New Zealand · 29 Days · 29 Moments · March 2017

Charlie and Veronika in New Zealand

6 April 2017

Wednesday we did some more chilling and made a letter to send regarding the fine for camping. Had stew for dinner and watched tv.

3 April 2017

On Monday we were ready for the nice weather and big hike to Mueller hut in Mt Cook area. Although we woke up into clouds. We went on the hike anyway hoping it will clear up later. We had to climb about 1500 steps and the some boulder climbing. We could enjoy the view at the first viewpoint but just clouds after that. It was still a nice hike and we enjoyed seeing lots of Keas (parrot) on the way. We found place to camp by the lake Tekapo. / V pondeli jsme byli pripraveny na pekne pocasi a velky vyslap k Mueller srubu v Mt Cook oblasti. Ale probudili jsme se do zamraceneho pocasi. Vyrazili jsme stejne a doufali ze se pocasi zlepsi. Nejdriv jsme vyslapli kolem 1500 schodu a pak lezli po kamenech. Vyhled jsme si uzili z prvni vyhlidky, ale pak uz jen mraky. Byl to pekny vyslap a uzili jsme si hodne Kea (papousku). Nasli jsme misto na kemp u jezera Tekapo.

2 April 2017

On Sunday we spent all day on the way to Mt Cook. We accidently bumped into Moeraki boulder rocks which we were looking for yesterday. We stopped for lunch and at the Visitor centre to plan a hike for tomorrow. We camped by the beautiful blue lake Pukaki. / V nedeli jsme stravili cely den na ceste k Mt Cook. Nahodou jsme narazili na Moeraki boulder kameny, ktere jsme hledali vcera. Zastavili jsme na obed a v navstevnickem centru, abychom naplanovali vyslap na zitra. Kempovali jsme u krasneho modreho jezera Pukaki.

1 April 2017

On Saturday we left Will and Nicole's and headed to Dunedin. We tried to find some Moeraki boulder rocks but typed it wrong to the internet so we ended up on Boulder beach with no rocks. We gave up and then headed off to find place to stay before it gets dark. We found a rest area to sleep by a river. / V sobotu jsme vyrazili od Willa a Nicole do Dunedin. Snazili jsme se najit Moeraki Boulder kameny, ale vyjelo nam to blbe na mape takze jsme se ocitli na Boulder plazi bez kamenu. Vzdali jsme to a vyrazili pryc z mesta, abychom nasli nekde na prespani nez se setmi. Nasli jsme odpocinkove misto u reky.

31 March 2017

On Friday we got woken up by people from nearby campsite telling us off that we're not allowed to camp there. We had to pay but didnt get fine. We packed up and went to have breakfast in a shelter. Weather didnt look good so we decided to leave Fiordlands. Althought the weather got better so we stopped at the Clifdon caves. It was free caves where we just walked with our torches. We sometimes had to squeeze through places and climb around a bole with water. It was great adventure and we saw Glow worms. We then drove back and chilled. :) / V patek nas vzbudili lidi z nedalekeho kempu, ze tady nemuzem kempovat. Museli jsme to zaplatit, ale nedostali jsme pokutu. Zabalili jsme si a jeli si dat snidani pod strechu. Pocasi nevypadalo dobre, tak jsme vyrazili zpet. Zlepsilo se to pozdeji, tak jsme zastavili v Clifdon jeskynich. Bylo to zadarmo a prosli jsme to jen s baterkama. Obcas jsme se museli prolezt uzkyma prostorama nebo lezt okolo diry plne vody. Skvely a videli jsme svitici cervy.
On Thursday all of us got up and headed to Fiordland national park. We decided to do Gertrude saddle hike so when we got there we had lunch and started walking. It turned out to be a lovely mostly sunny weather. We walked by the river most of the time and climbed up to the saddle. When we got to the top, a beautiful view was waiting for us. We could see the mountains around with Milford sound lake at the back. Just what you imagine when someone says New Zealand. We went all the way to Milford sound and then found a campsite where we could all enjoy dinner together. :) / Ve ctvrtek jsme vsichni spolu vyrazili do Fiordland Narodniho parku. Rozhodli jsme se ze si vyslapnem na Gertrude saddle tak kdyz jsme tam dorazili, dali jsme si obed a vyrazili. Meli jsme hezke vetsinou slunecne pocasi. Vetsina cesty byla kolem reky a pak vyslap na vrcholek. Kdyz jsme se dostali na vrchol, krasny vyhled na nas cekal. Hory vsude okolo a jezero Milford sound v pozadi. Nadhera. :)

30 March 2017

On Wednesday we enjoyed sunrise overlooking Queenstown and all the beautiful mountains around. We drove to Queenstown where we walked up the Queenstown hill. As it's city and nothing is free we didnt really hang around for much longer so we went to buy some food and headed to Winton to see Will and Nicole. It was a lovely reunion after we stayed with them in Texas. We chilled and talked for the rest of the day. :) / Ve stredu jsme si uzili vychod slunce s vyhledem na Queenstown a hory okolo. Jeli jsme do Queenstown kde jsme si vyslapli na vyhlidku. Jelikoz je to mesto a nic neni zadarmo, o moc dele jsme se nezdrzeli. Jeli jsme nakoupit jidlo a vyrazili smerem do Winton za Willem a Nicole. Bylo to super se s nima setkat po tom co jsme u nich byli v Texasu. Povidali jsme a relaxovali po zbytek dne. :)

28 March 2017

On Tuesday we drove through Aspiring national park. Beautiful scenic drive. We stopped to go see blue pools which was pools on the river with crystal clear blue water. The water was very cold but some people still went for a swim. We then drove around Lake Wanaka and Lake Hawea. Lake Wanaka is very popular but we thought Lake Hawea had nicer views. / V utery jsme jeli skrz Aspiring narodno park. Nadherna cesta obklopena horama. Zastavili jsme abychom se u Blue pools. Byly to bazenky na rece s krasne modrou vodou. Voda byla ledova, ale nektery lidi se stejne sli namocit. Pak jsme jeli kolem jezera Wanaka a jezera Hawea. Jezero Wanaka je velmi popularni, ale nam se libil vyhled u jezera Hawea vic.
On Monday we waited in the morning fot the weather to clear up a little bit. And then we walked to the Franz Josef glacier and Fox glacier. It was nice and sunny in the end so we enjoyed it. We managed to find a nice place to camp by the river. We did some washing and had a swim and fire. :) / V pondeli jsme pockali rano nez se pocasi trochu vyjasnilo. Pak jsme sli k Franz Josef and Fox glacier (led na vrcholku hor). Bylo hezky slunecno tak jsme si to uzivali. Podarilo se nam najit hezke misto na kempovani u reky. Vyprali jsme si, zaplavali v rece a uvarili veceri na ohynku. :)

26 March 2017

On Sunday we drove to Franz Josef Glacier. It took us all day to drive there because of the windy roads. We bought some food and got petrol on the way. It was rainy weather so we decided to go to see the glaciers tomorrow morning. We got woken up at about 3am by mosquito buzzing around. We turned the light on and there was more than 20 around. We killed them but they kept coming from somewhere. We think they were breeding in the boot so Veronika spent the rest of the night trying to kill them all unsuccessfully. :( anothe epic night. / V nedeli jsme jeli do Franz Josef Glacier. Stravili jsme cely den na ceste jelikoz to byli tocite silnice opet. Nakoupili jsme si jidlo a doplnili benzin. Rozhodli jsme se jit k glaciers zitra jelikoz prselo. V noci nas probudilo bzuceni komara tak ve 3. Kdyz jsme rozsvitili bylo jich kolem pres 20. Zabili jsme je ale furt se objevovali dalsi. Myslime se ze se nam lihli v kufru u auta. Veronika stravila zbytek noci snahou se je zabit samozrejme neuspesne

25 March 2017

On Saturday we planned to walk part of the Abel Tasman coastal great walk (about 8 hours) but woke up into rain that wasnt getting any better. We started walking anyway but did only half of it in the end. It was wet. It would have been lovely views of crystal clear water if it was nice weather. We started driving towards our next destination Fox glacier. We found a campsite on the way and managed to wash before it started raining again. / V sobotu jsme si naplanovalize pujdem cast Abel Tasman pobrezniho vyslapu (okolo 8 hodin), ale probudili jsme se do deste, ktery se nelepsil. Vyrazili jsme stejne ale sli jsme nakonec jen pulku. Bylo mokro. Bylo by to mnohem hezci kdyby bylo hezky. Vyhledy na krasne modrou vodu v mori. Potom jsme jeli smerem nase dalsi destinace Fox glacier. Nasli jsme kemp po ceste a podarilo se nam umyt v rece nez zacalo znovu prset.

24 March 2017

On Friday we drove to seaside town called Nelson. Few people recommended it to us but we didnt find anything interesting there. We had lunch and headed to Abel Tasman national park. Found campsite close by and cooked another steak for dinner and got ready for a hike tomorrow. / V patek jsme jeli do pobrezniho mestecka jmenem Nelson. Par lidi nam to doporucilo, ale my jsme tam nenasli nic zajimaveho. Dali jsme si obed a vyrazili smerem Abel Tasman narodni park. Nasli jsme kemp nedaleko od parku, uvarili jsme si dalsi steak k veceri a pripravili se na zitrejsi vyslap.

23 March 2017

On Thursday we packed and organised our stuff in the morning. We went to do a food shop and drove about half way to Nelson. Weather got very nice so we enjoyed the beautiful scenery. We stopped at a beautiful waterfall on the way. Then we had a steak with corn for dinner which we cooked on fire. :) / Ve ctvrtek jsme si sbalili a zorganizovali auto. Jeli jsme nakoupit jidlo a dojeli tak polovinu cesty do Nelson. Pocasi se vyjasnilo tak jsme si uzili krasnou cestu. Zastavili jsme u pekneho vodopadu. Potom jsme uvarili steak s kukurici na ohynku k veceri.
On Wednesday we made our way back to the airport to pick up our hire car. Of course because we had the cheapest one we got the smallest one, but somehow should be able to sleep in it. We drove to the town to see Christchurch and the damage after last earthquake. We walked around the centre and went back to Lexie's to have lunch. We watched tv and had a nice dinner Lexie cooked. / Ve stredu jsme jeli busem na letiste vyzvenout si auto. Samozrejme jelikoz to bylo to nejlevnejsi tak to bylo take to nejmensi, ale nak se nam podari se vyspat vevnitr. Jeli jsme do centra abychom videli Christchurch a jak to vypada po poslednim zemetreseni. Prosli jsme se tam a pak jeli zpet k Lexie na obed. Odpoledne jsme koukali na telku a Lexie uvarila dobrou veceri.

21 March 2017

On Tuesday we packed our last few things said our goodbyes then did planning and chilled. We then drove our car back to the hire place and went to the airport. In the evening we flew to Christchurch where Lexie picked us up. We had few drinks with her and her boyfriend and enjoyed sleeping in the most comfortable bed ever. :) / V utery jsme dobalili a rozloucili se. Trochu jsme planovali a odpocivali. Pak jsme jeli vratit auto a na letiste. Vecer jsme leteli do Christchurch, kde nas Lexie vyzvedla. Dali jsme si spolu a s jejim pritelem par sklenicek a uzili si spanek v te nepohodlnejsi posteli. :)

20 March 2017

On Monday we finished the last coats of paint, back filled the holes, cleaned up and cut some flowerheads off. We also had to pack our stuff and did some cleaning and tidying. We then helped to cook dinner and then went to bed. / V pondeli jsme dokoncili pergolu a zahradnicili chvili. Taky jsme si museli zabalit a uklidit trochu. Pomohli jsme uvarit veceri a sli jsme do postele.
On Sunday we finished off the retaining wall then painted it as well as filled in the holes. We then cleaned up and we were told we would go to the beach and have fish and chips.......oooooooh yes! Once at the beach we ate snapper and chips then played in the waves with the girls. The beach was a beautiful black sand beach with the sun setting over the ocean. :) / V nedeli jsme dokoncili zitku, nabarvili to a zaplnili diry cementem. Uklidili jsme a jeli jsme na plaz s rybou a hranolkama k veceri..... oooo yes! Na plazi jsme snedli veceri a pak si z holkama hrali ve vlnach. Plaz byla z cerneho pisku a akorat slunce zapadalo nad oceanem. :)

19 March 2017

On Saturday we woke into such a beautiful garden that had so many plants. The house was a high ceiling property we had heard how they had cut the house up and moved it there. Our first task was to dig some holes to make a retaining wall. Once the girls came home we went to the river on their property and found some rocks for the girls to paint. Then once finished Veronika helped the girls paint then we all had a few beers and sat around a fire. Cant get any better than that!! / V sobotu jsme se probudlili do krasneho baraku s jeste uzasnejsi zahradou. Dum mel velmi vysoke stropy a puvodne ho koupili, prerizli na 3 casti a prevezli sem. Nejdriv jsme vyhrabavali diry pro sloupy u male drevene zitky u pergoly. Kdyz male holky prisli zpet z krouzku, sli jsme k rece na jejich pozemku a hledali jsme kameny, ktere potom holky namalovali. Pak jsme si sedli, povidali pribehy z cest u piva a vecere. Nemuze to byt lepsi.!!!
On Friday we went to the library on the internet again in the morning. We got message from one workaway place to come so we headed towards Auckland. We stopped for lunch and wifi few times to check messages. When we were just about to camp Richard and Camilla got back to us so we drove to their place. It was lovely to sleep in real bed with pillows again. :) / V patek rano jsme sli do knihovny na internet. Dostali jsme zpravu zpet od Workaway, ze muzeme prijet tak jsme vyrazili smer Auckland. Zastavili jsme na obed a parkrat na wifi, abychom zkontrolovali zpravy. Kdyz jsme byli skoro v kempu Richard a Camilla se nam ozvali at prijedem. Bylo to skvele spat opet v posteli s polstarema. :)

16 March 2017

On Thursday we got up at 7. Started walk at 7:30. Walked just over half of the walk to Blue lake past the Emerald lakes. Then went back and added extra 3 hours to our journey to hike a highest volcano Tongariro. After that we just about walked 6 km left back and drove to our campsite by the lake again. We were absolutely knackered after those 22km ish but it was so worth it and the weather was superb. / Ve ctvrtek jsme vstali v 7 a vyrazili v 7:30. Dosli jsme kousek za pulku cesty k Blue lake pres Emerald lakes. Pak jsme si pridali 3 hodky k nasi ceste vyslapem na sopku Tongariro. Potom jsme jen taktak dosli zbylich 6 km a dojeli zpet k nasemu oblibenemu mistecku k jezeru. Byli jsme vyrizeni po tech 22 km, ale bylo to super, nadherne vyhledy a skvely pocasi.
On Wednesday we chilled all day by the lake Taupo. Went to buy some food and spent some time in the library on the internet. Then we drove to another lake where we cooked dinner and then drove to the carpark of Tongariro alpine crossing hike where we stayed overnight so we're nice and ready for the walk early in the morning. / Ve stredu jsme odpocivali cely den u jezera Taupo. Jeli jsme nakoupit nejake jidlo a stravili nejaky cas v knohovne na internetu. Pak jsme jeli k jinemu jezeru, kde jsme si uvarili veceri a pak jeli na parkoviste, kde zacina Tongariro alpine crossing tura. Prespali jsme tam abychom byli pripraveny brzo rano.

14 March 2017

On Tuesday we drove to Tongariro national park visitor centre in the morning to find out about the Tongariro crossing walk. Decided to walk it on Thursday as it's meant to be better weather. So we drove to near Taupo lake to wash and wash our clothes and chill. It turned out to be a nice sunny afternoon. / V utery jsme jeli hned rano do navstevnickeho centra do Tongariro Narodniho parku, abychom zjistili informace o znamem vyslapu Tongariro crossing. Rozhodli jsme se ze to pujdem ve ctvrtek,protoze pocasi bylo slibnejsi. Jeli jsme tedy k nedalekemu jezeru Taupo, kde jsme se umyli,vyprali si obleceni a odpocivali po zbytek dne. Nakonec bylo krasne slunecne odpoledne.

13 March 2017

On Monday we hiked to the Pitanguria pinnacles lookout in the morning. Lord of the rings filmed here. It was all clay and stones. It made us wonder how come it's still there as it slides down when it rains. We also drove to Cape Pallisier to see sea lions. It was awesome, they were just by the road. We got on the internet and tried to figure our a way to save and not to spend any money in our second week on the North Island. We contacted few workaway places in Auckland but they were all full. Then we drove near the Tongariro National Park where we camped for the night./ V pondeli jsme vyslapli k Potanguria pinnacles vyhlidce. Pan prstenu tu byl natocen. Vse bylo z hliny a kamenu. Premysleli jsme jak je mozne ze to tam stale je,protoze se to pri desti sesouva. Pak jsme jeli do Cape pallisier kouknout se na tulene. Byli primo u silnice. :) Zastavili jsme na internet a snazili se vymyslet jak usetrit nebo neutratit zadny penize v druhem tydnu na Severnim ostrove.

12 March 2017

We spent Sunday in Wellington.We went to see Cuba street which was just a street with few shops, coffee shops etc. We also popped into National Tattoo museum which we thought we will learn a lot about NZ tribals and history. It turned out to be a tattoo place where they had displayed what tattoos they've done and a few artefacts from history.But everyone was friendly and the place had nice creative feel.As a last thing we went to Beehive parliament building tour to learn about how government works in New Zealand and about New Zealand in general. It was interesting to see earthquake underground system. We then drove to Putangirua pinnacles. / Nedeli jsme stravili ve Wellingtonu. Sli jsme na Cuba ulici coz byla jen ulice s par obchodama a kavarnama atd.Take jsme se sli podivat do Muzea tetovani kde jsme predpokladali historii. Bylo to nakonec studio kde meli jejich praci vyvesenou s par artefaktama.Ale vsichni byli pratelsti.A pak prohlidka v parlamentni budove. Velmi zajimave.

11 March 2017

On Saturday we had a long drive towards Wellington. We went to the shop and got petrol and that was really it for the day. We found camping by big lake but couldn't enjoy it because it was raining too much (just like every day since we got to New Zealand really). Yeah and our trangia melted so we can just about cook on it now. But hey, staying positive and loving life in New Zealand nearly with no money. / V sobotu jsme meli dlouho cestu do Wellingtonu pred sebou. Sli jsme nakoupit a pro benzin. To bylo tak vse co jsme udelali za dnesek. Nasli jsme kemp u velkeho jezera, ale nemohli jsme si to uzit, protoze prselo a prselo (asi tak jako kazdy den od te doby co jsme prijeli na Novy Zeland). Jo a nas varic se zacal roztykat tak ted se na nem sotva da varit. Ale v poho, zustavame pozitivni a milujem zivot na Novym Zelande skoro bez penez.
On Friday we went to Rotorua hot springs river. It was warm river due to volcanic undeground activity. It was nice, just something we experienced in Costa Rica. Then we drove to Napier and Hastings. We couldn't find campsite so slept by the road. It was very hot so it took us ages to fall asleep. And then this guy knocks on the window at 2am and asked for a ride. It was scary to wake up into that. Then police comes to look for him few mins later because he tried to steal a car somewhere. Lovely night it was./ V patek jsme jli k Rotorua teplym pramenum. Byla to tepla reka diky sopecne aktivite pod zemi. Bylo to fajn, ale stejne co jsme meli v Costa Rice. Pak jsme jeli skrz Napier a Hastings. Nemohli jsme najit nikde kde prespat tak jsme spali u silnice. Bylo horko, tak nam trvalo usnout. Pak chlapek klepe na okno ve 2 rano a pta se jestli ho nekam svezem. Policie prijela par minut potom a hledali ho protoze se snazil ukrast nekde auto. Byla to bezva noc.

9 March 2017

On Thursday we wanted to drive towards Rotorua but the road was closed so had to go all the way back and drive different way. We drove to Mt Maunganui beach town which was reccomended to us. Wanted to climb to the tip of the mountain but when we went around the mountain we missed the turn. Didnt try again as it was already nearly 6pm. So we went to find some decent campsite and cook our steak for dinner. Yes steak! Steak costs same money as chicken in the shop here. Unbelievable. :D / Ve ctvrtek jame chteli jet k Rotorua, ale silnice byla opet zavrena, tak jsme museli jet zpet. Jeli jsme do plazoveho mestecka Mt Maunganui, ktere nam bylo doporuceno. Chteli jsme vylezt na horu ale po ceste okolo jsme zmeskali zatacku. Nezkusili jsme to znovu, protoze uz bylo skoro 6 hodin. Jeli jsme radsi najit poradny kemp, abychom si mohli uvarit steak. Ano steak! Stoji tu stejne jako kure. Neuveritelne. :D

8 March 2017

On Wednesday we stayed in bed late as it was raining too much outside to do anything. At least we are able to sleep in the car quite comfortably. :) We went to buy food for next few days and decided to drive to Hot water beach to Coromandel Penninsula. Although there was road closed due to floods so we couldnt get there. We only managed to find a spot to stay overnight and the day was over. / Ve stredu jsme zustali v posteli dlouho protoze venku moc prselo. Aspon muzem spat v aute pohodlne. Jeli jsme nakoupit jidlo na par dni a pak jsme jeli k Hot water plazi na Coromandel peninsulu. Nicmene silnice byla zavrena kvuli zaplavam tak jsme jen nasli kde kempovat a byla tma.
On Tuesday we were flying to New Zealand. Toby went to the airport with us and drove our car back. :) We got on our flight with no problems. We got some food and could watch films for free during our flight so we were happy. :) When we arrived in Auckland it took us while to get to the car hire place. When we got our car, it was already late so we just got something for dinner and breakfast and drove to campsite. Weather was awful. / V utery jsme leteli na Novy Zeland. Toby s nama jel na letiste a odvezl nase auto zpatky. :) Na letisti bylo vse v pohode. Pri letu jsme dostali jodlo a mohli koukat na filmy zadarmo tak jsme byli radi.:) Po priletu do Aucklandu nam trvalo nakou dobu zjistit kde si vyzvednout auto. Uz bylo pozde tak jsme jen koupili neco k vece a snidani a jeli ke kempu. Pocasi bylo hrozne.