. :D / V pondeli rano jsme zjistili, z nase vana ma virivku,tak jsme si dali vanu znovu.Z hotelu jsme jeli do kramu nakoupit jidlo na 2 tydny.Zjistili jsme,ze je Kanadske Dikuvzdani, takze obchod byl plny lidi a jediny maso co meli byla kruta.Pak jsme vyrazili dal.V noci se Charlie probudil a mysleli jsme, ze nake zvire skace na aute, ale nakonec to byl nakladak nedaleko.Pak se probudila Verca a mysleli jsme,ze slysime medvedy, ale byl to nakladak s prasatama.:D
On Sunday we had a little walk around Vancouver in the morning. We went to visit Stanley park and walked on the sea front. We had to find a launderette and then we headed to our Executive Hotel. My early birthday treat for us to relax, have a proper bath and sleep in bed to get energy for the mountains. We got pizza for dinner and watched animated films in bed. Just perfect. :) / V nedeli rano jsme se prosli po Vancouveru. Sli jsme do Stanley parku a po pobrezi more. Pak jsme museli najit pradelnu a nakonec jsme vyrazili do hotelu. Muj predcasny darek k narozeninam, abychom si odpocali, vykoupali se, vyspali se v posteli a nacerpali energii do hor. Objednali jsme se pizzu k veceri a koukali jsme na animovane filmy. Perfektni. :)

9 October 2016

We spent whole Saturday driving from Olympic NP to Vancouver in Canada. As we did not want to pay for ferry we had to go all the way around via Seattle. Entering Canada was a lot easier then we thought, just few questions and that was it. This time it was easier because we have a plan and our answers were not: " we don't know". Haha. We got to Vancouver when it was dark and there was no 24 hours shops where we could park so we ended up sleeping in the car in residential area. / Sobotu jsme stravili na ceste z Olympic NP do Vancouveru v Kanade. Nechteli jsme platit za trajekt, tak jsme to museli objet pres Seattle. Vstup do Kanady byl jednodussi nez jsme mysleli, jen par otazek. Tentokrat to bylo jednodussi, protoze jsme meli plan a nase odpovedi nebyly: "nevime kam, kde a co". Haha. Dojeli jsme do Vancouveru, kdyz uz byla tma a nikde nebyl obchod, ktery byl otevreny 24h a kde bychom mohli prespat, tak jsme nakonec spali v aute v residencni oblasti.

7 October 2016

On Friday we spent another day in Olympic NP in Washington. First we went to Hoh rainforest to walk Spruce nature trail. Everything was nice and fresh, but it was raining again. Then we drove to Hurricane Ridge where we could see the view on the mountains. We ended up driving to deer park campsite. / V patek jsme stravili dalsi den v Olympoc Narodnim parku. Nejdriv jsme jeli do Hoh destneho pralesu projit si Spruce stezku. Vsechno bylo pekne a cerstve, ale opet prselo. Pak jsme jeli na Hurricane Ridge, kde byl krasny vyhled na hory. Pak jsme jeli najit nekde, kde muzem kempovat.

6 October 2016

On Thursday we got to Olympic national park in Washington. It was raining and raining and raining. We only had time to go see the biggest Spruce tree and Ruby beach before we headed off to find campsite. We found decaying sea lion on the beach. It was gross but cool to see the size of it an be this close. :) / Ve ctvrtek jsme dorazili do Olympic Narodniho parku ve Washingtonu. Prselo a prselo a prselo. Meli jsme cas se jit podivat jen na Nejvetsi Spruce strom a Ruby beach nez jsme museli vyrazit hledat, kde kempovat. Na Ruby plazi jsme nasli rozkladajiciho se Tulene. Bylo to nechutny, ale zaroven super videt jak je velky zblizka. :)

5 October 2016

Wednesday (part 2) In Crater Lake NP we met Carly and Donna, two american girls who were doing a roadtrip on west coast and also didn't expect any snow. We grouped together and explores the park together. We then cooked soup for all of us and followed the girls to Portland. We went to have a dinner from a truck and also went to see Kava - drink that tastes like dirt water, apparently is not alcohol or drug but is meant to make you relaxed. It was great to meet Carly and Donna and talk about our travelling experiences. :) / V Narodnim parku Kraterove jezero jsme potkali Carly a Donnu, dve Americanky, ktere cestovali po zapadnim pobrezi USA a take nebyli pripravene na snih. Spojili jsme se a projeli park spolu. My jsme potom uvarili polevku pro vsechny a jeli s nima do Portlandu. Sli jsme na veceri z povozne restaurace a pak zkusit Kava - napoj, ktery chutna jako spinava voda a pry to neni alkohol ani droga, ale ma to pusobit relaxacne. Bylo to moc fajn poznat Carly a Donnu. :)
On Wednesday (part 1) morning we drove to Crater lake NP in Oregon. Drove to Visitor centre first. As we were getting into the park... here it comes... SNOW. By the time we got to the Visitor centre it was few centimetres of snow. We watched a video about how the Crater lake was formed. It was a volcano but after eruption 7,700 years ago it collapsed and formed a big hall at the top. Now it's filled with water from rain and snow and it's the deapest, bluest and clearest large body of water in the world. Breathtaking! Ve stredu rano jsme jeli do Narodniho Parku Kraterove jezero v Oregonu. Nejdriv jsme jeli do navstevnickeho centra. Kdyz jsme prijizdeli do parku... zacalo snezit...Nez jsme dojeli do navstecnickeho centra,uz bylo nekolik cm snehu. Koukli jsme se na video jak jezero vzniklo. Byla to sopka, ktera vybuchla pred 7000 lety a nahore udelala velkou diru. Ted je to plne vody z deste a snehu a je to nejhlubsi, nejmodrejsi a nejpruzracnejsi voda na svete. Dech berouci!
On Tuesday we were desperate for shower so we drove to travel centre on the way. Not happy to pay $12 for shower but the clean feeling :). As we were driving we saw a black BEAR running across the 3 lane road about 200 metres ahead of us. It was amazing and made our day. We then drove closer to Crater lake NP to camp. / V utery uz jsme potrebovali sprchu,tak jsme po ceste zastavili na benzine, abychom si dali sprchu. Nechtelo se nam platit 12 dolaru,ale ten cisty pocit. :) Po ceste jsme videli cerneho medveda prebehnout pres silnici okolo 200 metru pred nama. Bylo to skvely. Potom jsme jeli tam,kde jsme kempovali, blizko Narodniho parku Krateroveho jezera.

3 October 2016

On Monday we got to Redwood National park in California. Place where the tallest trees in the world are. Where Jurassic park and one of Star wars film was filmed. First we went to get a permit to walk the Tall tree trail as only limited number of people go there every day. Then went to see the sea overlook if we're able to see whales but didn't see any. And finally we had to find campsite but it was already dark and that's always trickier. Found fish and bones to attract bears in one place. And it was raining and raining and raining. / V pondeli jsme dorazili do Redwood Narodniho parku v Kalifornii. Misto, kde nejvyssi stromy na svete jsou, kde Jursky park a jeden ze Star Wars filmu byly natoceny. Nejdriv jsme si vyzvedli listek na to, abychom si mohli projit stezku s temu nevyssimu stromy, jelikoz pocet lidi je omezen na kazdy den. Pak jsme jeli na vyhlidku k mori zkusit jestli uvidime velryby, ale zadne jsme nevideli. A nakonec jsme museli najit, kde kempovat. A prselo a prselo.

2 October 2016

We spent Sunday in San Francisco in California. We walked to get to ferry to Alcatraz island to explore the famous island with prison that closed 1963. Then we walked to Fisherman warf (pier with shops, attractions and restaurants and sea lions watching area). We tried clam chowder (creamy seafood soup in sourdough) because San Francisco apparently invented sourdough. It was yummy. We then had to get on the road. We drove through the hilly streets of San Fran and Golden Gate bridge. Lovely day. :) / Nedeli jsme stravili v San Franciscu v Kalifornii. Sli jsme nejdriv chytnout lod na Alcatraz ostrov prozkoumat slavny ostrov s vezenim,ktere zavrelo 1963. Pak jsme dosli na Fisherman warf (molo s obchody, restauracemi a atrakcemi). Zkusili jsme clam chowder, coz je kremova polevka s rybama a morskymi plody v chlebu. San Francisco vynalezlo sourdough chleba. Byla to mnamka. Pak jsme museli vyrazit dal. Jeli jsme kopcovatymi ulicemi San Francisca a pres Golden Gate most. Byl to skvely den. :

1 October 2016

On Saturday we got up really early to do couple of trails in Lassen Volcanic NP. We woke up into frost as it was -1°C. Our sleep wasn't very good and it took a while to warm up. First trail we did was Bumpass Hell, which was bubbling hot springs (well smelly) as the whole park is volcanic. The second one was Lassen peak (sleeping volcano), 2.5 mile strenuous hike with high elevation. We were tired already after walking 8 miles by lunch time. We then had to start driving back to San Francisco. / V nedeli jsme vstali brzo, abychom si prosli 2 stezky v Lassen Volcanic NP. Probudili jsme se do jinovatky jeliko bylo -1°C. Moc jsme se nevyspali a trvalo nam nakou dobu nez jsme se zahrali. Prvni stezka byla Bumpass peklo, coz byly bublajici horke prameny (pekne smradlave) jelikoz park je okolo sopky. Druha stezka byla Lassen vrchol (spici sopka), 4 km s vysokym prevysenim. Byli uz jsme unaveny po ranni 15km ture. Pak jsme se vydali zpet do San Francisca.
On Friday we changed our plan as the earliest tickets to Alcatraz prison in San Francisco were in 2 days. We headed to Lassen Volcanic national park. It was already quite late and the journey was about 5 hours. We made it just about to the campsite before it got dark. The national park was up in the mountains so the temperature dropped by about 20°C. / V patek jsme zmenili plan, jelikoz listky do slavneho Alcatraz vezeni v San Franciscu byly volne za 2 dny. Tak jsme jeli do Lassen Volcanic Narodniho parku. Uz bylo docela pozde a cesta trvala 5 hodin. Dojeli jsme do kempu akorat nez se setmelo. Narodni park byl v horach, tak teplota se snizila tak o 20°stupnu.

29 September 2016

On Thursday we arrived at Yosemite National park in California. We wanted to go climb the Half Dome but it turned out to be lottery chance to be able to go there. So we drove to Glacier point where we could see the whole Yosemite valley with Half Dome. Then we hiked to the Sentinel point where we had view all the way around. It was beautiful. When it was getting late we drove through Yosemite valley to campsite. :) / Ve ctvrtek jsme dorazili do Yosemite Narodniho parku. Chteli jsme vylezt na Half Dome, ale pocet lidi byl omezeny. Tak jsme jeli na Glacier vrcholek, kde byl vyhled na cele Yosemite udoli a Half Dome. Potom jsme vylezli na Sentinel vrcholek, kde byl vyhled kolem dokola. Bylo to nadherne. Kdyz uz bylo pozde odpoledne, jeli jsme najit nas kemp.

28 September 2016

On Wednesday we went to Seqouia National park in California. We got there about 2 and first went to the Museum. After that we drove to see Moro rock which was a massive rock you climb up to see view of the park. Then we went to Tunnel tree - fallen tree with a hall to drive under. And last thing was General Sherman tree, the biggest tree in the world 12 metres wide. All the Sequoia trees were impressive, they are ao big, bugs don't like them and they don't burn because of the bark. / Ve stredu jsme jeli do Narodniho parku Sequoia v Kalifornii. Dorazili jsme tam kolem 2 a nejdriv navstivili Muzeum. Potom jsme jeli k Moro kamenu, co je obrovsky kamen na ktery se vyleze a je videt cely park. Potom jsme jeli k Tunelovemu stromu-spadly strom ve kterem je dira na projeti. A nakonec General Sherman strom, nejvetsi strom na svete,12 metru siroky. Vsechny Seqouia stromy byly obrovske, noc je neji a jejich kura nehori.
On Tuesday afternoon on the way from LA in rush hour traffic we witnessed accident. Motorbike went fast in between the lanes and car suddenly decided to change a lane so it hit the bike. It was only few cars in front of us so we stopped on side and went to help. The guy on the bike was conscious so Charlie was holding his helmet in case there was something wrong with his spine. Someone else called an ambulance and I tried to divert traffic to go around us. When ambulance came we left. / V utery odpoledne po ceste z LA ve spicce na dalnici jsme videli nehodu. Pan na motorce jel rychle mezi pruhama a nekdo v aute se rozhodl prejet do jineho pruhu a srazil tu motorku. Bylo to jen par aut pred nama, tak jsme zajeli na stranu a sli pomoct. Pan na motorce byl pri vedomi tak Charlie drzel jeho hlavu v helme ve stejne pozici kdyby nahodou mel neco s pateri, nakej pan volal ambulanci a ja se snazila mavat na auta, aby nas objeli okolo. Kdyz prijela ambulance, jeli jsme dal.

27 September 2016

On Tuesday we went to explore LA. First we went to Hollywood to see Walk of fame which was basically just street with stars on the road. We visited Museum of death which wasn't about different cultures celebrating death in different way as we thought but about serial killers and lots of photos of people murdered. Morning was a bit disappointed. We spent afternoon Venice beach which was lovely. Ice cream makes everything better. :) / V utery jsme stravili v LA. Nejdriv jsme sli do Hollywoodu podivat se na Walk of fame, coz je jen ulice,kde jsou hvezdy se jmenama na zemi. Pak jsme navstivili Museum smrti, coz nebylo o tom jak ruzne kultury oslavuji smrt, jak jsme mysleli, ale o zabijakach s fotkama jak lidi byli zavrazdeny. Rano nas zklamalo. Odpoledne jsme stravili na Venice plazi coz bylo bezva. Zmrzlina vzdycky vsechno spravi. :)

26 September 2016

On Monday went to see the Salvation mountain and Slab city on the way to Los Angeles. It is basically painted mountain with lots of statement like "Jesus loves you". The man who spent part of his life creating this didn't quite understand religion so he represented it really simply. Slab city was city where people live very simply in caravans or houses made of scraps of wood. When we got to LA we waited 2 hours to swap our car for hall free car.We then only went to see Hollywood sign from Griffith park Observatory. / V pondeli jsme se jeli podivat na Salvation horu a Slab mestecko na ceste do Los Angeles.Salvation hora je namalovana hora se spousty sloganama jako "Jezis te miluje".Umelec, ktery stravil cast jeho zivota malovanim tehle hory moc nerozumel nabozenstvi, tak vse representoval velmi jednoduse.Slab mestecko bylo slozene s karavanu a domu stlucenych ze zbytku dreva.Kdyz jsme dorazili do LA, vymenili jsme si auto,ktere nema diru.Jeli jsme se uz jen kouknout na Hollywood ceduli.
On the way out of Joshua tree NP on Sunday night, rabbit run in front of our car and it was too late. We hit the rabbit and wanted to stop and go back to see if it is dead but there was car behind us. We managed to go back eventually but couldn't see the rabbit anywhere so we stopped to see the damage on the car. And there it was... hall in the front bumper and rabbits head hanging out. Poor rabbit. As it was already dead, Charlie pulled it out, skinned it and we grilled it on fire for dinner... sorry rabbit. / Po ceste z Joshua tree NP v pondeli v noci nam skocil zajic pred auto a uz bylo pozde. Srazili jsme zajice a chteli jsme zastavit, abychom zjistili jestli je mrtvy, ale bylo za nama auto. Kdyz se nam to konecne podarilo nikde jsme toho zajice nevideli, tak jsme aspon zastavili abychom videli co to udelalo autu. A tam to na nas cekalo. Dira v prednim narazniku a hlava zajice vysela z diry. Chudak zajic. Jelikoz uz byl mrtvy, tak ho Charlie vykuchal a upekli jsme si ho k veceri.

24 September 2016

Saturday we got up late, did some more planning, had lunch and went to Mt Charleston with Amber. It wasn't very far but from desert we got to nice mountain with trees and spring at the top again. Then we came back and cooked mash potatoes with sausages and gravy as it was last night we can have a nice meal all together. We then watched the film Twinsters./ V sobotu jsme vstali pozde, vyresili trochu planovani, dali si obed a jeli na Mt Charleston horu s Amber. Nebylo to daleko, ale opet jsme se dostali z pouste na krasnou horu se stromama a pramenem nahore. Kdyz jsme prijeli zpet, uvarili jsme si bramborovpu kasi s parkama a omackou, jelikoz to byl posledni den, kdy jsme vecereli dohromady. Pak jsme se koukli na film Twinsters.

23 September 2016

On Friday we managed to speak to our families. Did some planning. In the afternoon we took the dogs to park for walk. And in the evening we went to see Adrian playing with his band Headwinds. It was a small cosy place and everyone played well. It was fun. :) / V patek se nam podarilo spojit se s nasima rodinama. Naplanovali par veci a odpoledne jsme vzali psi na prochazku do parku. Vecer jsme se sli podivat na Adrianovo kapela Headwinds hraje. Byl to pekny bar a dobra muzika. Uzili jsme si to. :)

22 September 2016

On Thursday we were all hangover from last night but after we had breakfast/lunch/dinner we decided to go and see the famous Hoover Dam in Boulder city. It just got dark when we got there but it looked beautiful with all the lights. It was great. And we finished the day with watching Forest Gump. Never gets old. :) / Ve ctvrtek jsme meli vsichni opici, ale po tom co jsme si dali snidani/obed/veceri jsme vyrazili kouknout se na znamy Hoover dam. Je to obrovska nadrz,kde upoustenim vody ziskavaji energii. Byla uz tma, kdyz jsme se tam dostali a vypadalo to skvele se vsema svetlama okolo. Den jsme ukoncili Forestem Gumpem. Skvely film.

21 September 2016

On Wednesday we made pancakes for breakfast as we were craving for them. Then we went to Spring preserve where we visited Science museum and Nevada museum. For lunch/dinner we barbequed chicken, steaks and tried cactus. In the evening we went out to Las Vegas downtown and few casinos and ended up coming home at 5 am. :D / Ve stredu jsme si udelali palacinky jelikoz nam chybely. Pak jsme jeli do parku Spring preserve, kde jsme navstivili Muzeum vedy Muzeum Nevady. K obedu/veceri jsme si ugrilovali kure, steaky a zkusili kaktus. Vecer jsme sli do mesta a par kasin a nakonec jsme prisli domu v 5 rano. :D
On Tuesday we headed to see the Las Vegas strip which is a street with all the hotels and casinos. They have Venice, Eiffel tower and many other... fake things haha. In the afternoon we all drove to a ghost town Rhyolite. It was great experience. In the evening Veronika and Amber cooked salmon spaghetti and baked Apple struddel. / V utery jsme se vydali na Las Vegas strip, kde jsou vsechny ty hotely a kasina. Maji tu "Benatky", "Eiffelovku" a dalsi... kopie. Odpoledne jsme vsichni jeli do Rhyolite mestecka duchu. Byla to skvela a podivna zkusenost. Vecer Amber s Veronikou uvarili spagety s lososem a upekli strudl.

19 September 2016

We woke up for sunrise on Monday in Grand Canyon and watched it from the tent. First time we made a fire to have cup of tea with breakfast. Then we walked trail to see the view. We made our way to Las Vegas with a stop at Valley of Fire. Beautiful and colourful. We got to Las Vegas for dinner. Our friends Amber and Adrian welcomed us with nice barbeque. :) / V pondeli jsme se probudili na vychod slunce v Grand Canyonu a uzili si to ze stanu. Poprve jsme si rozdelali ohynek, abychom si dali caj ke snidani. Pak jsme se sli projit na vyhlidku. A vyrazili jsme do Las Vegas se zastavkou ve Valley of Fire, coz bylo krasne a barevne. Dorazili jsme do Las Vegas akorat na veceri. Nasi kamaradi Amber a Adrian nas uvitali grilovackou. :)

18 September 2016

On Sunday we made our way to the famous Grand canyon in Arizona. We drove to North Rim as there is generally less people than in South Rim. After visiting Visitor centre we walked to Angels point to see the Canyon overlook. After that we went to hike North Kaibab trail down to the canyon which we had to share with mule on the tour. We were tired so we drove to the campsite. We found the most amazing campsite with the view on the canyon. And there was no-one around. Fire, curry for dinner, great view and sunset. Absolutely perfect! / V Nedeli jsme vyrazili do slavneho Grand Canyonu v Arizone.Jeli jsme do Severni casti jelikoz je tam vetsinou min lidi nez v Jizni casti. Po navsteve Navstevnickeho centra jsme se sli podivat na Angel's point - vyhled na kanyon.Potom jsme sli po stezce North Kaibab dolu do kanyonu, coz byla i stezka i pro kone.Byli jsme unaveny,tak jsme jeli do kempu.Nasli jsme to nejlepsi misto s vyhlidkou na kanyon.Ohynek, vecere, nadherny vyhled a zapad slunce.Perfektni!

17 September 2016

Saturday was our second day in Zion. We got ready and got shuttle to Temple of Sinawava stop. We went to hike the Narrows through the canyon of Virgin river. Awesome! It was hike through the river so most of the time we were in the water. Just didnt have to swim anywhere as we were told. :) Got back to campsite, had dinner and went to bed absolutely knackered as it was quite good exercise walking in the water. :) / Sobota byla nas druhy den v Zionu. Vse jsme nachystali a jeli autobusem na posledni zastavku Temple of Sinawava. Sli jsme na turu jmenem Narrows kanyonem Virgin reky. Skvely! Bylo to vetsinu casu chozeni rekou. Jen jsme nikde nemuseli preplavavat, jak nam bylo receno. :) Jeli jsme zpet do kempu, dali si veceri a sli spat naprosto vyrizeny jelikoz chozeni vodou je docela namahavy. :)
On Friday we drove to Zion NP in Utah via Walmart to get food for next few days. When we got to Zion we made a plan for tomorrow and got shuttle bus to see the Emerald pools (in Zion everyone has to leave their car and get a shuttle bus to the rest of the park). It was too many people to our liking and the pools weren't that amazing. So we were a bit dissapointed. Although found nice campsite and met nice New Zeland lady Erika. :) / V patek jsme jeli do Zion Narodniho parku v Utahu se zastavkou ve Walmartu nakoupit jidlo na dalsich par dni. Kdyz jsme dorazili do Zionu, tak jsme nsplanovali zitrek a jeli jsme autobusem projit se k Emerald jezirkam (vsichnk musi nechat jejich auta na parkovisti a jet autobusem po parku). Bylo tam moc lidi na na nas vkus a jezirka nic moc, tak jsme byli trochu zklamany. Nicmene nasli jsme super misto na kempovani a seznamili se tam s pani z Noveho Zelandu Erikou. :)

16 September 2016

On Thursday we drove to Bryce canyon National park. We managed to find a lake to wash on the way (it was 12 °C outside and water really cold). We got to the campground and put a tent up in the afternoon. It was about 5 mins away from the park entrance so we headed of to walk the Queens Garden and Navajo trail passing Sunrise and Sunset points. The overlook over the canyon was spectacular and breathtaking with the sun setting and making it colourful. :) / Ve ctvrtek jsme vyrazili do Bryce canyon Narodniho parku. Po ceste se nam podarilo umyt se v jezeru (bylo 12 stupnu a voda ledova). Odpoledne jsme dorazili do kempu a postavili stan. Bylo to jen 5 minut od parku tak jsme vyrazili projit si stezku Kralovska zahrada a Navajo okolo Vychod a zapad slunce vyhlidek. Ten vyhled na kanon byl uzasny a dechberouci a jak slunce zapadalo, vse bylo krasne barevne. :)

14 September 2016

On Wednesday we drove from Rocky Mountains. It was a 6 hours journey. We got to Arches NP in Utah about 4pm. Went to see Delicate Arch, Balanced rock, Garden of Eden, Windows, Double Arch and Petrified Dunes. It was impressive what rocks can form. It was about 7 so we went to campsite - carpark on dirt road, had dinner and went to bed. Finally not a cold night. :) / Ve stredu jsme jeli z Rocky Mountains do Arches Narodniho parku v Utahu. Bylo to 6ti hodinova cesta. Dorazili jsme okolo 4te. Sli jsme se podivat na Delikatni oblouk, Balancujici kamen, Zahradu v Edenu, Okna, Dvojty oblouk a Zkamenele duny. Je neuveritelne co kamen dokaze vytvorit. Bylo uz 7 vecer tak jsme jeli do kempu - parkoviste na kamenite ceste, dali si vecu a sli spat. Konecne tepla noc. :)

13 September 2016

Tuesday was a Rocky mountains day. We woke up after a cold cold night and went first to visitor centre to plan what to do. Lovely ranger helped us to make a plan for whole day hike. We went to Bear lake, Dream lake, Emerald Lake...there was too many people around. Then carried on to Haiyaha lake, where we saw snow on the top of the mountain so we climbed there to touch it. :) Walked the rest of the way via Alberta Falls. Didnt go that far but the weather and hiking tired us up. It was beautiful day and we enjoyed every minute of fresh air and stunning lanscape. / Pondeli jsme stravili v Rocky Mountains v Koloradu. Probudili jsme se po mrazive noci a jeli do navstevnickehi centra nejdriv, kde nam hodna pani pomohla naplanovat kam vyrazit na cely den. Sli jsme k Bear jezeru, Dream jezero, Emerald jezero.. ale bylo tam moc lidi. Pak jsme sli dal na Haiyaha jezero, kde jsme videli anih na rchu hory, tak jsme si na nej sli sahnout. Dosli jsme zbytek pres Alberta vodopady. Unavilo nas to. :)

11 September 2016

We spent Sunday in Great Sand Dunes National Park in Colorado. Stunning landscape with mountains at the back. Went for hike to the highest dune. Not sure how far we walked but it was very tiring like walking on snow. We had a snack at the top and enjoyed playing with the sand and then the best part came, sliding down. :) We had lunch and drove to Zapata falls where we had to climb a little bit up the stream. It was hidden but amazing. We then washed down the stream (the alpine water was freezing).And we went to camp in the same place as last night as it was late and we were tired. / Nedeli jsme stravili v Narodnim parku Pisecne duny v Koloradu.Krasna krajina s horama v pozadi.Vylezli jsme na tu nejvyssi dunu.Nevim, jak daleko to bylo, ale bylo to unavne jako chozeni ve snehu.Dali jsme si svacu na vrcholku, uzili si pisku a pak se sklouzli dolu. Pak jsme jeli k Zapata vodopadu.Museli jsme trochu lezt proti proudu, ale stalo to za to.Pak jsme se umyli v te mrazive vode a jeli do kempu.

10 September 2016

On Saturday we spent the day in Messa Verde National park in Colorado. We of course had breakfast while watching sunrise as we were at amazing spot. We drove to Cliff palace to take out tour at 9. We saw amazing houses Pueblo people built under Cliffs thousands years ago and learned about how they used to live. We drove to few view points on the way and went to a Museum. In the afternoon we headed to Great Sand Dunes NP, our next destination in Colorado. / Sobotu jsme stravili v Narodnim Parku Messa Verde v Koloradu. Samozrejme jsme si snedli snidani pri vychodu slunce jelikoz jsme byli na skvelem miste. Jeli jsme do Utesoveho domu na prohlidku v 9. Videli jsme uzasne domy, ktere lidi jmenem Pueblo postavili pred tisici lety a dozvedeli se, jak zili. Zastavili jsme se na par vyhlidkach a v Muzeu po ceste zpatky. Odpoledne jsme vyrazili do narodniho parku Pisecne Duny, nasi dalsi denstinace.
When we woke up at Route 66 Casino hotel car park we did our laundry, had a shower and did some planning ahaed. We then headed to Messa Verde National park in Colorado. We got there about 4pm so we only had a look around the Visitor's centre and got ticket for a tour for tomorrow. We drove to our campsite for the night which was really close and turned out to be amazing spot with a stunning view so we cooked dinner and ate it while watching sunset. Couldn't be any better. :) / Kdyz jsme se probudili na parkovisti Route 66 Casina, vyprali jsme si, dali si sprchu a naplanovali kam dal. Pak jsme vyrazili do Messa Verde Narodniho parku v Koloradu. Dorazili jsme tam kolem 4te hodiny, takze jsme se prosli jen po Navstevnickem centru a koupili listky na prohlidku na zitrek. Dojeli jsme do kempu,coz bylo velmi blizko a bylo to uzasne misto s nadhernym vyhledem. Tak jsme si uvarili veceri a snedli si to pri zapadu slunce. Lepsi by to byt nemohlo. :)

8 September 2016

On Thursday we woke up into beautiful sunrise and sun after few rainy days. We headed straight to Petrified forest National park in Arizona. We walked few short trails to see petrified animals and trees from Dinosaur age and after. It was absolutely stunning and unbelievable, fallen logs that are rocks and the spectacular landscape that is again out of nowhere. One of our favourite places definitely. We had a great day and headed towards Colorado where more exciting places to come. :)/ We ctvrtek rano jsme se probudili do krasneho vychodu slunce a slunicka po par destnych dnech. Vyrazili jsme do Narodniho parku jmenem Zkamenely les v Arizone. Prosli jsme si kratke stezky, abychom videli zkamenela zvirata a stromy od dob dinisauru. Bylo to neuveritelne, spadle stromy, ktere jsou vlasne kameny a ta nadherna krajina, ktera se vynorila opet z niceho nic. Jedno z nasich nejoblibenejsich mist urcite. Meli jsme skvely den a vyrazili smer Kolorado, kde na nas spousty krasneho jeste ceka. :)

7 September 2016

We woke up at Rest area on Wednesday. Headed of to Whites sand national monument as Clifford recommended it and it was only 50 miles away. It was an area where there was just white sand everywhere. It appeared out of nowhere again. We drove through and pulled over in some areas to learn about the area. Then we carried our journey to Petrified forest. :) / Ve stredu jsme se probudili na odpocinkove zastavce. Vyrazili jsme do White Sand Monument, coz byla oblast, kde je jenom bily pisek vsude. Opet se to objevilo z niceho nic. Projeli jsme to autem a zastavili na par mistech, abychom se neco dozvedeli. Pak jsme pokracovali v ceste do Zkamaneleho lesa. :)

6 September 2016

Tuesday night... guess what?... we got stuck in the mud when looking for place to camp. :D it was quite comic at first but after trying different ways to get out we knew it's not gonna happen. So we started walking towards closest road where we tried to wave at cars passing. We were lucky enough to get the first track to stop and lovely guy Clifford helped to tow us out of the mud. It took a while to find smth to hook our car on as it's all plastic. And he have us some tips what places to visit. A bit stressful evening that was but we have a story to tell. And our car is called Clifford from now. :) / Utery vecer.. hadejte co? .. zapadli jsme do blata, kdyz jsme hledali kde kempovat. :D Bylo to docela komicky nejdriv, ale po vyzkouseni ruznych metod jak auto dostat ven jsme vedeli, ze to nepujde.Tak jsme vyrazili k nejblizsi silnici mavat na auta,ktere projizdely okolo.Meli jsme stesti stopnout prvni jeep, ktery jel okolo a hodny pan Clifford nas vytahnul z blata.Stres ale mame storku.
On Tuesday we got up early to get to Carlsbad Cavern in New Mexico before it fills up with lots of tourist (also because we didn't know where the time zone changes :D). When we got there we went through the exhibiton and then headed to self-guided tour to Big room cave. It was breathtaking what can create under the ground and the difference between under and above ground. We had lunch and because there wasn't much to see apart from caves we headed off to get a bit closer to our next destination Petrified forest in Arizona:). / V utery jsme vstali brzo, abychom se dostali do Carlsbad Cavern Narodniho parku pred navalem turistu (taky proto, ze jsme nevedeli kde se meni casove pasmo :D). Kdyz jsme tam dorazili, tak jsme si prosli vystavu a pak vyrazili na prohlidku bez pruvodce do jeskyne jmenem Velky pokoj. Bylo to dechberouci co se dokaze vytvorit pod zemi a ten rozdil pod a nad zemi. Dali jsme si obed a jelikoz tam nebylo moc co videt krome jeskyni vyrazili jsme dal. :)

5 September 2016

On Monday we headed towards Carlsbad Cavern National park in New Mexico. It was about 7 hours journey. We finally experienced lansdscape what we imagined America would be like, where you can see miles away and there is not much going on. We went to food shop to HEB which is a Texas shop. Finally found our camp (not really a camp, really just green spot by dirty river haha). Charlie caught 3 little bass but they tasted muddy because the river wasnt very clean. / V pondeli jsme vyrazili smer Carlsbad Cavern Narodni park v Novem Mexiku. Bylo to kolem 7h cesty. Konecne jsme si uzili prostredi co jsme ocekavali od Ameriky, kde je videt na mile daleko a nic moc se tam nedeje. Jidlo jsme sli nakoupit do obchodu HEB coz je specialni obchod v Texasu. Konecne jsme nasli nas kemp (ne tak docela kemp, bylo to jen kousek zelene travy u reky haha). Charlie chytil 3 male rybky, ale chut meli blativou jelikoz reka nebyla velmi cista.

4 September 2016

Sunday, was goodbye to the ranch. We were very sad to leave a beautiful family and a beautiful house. Then we headed to Austin to take part in a Texas tradition of floating down a river in a inner tube and drinking beer. We met up with Will and Nicole who were celabrating a friends birthday. It was a great time had by all. (Some more so than others) once finished we were driven back in a school bus to our starting point. We then said goodbye to all as they were staying in a hotel and we were staying guessed it Walmart car park. (Which we were also woken by a police officer again) / Nedele znamenala louceni s rancem. Bylo to smutny opoustet milou rodinu a dum. Vyrazili jsme do Austinu, kde jsme se pridali k Texaske tradici sjezdu vody na nafukovacich pneumatikach s pivem samozrejme. Sesli jsme se s Willem a Nicole a kamaradama, kteri slavili narozeniny. Opravdu jsme si to vsichni uzili. Zpatky nas odvezl skolni autobus. Rozloucili jsme se se vsema jelikoz zustavali v hotelu.

3 September 2016

On Saturday morning we were removing trees around fence and clearing it up a bit. Billy got us burgers for lunch from grill across the road. Then we went to jump in the lake where we met Billy's sister's family. They were all really nice and practised shooting. We had chance to have a go too. It was weird how normal dealing with guns is here. We also tried paddle boards and more jumping from the boat house. When Marsha came back she showed us how to ride a horse. It was wonderful day. :)/ V sobotu rano jsme orezavali sttomky kolem plotu. Billy nam objednal burger z grilu pres ulici. Potom jsme sli k jezeru, kde jsme poznali Billyho segry rodinu. Vsichni byli fajn a trenovali strileni. My jsme si to taky zkusili. Bylo to divne jak je zachazeni se zbranema normalni v tehle zemi. Taky jsme si zkusili padlovani na surfu a vic skakani do vody. Kdyz se Marsha vratila, ukazala nam jak jezdit na koni. Byl to senzacni den. :)
Friday we were finishing clearing up fence. Although Veronika found one snake and she freaked out so Charlie finished the fence. And Veronika started clearing horse poo from stalls and restocking hay. Then we both got rid of dust and spider webs in barn which took few hours. In the afternoon we went swimming in the lake of course, jumping down the boat house. Grandma visited and Billy made amazing steaks for dinner so we got proper Texas experience. Billy's brother also won 5 mill $ lotery so we had plenty to celebrate. :) / V patek jsme dokoncovali uklizeni plotu. Veronika nasla hada takze se strasne vylekala, tak Charlie dokoncil tuto praci a Veronika sla uklidit po konich a doplnit seno. Potom jsme oba zbavili celou stodolu od pavucin a prachu, coz trvalo par hodin. Odpoledne jsme si sli zaplavat do jezera. Babicka prijela a Billy udelal vyborne steaky, abychom meli poradnou Texaskou zkusenost. Billyho bracha vyhral 5 millionu dolaru v loterii, tak jsme meli spostu veci na oslavu.:)

1 September 2016

On Thursday we went to Houston with Will and Nicole to help their friend Scott to move house. First we helped to move stuff out the old apartment and then to move it in the new one. In the afternoon we went for swim in the pool. And then we finished the day with meal at Aladins Mediterranean food. :) / Ve ctvrtek jsme jeli do Houstonu s Willem a Nicole pomoct jejich kamaradovi Scottovi se stehovanim. Nejdriv jsme vystehovali veci ze stareho bytu a pak nastehovali do noveho. Odpoledne jme si sli zaplavat do bazenu. A zakoncili jsme den veceri v Alladin restauraci. :)
On Wednesday we started clearing a fence that had lots of stuff build up from floods in May. It took quite a while to do a short part of it as we had to cut some trees half fallen on the fence. Charlie spotted the copper head snake that was venomous so Will had to kill it. We spent the afternoon chilling by the lake, fishing and we managed to try waterski as well. It was awesome! :) It was a great afternoon. / Ve stredu jsme cistili plot od nanesene spiny a vetvi od povodne v kvetnu. Trvalo to nakou dobu, jelikoz jsme se museli zbavit stromu napul spadlych na plot. Charlie nasel hada, cerveno-hnedeho, tak ho Will musel zabit. Odpoledne jsme stravili u jezera odpocivanim, rybarenim a zkusili jsme si jet na vodnich lyzich. Bylo to skvely! :) Bylo to skvele odpoledne.

31 August 2016

Tuesday morning we took a little tour around the ranch. It is a massive property with lake, lots of space for horses and cattle. We started our first job taking fence down. After lunch we went for a swim in the lake. After that we fixed another bit of fence. We also helped Marsha to feed horses in the evening. :) / V utery jsme sli na prohlidku kolem rance. Je to obrovsky pozemek s jezerem a spoustou mista pro kone a kravy. Zacali jsme nasi prvni praci bourani plotu. Po obede jsme si sli zaplavat do jezera. Pak jsme spravili kousek jineho plotu. Taky jsme pomohli Marshe nakrmit kone. :)
On Monday morning we went for walk around French quarter area in New Orleans. We bumped into Cafe du Monde which is famous cafe where we had their delicious donuts. Then we walked via Jackson square to Frenchmen street to have breakfast. On the way back we found Bubba Gump shop from Forest Gump film but didnt have any space left to try any shrimps. We left New Orleans about 12 to drive to ranch near Houston where we'll spend next few days. / V pondeli rano jsme se sli projit po Francouzske ctvrti v New Orleans. Narazili jsme na Cafe du Monde coz je slavna Francouzska kavarna, kde jsme si dali vyborne koblihy. Pak jsme sli pres Jackson namesti na Frenchmen ulici na snidani. Po ceste zpatky jsme narazili na Bubba Gump obchod z filmu Forest Gump akorat jsme nemeli misto na vyzkouseni shrimpu. Vyrazili jsme z New Orleans ve 12 na ranc do Texasu, kde stravime par dni.

29 August 2016

We left campsite early on Sunday to get to New Orleans. We stayed at India house hostel which we loved from the first minute. Cool staff, amazing building, pool, people and just everything and everyone was friendy. We had a shower, dinner, chatted few people and headed out to explore famous Frenchmen st. All bars had live music -jazz or blues and it was great atmosphere. Went to have a drink in few bars and ended up enjoying band playing outside on the street the most. :) The whole French area was dreamy. / V nedeli jsme vyrazili z kempu brzo do New Orleans. Ubytovali jsme se v hostelu jmenem India house, kde se nam libilo od prvni minuty. Cool personal, skvela budova, bazen, lidi a vsechno bylo pratelske.Dali jsme si sprchu, veceri, pokecali s par lidma a vyrazili na svetoznamou Frencheman ulici.Vsechny bary meli zivou muziku jazz a blues a byla to skvela atmosfera.Dali jsme si drink v par barech a nakonec si uzili nejvic kapelu hrajici na ulici. Cela Francouzska ctvrt byla jako sen.

28 August 2016

On Saturday we spent all day on the road driving up the Florida's west coast. While Charlie was driving Veronika was doing some reading about different national parks to decide where we want to go. Made a few stops for food. We ended up camping at Goose Pasture campground in North Florida by beautiful river with aligators. Mosquitos reminded us we are still in Florida in the evening. :D / Sobotu jsme stravili celou na ceste na sever po zapadnim pobrezi Floridy. Zatimco Charlie ridil Veronika cetla knizku o ruznych narodnich parkach, abychom se rozhodli, kam pojedem. Jen jsme zastavili parkrat na jidlo. Nakonec jsme kempovali v Goose pasture kempu v severni Floride vedle krasne reky s alogatorama. Komari nam vecer pripomneli, ze jsme porad na Floride. :D

26 August 2016

We spent another day in Everglades on Friday. We drove to Shark Valley visitors centre but there was not much to do. On the way to Gulf Visitor's centre we drove via scenic drive road and did a couple of short trails. We stayed at Monument lake campground. We couldn't go for swim in the lake due to Alligators around but managed to wash in the rain. We're waiting for rain to stop to cook our dinner but in the end had to cook in the worst rain in our waterproofs as another big rain came. :D / V patek jsme stravili dalsi den v Everglades. Jeli do Shark Valley navstevnickeho centra, kde nebylo ale moc co delat. Po ceste do Gulf navstevnickeho centra jsme jeli po vyhlidkove silnici a prosli si 2 kratke stezky. Kempovali jsme v Monument jezera kempu. Nemohli jsme si zaplavat jelikoz tam mohli byt aligatori, ale povedlo se nam umyt se v desti. Cekali jsme az prestane prset, ale nakonec jsme museli varit veceri v nejvetsim desti. :D
Ve ctvrtek jsme jeli do znameho Floridskeho Narodniho parku Everglades doufajice, ze dneska budeme mit vice stesti nez vcera. Nejdriv jsme jeli do navstevnickeho centra Flamingo, kde jsme si pujcili kanoe na 4 hodiny. Vzali jsme si na sebe dlouhe obleceni a postrikali se spoustou repelentem jelikoz leto je tu nejhorsi na komary. Padlovali jsme okolo pobrezi doufajice, ze uvidime nejakeho krokodyla, ale zadneho jsme nenasli. Ale alespon jsme videli ruzne drave ptaky a spoustu ryb. :) V polovine naseho casu zacalo hrozne prset a slyseli jsme bourku prichazet, tak jsme rychle padlovali zpet. Na ceste zpatky do Miami jsme si prosli nekolik kratkych stezek, abychom videli nejstarsi Mahagonovy strom a konecne videli nejakeho aligatora, coz se nam podarilo na Alingha stezce.Videli jsme 4 a bylo to bomba. Klidne plavali jen par metru od nas.Jeden blby nemec se dotknul aligatora z mostu, na kterem jsme stali, kdyz ten aligator plaval pod tim mostem. Nastesti nikomu se nic nestalo. Super den. :)

25 August 2016

On Thursday we drove to the famous Everglades National Park with all our hopes for more succesful day. First went to Flamingo Visitor's centre. We hired a canoe for 4 hours, put long clothes on and covered ourselves in insect repelent as it was the worst time of the year for mosquito and got on the boat. We paddled along the coast hoping to see an alligator but didn't spot any. Although we spotted some Ospreys and other birds and lots of fish.:) Half way it started raining and storm was coming, we quickly made our way back. On the way back to Miami we did few short trails to see oldest Mahagony tree and spot alligators which we managed on Alingha trail. We saw 4 alligators and it was amazing. They swam in the water quitely only few meters from us. One stupid German guy touched it from the bridge we stood on as it was going just under. Fortunately no-one got hurt. We went back with amazing feeling rather than disappointment today. :)

24 August 2016

On Wednesday we headed to one of Florida's National park Biscayne. As most of the park is underwater, only way to get there is boat. Boat hire place bancrupt and it was stormy weather so we couldn't go to explore old shipwrecks. We cooked our dinner and chilled and then we went to a launderette to wash our clothes properly. We finished the day with Starbucks and photos. / Ve stredu jsme vyrazili do jednoho z Floridy Narodniho parku jmenem Biscayne. Jelikoz vetsina parku je pod vodou, jedina moznost jak se tam dostat je lodi. Misto, kde pujcovali lode zkrachovalo a bylo bourkove pocasi, tak jsme nemohli jet prozkoumat starou potopenou lod. Tak jsme si uvarili veceri a chvili relaxovali a pak si jeli vyprat obleceni do verejne pradelny. Den jsme ukoncili Starbucksem a fotkama.
On Tuesday morning seeked out great opportunity to go see sunrise on the beach. After that we drove to Miami beach where we of course went for a swim and had a walk by the beach. We decided to go for dinner to Cuban restaurant called Versaille to try some local food. Veronika had dolphin type fish Mahi-mahi with plantain and yellow rice and Charlie had local ground beef with black bees and rice.Then we wanted to go back to Miami beach to see the famous part but took a wrong turning and ended up on some island.Even though we didn't make it to Miami beach again we enjoyed the biggest and nicest sunset from the car. / V utery jsme vyuzili prilezitosti a vstali jsme brzo,abychom videli vychod slunce na plazi. Pak jsme jeli na Miami beach, kde jsme si samozrejme sli zaplavat do more a projit se po plazi.Rozhodli jsme se jit na veceri do Kubanske restaurace zkusit mistni jidlo.Veronika mela delfin typ ryby s plantain a ryzi a Charlie hovezi s ryzi a cernyma fazolema. Zapad slunce byl uzasny.

23 August 2016

We spent the whole Monday driving to Florida. It was about 8 hours drive. Finally the weather was nice and sunny again. Although maybe too much as it was 35°C. We got to Ormond beach and of course went for a little dip in the sea. Beautiful white sand beach and warm water. What more you can ask for. ☺ Backed up some photos on Walmart wifi and went to sleep. / Pondeli jsme cele stravili na ceste na Floridu. Trvalo to kolem 8 hodin. Konecne pocasi se vyjasnilo a bylo krasne a slunecno. Mozna z moc jelikoz bylo 35°C. Dojeli jsme na Ormond beach a samozrejme se sli namocit do more. Krasna plaz s bilym piskem a tepla voda. Co vic si muzes prat. ☺ Zazalohovali jsme nejake fotku na wifi ve Walmartu a sli spat.

21 August 2016

We spent Sunday in Great Smokey Mountains in Tennessee. First we drove to a part called Cades Cove which is a road that goes in a loop and you can see nice views, houses how people lived in 18th and 19th centuries as well as wildlife. We saw few deers and one little black bear. Then we drove to Clingmans Dome where we walked to the top, highest point in the Smokies. Athough it was cloudy so we couldn't see much :D After that we drove through Cherokee indian reservation out of the park. Cooked some dinner on the way and went to bed. / Nedeli jsme stravili v narodnim parku Great Smokey Mountains v Tennessee. Nejdriv jsme jeli do mista Cades Cove, silnice ktera jde dokola a jsou tam krasne vyhledy, domy kde lidi zili v 18. a 19. stoleti a take zvirata. My jme videli jeleny a maleho cerneho medveda. Potom jsme jeli na Clingmans Dome,nejvyssi bod v parku. Bohuzel bylo zatazeno,tak jsme moc nevideli. Potom jsme jeli pres Cherokee Indianskou cast ven z parku.Uvarili jsme si veceri a sli spat.

20 August 2016

When we got up, we went for a swim in the river and Charlie tried fishing again. Later we got to Mammoth cave national park. Mammoth Cave NP has the world's longest cave system. We went for a little walk and had lunch before our guided tour ... at 1:30pm. It was about 2 miles and it was great. Our park ranger was really good and funny. It was raining so we headed off for 4 hours to Walmart close to Smokey mountains in Tenessee where we stayed over night. / Po budicku jsme vstali, sli si zaplavat do reky a Charlie zkusil opet rybarit. Pozdeji jsme dorazili do Narodniho parku Mamuti jeskyne, ktery ma ten nejdelsi jeskyni system na svete. Sli jsme na malou prochazku a dali si obed pred nasi prohlidkou v 1:30. Bylo to okolo 2 mili a bylo to skvely. Nas pruvodce byl super a vtipny. Prselo, tak jsme vyrazili na nasi 4hodinovou jizdu do Walmart obchodu blizko dalsiho narodniho parku Smokey Mountains, kde jsme prespali.

19 August 2016

On Friday we got up and had to walk to the car park which was about 1 mile. After breakfast we got on the road as we had 7 h of driving ahead to Mammoth Cave National park. We found camping called Tailwater online which turned out not to be free so we spend some time driving around trying to find somewhere to camp. It was houses everywhere but one lady offered us we can put tent up in her garden.Although she seeked out opportunity to get some money out of us so she asked for $20.We went back to the camp and paid $20 there. / V patek jsme vstali a museli jsme dojit zpet na parkoviste, coz bylo okolo 1 mile. Po snidani jsme vyrazili jelikoz jsme meli 7h jizdy pred sebou do Mamutiho narodniho parku. Nasli jsme kemp Tailwater na internetu,ale nakonec to nebylo zadarmo,tak jsme stravili naky cas hledanim nejakeho ticheho mista kde kempovat.Vsude byly domy.Bavili jsme se s jednou pani,ktera nabidla, ze muzem postavit stan na jeji zahrade,ale pak chtela $20.Tak jsme jeli zpet do kempu za $20.
On Thursday morning we decided to drive towards Hot springs hoping it is going to be actual springs but turned out to be names of cities. Although on the way we bumped into Hot spring falls which was just amazing. There was a deep river hall at the top of the falls so we ended up having fun there as there was a couple of snakes at the bottom of the falls. :( From there we drove to McAfee Knob. Parked at the bottom, left the tent on the first camping spot and walked to the top to see the stunning view at sunset. :)/ Ve ctvrtek rano jsme se rozhodli jet k Horkym pramenum doufajice, ze jsou to opravdu prameny, ale zjistili jsme, ze jsou to jen nazvy mest. Nicmene po ceste jsme narazili na vodopady, coz bylo super. Nad vodopadem byla prohlubina v rece, kde jsme nakonec zustali na plavani jelikoz dole pod vodopadem byli dva hadi. Odtamtud jsme jeli na McAfee utes. Zaparkovali jsme dole, stan jsme nechali v kempu po ceste a sli jsme nahoru na vrchol na prekrasny vyhled za zapadu slunce. :)

18 August 2016

Wednesday we headed off to find some river to wash our cloths and us. Found a good spot where Charlie cought 2 little fish so we cooked them for lunch. :) Then went to Woodstock town to find Walmart shop. Found nearest camping called Camp run so we went there but it was raining and Charlie saw another black bear on the way. As it was raining we nearly got stuck in water. :D but survived :) / Ve stredu jsme vyrazili hledat reku, kde si muzeme vyprat obleceni a umyt. Nasli jsme dobre misto, kde Charlie chytil dve rybky, ktere jsme si udelali k obedu. :) Pak jsme jeli do Woodstock mestecka do kramu. Nasli jsme nejblizsi kemp Camp Run tak jsme tam jeli, ale prselo a Charlie videl dalsiho medveda z auta. Protoze prselo, malem jsme uvizli ve vode :D ale prezili jsme :)

17 August 2016

We spent Tuesday in Washington DC. Couldn't get to the car park as there are one way streets everywhere. Walked to US capitol, Washington monument, Vietnam war memorial and Science and air museum where we had a look around. Then carried on to Lincoln memorial and White house. It was all connected with one park. If was about 35°C so we were dying walking in the city.Got lost getting out of DC as well so we didn't leave DC with a great feeling unfotunately. We drove two hours to get to Little fort recreational area where we camped. / Utery jsme stravili ve Washingtonu DC. Nemohli jsme se dostat na nase parkoviste jelikoz jsou vside jednosmerky.Sli jsme na US capitol, Washingtonskemu monumentu, pamatniku po valce ve Vietnamu a Vedeckeho a leteckeho muzea, kde jsme sli dovnitr. Potom jsme sli k Lincolnovu pamatniku a bilemu domu. Bulo kolem 35°C tak jsme umirali chozenim po meste. Ztratili jsme se i po ceste z Washingtonu, takze jsme neopousteli DC s dobrym pocitem. Jeli jsme 2h do kempu.

16 August 2016

On Monday we had a relaxing day. Drove to a quiet lake close to Harrisburg. Got a bit lost on the way but managed to get there. We had a nice swim, lunch and Charlie tried fishing. :) We decided to sleep at the BJ's car park close to Baltimore to have it close to Washington DC. Got there early so we could go to McDonalds to sort out some photos. / Pondeli jsme meli relaxujici. Jeli jsme k jezeru, kde skoro nikdo nebyl nedaleko Harrisburgu. Trochu jsme se ztratili, ale nakonec jsme tam dorazili. Krasne jsme si zaplavali, dali si obed a Charlie zkusil rybarit. :) Rozhodli jsme se ztravit noc v aute na BJ's parkovisti u Baltimore, abychom to meli blizko do Washington DC. Dojeli jsme tam brzo, tak jsme sli do McDonaldu rozradit fotky.

14 August 2016

Sunday was the last day in NYC. We got up a bit later and went to see 9/11 memorial. It is very impressive. Walked via Wall street Battery park where we took ferry to see Statue of Liberty. It was even hotter tan yesterday so popped in to Little Italy area to get ice-cream :) and left NYC about 7pm. / Nedele byl posledni den v New Yorku. Vstali jsme pozdeji a jeli k pomniku po Dvojcatech. Velmi impresivni. Pres Wall street jsme se dostaly do Battery parku kde jsme jeli lodi podivat se bloz k sose Svobo
Saturday was a hot day but it didn't stop us from sightseeing. First we went to see Empire state building. Popped into Public library and went to see rest of Central park. There's lot to see and do. Managed to get famous Eillen's cheesecake before going to Guggenheim museum. It was free so we had to que for more than half hour. And grabbed Papaya hotdog on the way home. Lots of walking, too hot but great day. :) / Sobota byl velmi horky den, ale to nas nezastavilo od pamatek. Prvni jsme sli navstivit Empire State budovu. Zastavili ve Verejne knihovne a sli projit zbytek Centralniho parku. Je tam hodne co videt a delat. Podarilo se nam sehnat slavny Eillen's cheesecake nez jsme sli do Guggenheim musea. Bylo to zadarmo,tak jsme stali ve fronte pres pul hodiny. Nakonec jsme si dali hotdog z Papaya a sli domu. Hodne chozeni, strasny horko, ale byl to super den. :)
On Fri, we finally got to NYC. We checked in Moore Hostel in Brooklyn. We went to see Time Square. It was a bit dissapointing, looks smaller and not much like in films, but second glance was impressive with all the flashing ads. Then had a walk in Central park and ended up going to MoMA as it was free friday. Friend Cesar met us and we had tasty Shake shuck burger. He took us for a beer to Speakeasy (pub that's opened since prohibition), was old and amazing there. :)/ V patek jsme konecne dorazili do New Yorku. Sli jsme do naseho hostelu Moore hostel v Brooklyn ctvrti. Vyrazili jsme na Time Square. Trochu nas to zklamalo jelikoz je to mensi a nevypada to moc jako ve filmech, ale druhy pohled byl zajimavy se vsi blikajici reklamou. Pak jsme sli na prochazku do Centralniho parku a skoncili jsme v MoMa museu, kde to bylo v patek zadarmo.Kamarad Cesar za nama prisel a sli jsme na vyborny burger z Shake Shuck restaurace. Vzal nas do Speakeasy (hospoda otevrena od prohibice), stare a super.

12 August 2016

Thursday part B. So we got of the highway and were trying to find somewhere to sleep again. It was already dark as we were driving past different houses in the middle of nowhere. Suddenly it comes Charlie saw a black bear jumping over the side of the road. Veronika missed it so we drove back but didn' t see anything anymore. We found this place of the road where they load big logs on track. As we were scared of bears now we got food out of boot with a bear spray in hands and had tinned tuna with bread. Got ready to sleep in the car and police car turned up telling us this is a private property and we have to leave. Slept in the car in a highway hotel car park in the end. 😀 That area turned out to be Bear creek on the map 😀

11 August 2016

On Thursday, we got up early and drove to first National park, Cuyahoga NP near Cleveland in Ohio. We got there at 7:30am We walked to a waterfall, where we got a chance to finally wash. It was wonderful feeling for about 2 mins until we got sweaty again. We walked back to the car and to the other waterfall... this one was a lot bigger all fenced off with lots off tourists. We packed our stuff and got back on the road across to Pennsylvania for our drive to get close to NYC When it got dark on our way to find a spot to sleep Charlie saw his dream of his first bear. ☺ / Ve ctvrtek jsme vstali brzo a dojeli do naseho prvniho narodniho parku jmenem Cuyahoga kousek od mesta Cleveland ve state Ohio. Dorazili jsme tam v 7:30 rano. Nejdriv jsme sli k mensimu vodopadu ... ,kde jsme konecne meli prilezitost se umyt. Byl to skvely pocit asi tak na 2 min nez jsme se zase zpotili.Dosli jsme zpet k autu a k 2. vodopadu, ktery byl vetsi, ale oploceny se spustu turistama. Pak jsme vyrazili dal.

9 August 2016

Today we made our first stop in Walmart shop to do a big food and other stuff shop. We gone the wrong way few times and got caught by a massive rain and thunderstorm on the way. Finally found a hidden spot to be able to make our white car invisible. 😀 So made sausage sandwiches for dinner and went to sleep to get ready for early and long day. / Nase prvni zastavka byl Walmart obchodak, abychom nakoupili spoustu jidla a dalsich veci na cestu. Jeli jsme spatnou cestou parkrat a chytli velky dest a bourku. 😀 Nakonec jsme nasli misto, kde jsme se mohli stat neviditelnymi s nasim bilym autem. 😀 Udelali jsme si sendwich s parkem k vece a sli spat, abychom se pripravili na dlouhy den.
On Tuesday morning we had to do pain in the ass journey across Chicago to the car hire place where we got a car until 29 Oct.In the end we had to wait there for 2h because they wanted to change oil and make sure the car is ready for a long journey. We got a white (attracts all the flies) Kia,big car but cannot put the seats down to sleep in comforably if needed. Managed to find a hidden spot to spend the night just before Toledo. Planned to sleep in the car but we would either have to keep the windows open and die of humidity or open them and get eaten alive by mosquitos. 😀 not so much fun... / V utery rano jsme zdolali otravnou cestu do Chicago Ridge, kde jsme si pronajali auto do 29. rijna. Nakonec jsme museli cekat na auto 2 hodiny, jelikoz menili olej a vse kontrolovali, aby auto bylo pripravene na dlouhou cestu.Dostali jsme bilou (pritahuje vsechny brouky)Kiu, velke auto, ale sedacky se nedaji dat dolu poradne na pohodlne vyspani.Nasli jsme schovane misto na prespani pred Toledem