North America · 8 Days · 8 Moments · August 2016

Charlie and Veronika's adventure week five

10 August 2016

We spent whole Monday in Chicago sightseeing. Got the Metro to Chicago riverwalk and walked by the river to Millenium park, where we saw a Cloud sculpture, lots of water fun for kids, walked past The Art Institute and got to the Lake Michigan Harbour. Then we walked all the way to the famous Chicago fountain where we got a tube to our Airbnb place in mexican area. It was a lovely day and we loved Chicago. It's got so much character. ☺/ Stravili jsme cely den v Chicagu po pamatkach. Jeli jsme metrem k Chicago prochazce kolem reky, kde jsme dosli az k Millenium parku. Tam jsme videli Cloud sochu a spoustu fontan pro deti na hrani. Sli jsme okolo Institutu umeni az k pristavu na jezeru Michigan. Pak jsme dosli az ke slavne fontane a jeli metrem do naseho Airbnb v mecicke ctvrti. Byl to super den a moc se nam Chicago libilo. ☺

7 August 2016

We got up quite early on Sunday as we were a bit worried someone will tell us off for camping where we are not supposed to. 😊 Went to near McDonalds to get on wifi and find somewhere to stay in Chicago. Got a train from Carroll Avenue all the way to Chicago. Ended up staying in Wringley hostel where we met Australian and Japanese guys. We went to try the famous Chicago pizza with them. Crust full of chese and each of us ate about 2 pieces. So filling but good. If was fun night. ☺ / V nedeli jsme vstali celkem brzo jelikoz jsme se bali, ze nam nekdo vynada za stanovani, kde jsme nemeli. 😊 Sli jsme do blizkeho McDonaldu na caj a wifi, abychom nasli, kde prespime v Chicagu. Jeli jsme vlakem z nadrazi Carroll avenue az do Chicaga. Nakonec jsme stravili noc ve Wringley hostelu, kde jsme potkali Australana a Japonce. Sli jsme vyzkouset slavnou Chicago pizzu. Testo plnene syrem a kazdy snedl jenom 2 kousky. Bylo to velmi zaplnujici, ale vyborne. Byl to super vecer. ☺
Saturday was quite sad day, we had to say goodbye everyone and all the animals at FN Happy farm. We left Uxbridge at 10 in the morning. We headed toward Detroit to cross the boarder to USA. It took quite long time, lots of questions and searching our car to get through the boarder. Pascal dropped us off in Michigan city where we camped in the woods just by a residental area. 😀 / V sobotu byl smutny den, jelikoz jsme se museli rozloucits FN Happy farmou a vsema zviratkama. Odjizdeli jsme z Uxbridge v 10 hodin rano. Jeli jsme smerem do Detroitu k Americke hranici. Trvalo to docela dlouho, hodne otazek a prohlidku naseho auta dostat se pres hranici. Pascal nas vysadil v Michigan meste, kde jsme prespali ve stanu v lese u rezidencni oblasti. 😀
Jessica who was taking over volunteering at FN happy farm was coming to the farm on Friday. Her brother Pascal was going to drive their car to Chicago so we decided to change our plan and go with him. So it was our last day at the farm. We had to finish the fence! We also helped Angela with feeding the animals. We had to put down the old fence and then build in our new one. Managed to finish before it got dark thanks to Angela feeding us with her amazing muffins and drink.😊 Only had packing and planning left for the evening. ☺ / Jessica, ktera prijela pomahat na farmu po nas, dorazila na farmu v patek. Jeji bracha Pascal mel v planu ject jejich autem do Chicaga, tak jsme zmenili plan a jeli s nim, tudiz patek byl nas posledni den na farme. Museli jsme tedy dokoncit nas plot! Take jsme pomohli Angele nakrmit zvirata. Museli jsme nejdriv zbourat stary plot a pak postavit nas novy. Zvladli jsme to dodelat diky Angely donasce muffinu. ☺ Pak uz jsme jen meli na starost baleni a planovani.
Thursday was another fence day. Everything went a lot slower than we thought so we cracked on from the beginning of the day. We started putting the wood together. We run out of nails and screws many times so apart from looking for more we did nail fixing too. Cats Riley and Tiger were making sure we have time for cuddles in between hammering and drilling. ☺ Finished working when it was getting dark and we couldn't see the nails. / Ctvrtek byl dalsi den vyroby plotu. Jelikoz vse slo mnohem pomlrji nez jsme mysleli, tak jsme se na to vrhli uz od rana. Zacali jsme vsechno drevo skladat dohromady. Dosli nam hrebiky a vrtaky, tak jsme stravili cas hledanim a spravovanim. Kocky Riley a Tiger se starali o to, abychom meli dostatek tuleni mezi tlucenin hrebiku. ☺ Praci jsme skoncili, kdyz se stmovalo, jelikoz jsme uz nevideli na ty hrebiky.

4 August 2016

On Wednesday, we started with finishing weeding zucchini. Only took us an hour. After that we cracked on with our new/old dog wall. ☺ We still needed more wood so we carried on with breaking pallets off and laying it down to see exactly how it's gonna look like. Only managed to get all the wood ready today. Finished working late so we just had dinner and went straight into bed./ Ve stredu jsme zacali s plevelovanim cuket. Trvalo nam to jen hodnu. Pak jsme se vrhli na nasi staronovou drevenou zed. ☺ Porad jsme potrebovali vic dreva, tak jsme pokracovali v rozbijeni palet a rozkladali to na podlahu, abychom videli presne jak to bude vypadat. Jen se nam podarilo bohuzel pripravit vsechno drevo dneska. Jelikoz jsme skocili praci pozde, jediny co jsme stihli byla vecere a postel.

2 August 2016

On Tuesday we went for a ride along to take Lyndsay to the Vet to Port Perry. Then went pallet hunting. We then fixed a fence to free up some more pallets. We then started to take the pallets apart. During this Angela told us that she accidently pocket dialed 911. After speaking to the operator they told her she will cancel the fire and ambulance but will send a police car. I thought she was joking but 10 mins later one turned up 😁. We then had some dinner, tonight dinner guessed it, leg of lamb.😀/ V utery jsme se jeli svezt do Port Perry odvezt Lindsay do prace k veterinari. Po ceste jsme hledali stare palety. Kdyz jsme prijeli zpatky, museli jsme spravit plot, abychom meli vice palet. Pak jsme konecne zacali rozbijet palety na jednotlive kousky. Angela omylem zavolala policii v kapse, tak ji rekli, ze stejne poslou auto. Mysleli jsme si, ze si dela srandu, ale policie opravdu prijela. 😁 Pak jsme si dali veceri samozrejme jehneci. 😀
Monday we made a planting bed that will help when the winter rolls in. We made a frame that would hold some glass to help keep them warm. This took a while mainly the planning. After lunch we did more planning and made some blue prints for a new fence/wall to keep the dogs in. We then had a BBQ with the lamb chops that Veronika prepped yesterday.☺/ V pondeli jsme vyrobili mini sklenik. Podel plotu jsme udelali zahonek a ohradku okolo na kterou se daji oprit stara okna, aby se to dalo pouzit i v zime. Trvalo nam hlavne planovani. Po obede jsme meli vice planovani - nova drevena stena u psi zahrady v zadu budovy. K veceri jsme grilovali jehneci co Veronika vcera pripravila.☺