Europe · 23 Days · 12 Moments · December 2017

Europe 2017-2018

1 January 2018

This morning we cruised the beautiful Lake Lucerne, Robert and Andrew were back on deck literally. Robert even had a crack at being Ship Captain. Lovely morning and then we bused it to Austria.
Happy New Year! Had the best time ever. Our friends, Frank and Sandra from Zurich drove down to have New Year with us. We went out for dinner with our group and then to an Irish Pub. The streets where crazy with everyone letting off fireworks and then at Midnight the town went crazy. The lake was so beautiful with fireworks and lights and all the little cruise shipping beeping their horns. Spectacular!

31 December 2017

After lunch, Yas and Andrew went down with The Virus too. Killing them like flies, poor buggers. So off we went on our own to Mt Pilatus. Our first real snow experience this trip.
A stroll through Lucerne this morning with Yas and Andrew. Keitha and Robert are down with The Virus still taking more tour members down everyday.

30 December 2017

Today we travelled to Lucerne, Switzerland. A long trip, bitterly cold and raining but still beautiful scenery all the way. Had a little stroll around town looking at the night lights. Also visited the Lion who was carved in a cliff in memory of fallen Swiss soldiers who where beheaded in France by Napoleon.

29 December 2017

This morning we visited the Eiffel Tower. The weather was very bleak, rain, sleet and hail and freezing. Amazing views but OMG it was cold. We then travelled to the Notre Dame, a very beautiful operating church. It is also the home of Jesus’ Crown of Thorns. Very breathtaking. Tonight we went to Moulin Rouge, without being too negative, we were a little disappointed. Our last visit to Paris we saw an awesome cabaret show and there was no comparison. Too cramped, dated venue, average food and the show dragged out. Spectacular moments but not worth the hype. Ticked that off the list.

28 December 2017

Tonight we drove around the beautiful city of Paris. So pretty with all the “holiday” lights. So many places of interest, the Arc de Triomphe , Notre Dame, the Louvre , Place de la Concorde, Champs-Élysées. We had dinner had a little restaurant in a rustic back alleyway. Then we did a cruise by night up the River Seine,saw the lighting of the Eiffel Tower. Amazing!
We have just boarded our bullet train to Paris, the city of love to join our tour to Rome. Hitting speeds of 300km/h is quiet interesting.

27 December 2017

This small sea side village was amazing, with its beautiful window displays that must take hours to keep them looking so good. We visited the cheese factory and tried some great cheeses. We then had a scrumptious lunch at a quaint traditional restaurant, followed by a spot of shopping. We then boarded the ferry to see how the traditional clogs are made. After a huge day we headed for the hotel. Upon arriving back we decided that we couldn’t go to bed and heading back into the main square of Amsterdam for one last look. We were very surprised to see the red light girls all around the main church in the centre of town. Must be easy to go and confess their sins?
After over sleeping of the alarm we rushed to the lobby to move to a hotel in the city centre. OMG the Double Tree Hilton was great. We then rushed off to catch our tour. Unfortunately we missed it and had to pay 20€ per person to go on the next tour. Finally we get to the love canal cruise to explore the beautiful city by boat. There are soo many bikes here. To be exact the population is only 800k and there are 1 million bikes and approx 10k dumped in the water each year. The canals are three meters deep. 1 meter of dirt, 1 meter of bikes and 1 meter of water. We saw some amazing buildings that have started to lean due to water dampening because the city is all reclaimed land from the sea. Next tour, through the magnificent flats to the beautiful Old windmills in the country side used to make all different oils. Its quiet amazing the workmanship that has gone into designing them and how old they are.

26 December 2017

Today we flew the short distance from London to Amsterdam. The flight was only 45 min but the approach and landing to Amsterdam was quiet crazy as there were strong winds. We arrived at our hotel which was beautiful only to find it was 25 minutes from town. We quickly unloaded our bag and heading to the famous sites of Amsterdam Red Light District. What an eye opener it was! It really is a beautiful city.

25 December 2017

We have had a great flight to London. The flight was delayed out of Sydney which made us late into Dubai. The exciting part was flying business class. I don’t know how we will go on our flight home in cattle class. We had dinner at our hotel restaurant owned by Marco Pierre which was delicious! We were really tired on day 1 in London but managed to drag ourselves on the hop on hop off bus around the main sights. The weather is cold and windy but a lot better than the heat back in Oz. We did a pub crawl before dinner. Omg the Christmas decorations are great in the small pubs. We had a great Christmas all round the world. Tomorrow we fly off to Amsterdam for some more adventures.