Netherlands · 22 Days · 75 Moments · August 2017

Charlene's voyage in Netherlands

25 August 2017

Friday I'm still waking up at night dreaming about canals, narrow roads, and houses everywhere. Crazy!!! Feeling very foggy still. Stayed at a very new hotel very nice. And Janneke wheeled a super deal since we came after 1am. $88 when the rate was $120. it was a very nice room totally laid out awesome. Too bad could enjoy it more. But need to get going. Want to make Sioux Falls to get to the target get some last minute things before hit getting to Dordt. So 4.5 hrs to Sioux Falls then an hr to Dordt. We are getting close.
Sunday This our picture from ADam.

22 August 2017

Tuesday We arrived home at 3:45. Everyone had a little sleep except Q. So thinknwe are doing pretty good considering it's 11:45 for us. Then we get to the car and it has a flat and the batteries dead! Lol. Thankful it's beautiful outside as we wait. Less then 20 minutes and we are back on the road. Got home at 5:20. Told everyone no sleeping!! Went to the Bakker's and had a great time. Thank you Janneke for doing that. A bunch of their friends came over and they had a fire. Such a nice night. I drove home at about 10 and everyone including Q was sleeping in the car. I have to admit the ride home was hard. I barely made it my eyes kept wanting to shut. Good thing it's only a 12 min drive. Glad to sleep in our own bed. Need sleep lots to do. Have one day then we start another Journey to bring Halle and Emma to college.
Tuesday We are going home! Kids are ready, i feel like we saw lots did lots tried new things, had fun and made tons of memories. So happy that we were able to do this trip! Part of me is sad as these are our last days all together with Halle. And did I/we do enough with her is she ready, are we ready? Trusting GOD! Trust and obey for there is no other way to be happy in Jesus but to Trust and obey!! It's been a great trip! Happy to spend time with my whole family, and see cousins and experience our heritage! Such a beautiful country. Very blessed to be able to do this!! Edmonton here we come!

21 August 2017

Monday After pancakes we went to the Heineken experience. This was not my favourite tour but Q was very excited. There was a bit of history about them as you toured how they make beer. Which was really interesting but hard to see as it was there was no order. There was a "ride". That you were being made into beer which was fun for the kids. After that there was lots of interactive things which were fun. I admit I was pretty sour because I don't like beer and thought we could be spending our time better!! Lol. Both very impressed with their marketing for a local company to become the worlds largest most recognized beer. Kids had fun and Q had beer! I was glad it was done!! Then after that we had a lunch at a not very good Italian place. Boo I could of had croquettes. Did some shopping and in the evening we finally did the canal tour. Well an adaptation of it. Our guide turned off the tour and did his own thing. It was very pretty at night. Such cool architecture! Great day!
Monday This morning we were up early bc we had tickets to the Anne Frank museum for 8:30. It was a 7 min walk from where we were staying. I booked the tickets on line a couple weeks before we felt bc I heard about the lines. We were the first tour of the day. So lines were not bad at all. I think this was the best organized tour. They slowly let people in. Everyone had a little radio that as soon as you went in another room. Either you swiped a pad with it or it automatically started the storey fir that room. Everyone was so quiet as the listened to the story. Then for the actual rooms there was no narrative, just things to read. And see. The kids commented how large the space was after. I remember it way smaller when I went in 1993. Then they still had the furniture in all the rooms now there is none. had to remind them that 8 people lived there for 2 years. Very humbling experience and would totally recommend it. After that we hit the pancake house next door. And the headed to Dam

20 August 2017

Sunday night on they way home.
Sunday The reason why went to this tower is for the swing! All the kids went and Dawn. Was very fun. And after we met mom and Dad for dinner below. Was a very busy but fun day. So glad they have such a easy tram system. Our feet were glad to see our beds.
Sunday After the paddle boats we went home and got ready to meet Dawn and Jeremiah at the ADam building on the other side of the harbour. So we hooped on the tram and took the ferry over. We all took our picture on the "game of throne" chair. Before we went up. On top you have views all around the building looking over Amsterdam. The building was built where they used to hang the people back in the day.
Sunday After the Rijks, Isaiah convinced Opa about the paddle boats. So Isaiah and Lily paddled Opa. And Halle and Grace paddled Q and I. We laughed so hard. I wished I could send video. Isaiah and Lily blew our boat out of the water. Therefore I have no pictures of them. Big boats were coming behind us. And Halle and Grace were paddling as hard as they could and it felt like were weren't even moving. I almost peed myself!!!
Sunday We met mom and dad for breakfast by their hotel. Gotta love the smell of pot everywhere. Coffee shops at not coffee shops anymore you need to find cafe if you want coffee. After breakfast we headed to the Rijks museum. It was awesome they had a number of audio tours that you could choice from and then numbers by certain pieces if you wanted more info. We spent a good part of the day there. After we went to take our picture by the I Amsterdam sign. But it was so crazy busy there really was no where to go. Let my dad take the picture but he didn't get the whole word. Lol. Way to crazy and my family was not about taking a picture. They were excited about paddle boats.

19 August 2017

Saturday This was our house we rented in Amsterdam. It was perfect. Three rooms, the third room was out in their garden. It was awesome! Had it's own bathroom and was like Q and I had our own hotel. Location was great. We could walk to everything and boy did we walk!!!
Saturday Last day on the boat. In total we biked 170km in 5 days. Which really did not feel very hard. Was nice to be able to see so much and also see family along the way. Mom did thank you'd last night at dinner but couldn't finish. She did great. So thankful that we could do this al together as a family. Thank you mom and day for a great adventure!! Can't remember if I had pictures of our cabins. But they were pretty cute. Two beds and each room had their own bathroom with a shower so very cozy. From here everyone went their own way. Teresa and kids flew home, Jonathan and shelia went to Utretch to stay with Sheila friend. The rest of us all were staying in Amsterdam at different places.

18 August 2017

Friday We made it to Amsterdam!! 50km later. We met the Zwaantje (little swan) our boat at the harbour in Amsterdam. The weather was beautiful. We had drinks in the deck and enjoyed that weather. We had our last supper on the boat. Was great as usual. The food was so good this week. We planned to go out and walk around after supper but the rain started. So we waited fir it to end and went out. As soon as we hit the end of the dock. It came down so hard that we were soaked by the time we go to the boat and we took umbrellas. So it was another night of games. We stared to pack also as we need to. R out of our rooms by 9. So they could get the boat ready for the next group.
Friday After the farm we had a Bloemencrash. Elle caught her tire off the path and when she corrected Teresa ended up hitting her basically rolled over her. Then Q swerved and just missed them. It had the potential to be something you'd see on the Tour de France. But was only two bikes. Ella hurt her leg, but was a total trooper and ended biking the rest of the day. We had to stop and fix bikes bc Teresa and Ella needed some adjustments before we could ride on. But thankfully there wasn't to much damage and no serious injuries and we could continue on. Otherwise we'd been hooped as we were in the middle of the country. As we got closer to Amsterdam we crossed a Hwy that went under the canal instead of over. After that we passed lots of sheep that are out there to mow. There were a bunch sleeping on the trail even after 20 people biked passed they still were content not to move and continue their rest. Pretty funny. Shit all over the trail!!
Friday Last day of biking! We started in Brooklyn. The original Brooklyn. Wow there were huge estates along the canal. Pictures on my other camera. Weather looking okay but have rain gear packed. Good thing because it did end up raining. We stopped at a dairy farm where the wife makes cheese. These are the calfs that were born in the last couple of weeks. Then after the tour of the barn and cheese making room. We went to their store and had sample of all the cheese she made. She made a garlic, Italian, pesto, and a thistle cheese? Was actually good. Told us also that a good cheese cutter had flex in the steel and do not get China metal. Think it was Norway steel was best.
Friday Last day of biking! We started in Brooklyn. The original Brooklyn. Wow there were huge estates along the canal. Pictures on my other camera. Weather looking okay but have rain gear packed. Good thing because it did end up raining. We stopped at a dairy farm where the wife makes cheese. These are the calfs that were born in the last couple of weeks. Then after the tour of the barn and cheese making room. We went to their store and had sample of all the cheese she made. She made a garlic, Italian, pesto, and a thistle cheese? Was actually good. Told us also that a good cheese cutter had flex in the steel and do not get China metal. Think it was Norway steel was best.

17 August 2017

Thursday The picture with the kids toys on the side walk was a kids market like a garage sale on the Main Street. It was too bad bc it just started to pour when we came so they had to pack everything up. It was their last day before school starts? Either tomorrow or Monday.
Wednesday Heather did this awesome rose on lily's leg free hand. She also did a cool ninjas turtle on Willem.
Wednesday The picture with all the kids biking was were we stopped for coffee. And there was a kind of parade with teams of kids who had been biking fir the week. So all the store people came out to wave for them. In all there was about 10 teams with each team having about 10-15 riders. And between each team was their van playing loud music. Pretty fun. From there we biked to Willemstad. And met the boat and then loaded up and sailed to Dordrecht.
Tuesday Just a side note I didn't get any diamonds!
Wednesday We had to take a ferry to get to the restaurant which was fun. So the kids got to experience lots of different transportation today. We also saw Emma Bakker twin. Quentin has been seeing all sort of people's twins here. But today dawn, Jer, Q and I all saw her. It was really funny at lunch we were talking about this and all at the same time they said did you see Emma. Lol. Dressed the same everything. If I did know that she wasn't in holland I would of yelled. It was very beautiful put hard to get pictures because my hands were soaked and didn't want to drop my phone. We biked 50k today. We are now in Vianen. Warming up and drying off. It wasn't as cold as if we were home in the rain and biking. Glad I got a new rain coat before we left. I was dry and snug as a bug. I really liked today saw lots of beautiful country and the kids got to do something a little more interactive today.
Wednesday We biked to the Kinderdijk, there are 19 left today they were built in 1700. I saw 1736, and 1738 on some. There is one that you. Can go in. My plan was to take family pictures of everyone after we got out of the windmill but when we got out it was pouring!!! I took one of Jonathan's family before we went in. And one for lily there's a contest at her ortho. It's been hard getting family pics, they kids are always with someone else and the all scatter like cats when I ask for them to have a picture. From there we biked to schoonhoven for lunch. They had pannekeok, but I order the best mustard soup ever, not that I have had mustard soup but it was great!! Especially after biking in pouring rain all morning.
Thursday This morning we were off and cycling at 8:45. Not a nice morning, it started to rain as we were packing up our bikes. They we just biked down the dock and got on the water bus to Alblasserdam. About a 10min ferry. When we got off the weather was okay still raining but not hard.
Wednesday In the evening after supper my Dads cousins came for a visit. It was really nice that so many came. They live Alblasserdam so about 10 min drive from where we were docked. Jacob and Jonathan biked over in the water bus, but it doesn't run till midnight so they had to bike the long way home. About half an hour. They might be getting familied out as in the last month. Our family and my dads two brothers have also visited. What's the saying when it rains it pours! Glad too see them and hope to see them soon, maybe in Canada??

16 August 2017

Wednesday I don't have many pictures for this day as my phone said full no more room. So after our ride I download all my pictures on Noah's computer. Oh well I have a few pictures on my little camera and then that died as well so not a great day fir pictures. But I'm sure I can get some from done some one after. We put my mom on a different bike today and she looks like she's more comfortable. Her wrist is still bugging her but now she has breaks and sits better.
Tuesday It was Mary ascension day so all the big stores were closed but their was a huge market and the streets were full of people. All the vendors were dressed in close from the time of Reuben the painter. Should of took notes already forgot. Later we went out for dinner fir Italian. Was very good. After my moms cousin Frans and his sister and Jeanette came fir a visit. Was so nice to see them. They drive a long way to visit us. Was a beautiful night in the deck. Then after we walked to the mass building and could see all of Antwerp at night. Was very pretty. Was a great day started out grey. Ended up being hot and sunny.
Wednesday Today the boat left Antwerp at 6am while we slept. And when we got up we were in the Netherlands. The picture with the wind turbines is the sun coming up. Then we stopped at a lock. We had to wait till all the boats got in them they shut the door. And then the water runs out and the water drops 2 meters then they open the gate and you get a green like to go. I wish I could down load videos on this site. You probably can if you pay. Bc if been taking some video to put on a what up app for Ben. Pretty relaxing morning. We docked at Thorlon. Need to check that name again. At about 10:30 and we were on the bikes heading to Dordrecht.

15 August 2017

Tuesday After cake we headed off into Antwerp. Saw some pretty amazing architecture. The red/brown building is called the Mass this is right by the harbour where we docked. It's a museum. All the little silver things are hands. Antwerp means hand throwing. It has to do with the story of how a man cut off a giants hand and throw it into water. The church is the st Paul Cathedral. Very beautiful only church that we've seen totally white inside. After the reformation the Catholic Church made their churches more beautiful as our guide always says. 19th. We also found Kuipers street. That's my moms maiden name. Our guide also took us down their red light district. Full Window doors with girls sitting in them or standing. We had no idea till we were there! Lily said to Q "I think this is where they sell underwear". Lol
Tuesday Wilamina made Grace this awesome cake before she left. She left yesterday so Tomorrow we get a new cook. Too bad she was AWESOME!!
Tuesday. It rained hard till about 10 but after that it was a drizzle. So lots of game time and puzzling. With the way the rain went we he did not do any biking and went straight to Antwerp.
Tuesday It's Tuesday morning and Graces 16th birthday. Very lazy morning as it is pouring rain out. So we are staying on board as the boat travels to our next stop. We hope to do one stop before Antwerp and hope the rain stops so we can bike to Antwerp. Today this is the Ascension of Mary. A huge holiday here so sounds like most stuff will be closed, girls are hoping some stores will be open. Sounds like we will sail straight to Antwerp now. And have more time there. So looks like an awesome day of cards till we get to the diamond capital. Totally was bugging Q that I need a bigger diamond so my fingers look skinnier. Lol.

14 August 2017

Sunday. On our way to Ghent with just the adults. Mom got in a bike accident. She was turning sharp right down on to a bridge and took the corner to wide. She hit a younger guy on his bike in his way home from work. There was a little damage to his bike but he could ride away. He has very kind. Mom wrist we think got hit by his handle. It happened so fast. But she picked herself up and kept on biking. She is one tough bird.
Sunday We had our bagged lunch at a little cafe were mom was playing crib with James and Heather. We had tons of time because we biked to fast!! So we need to burn some time because the boat was not at our next stop yet.
Monday. After we got to the boat 46k later in Dondermont. A few of us girls walked and did some shopping. When we got back we had supper and then the barge moved to our starting point fir tomorrow. Every evening we have a meeting about the next day on the upper deck. Was beautiful out. It was nice to just sit up and relax on the upper deck. Again an awesome supper and dessert. After the meeting we went to a small gallery that sales different stones most are from the Sahara. Beautiful stuff just all to heavy to get home. Everyone is pretty wiped from the second day and are excited to lay down instead of sit.
Monday. Just before lunch we biked 1k of cobble stone. It was very bumpy and fir sore buts it was not very fun. My mom liked Luke she was in the most pain as she could not grab her bike handle well and her butt was sore too! We stopped for lunch at this park where you can bring your own food. But there is also a bar and food too. Was so hot!! Noah had a bit of a wipe out and hit Q. But all was good just a scraped knee. After lunch we went through a " forest ". Lots of big trees but didn't last long and then we were back in corn. The trail went through a new residential construction site and you had to bike under this back hoe to get past. All the houses are built with Brick. There is some weird saying about Belguim and bricks. Something like they are born with bricks in them, and the desire to build their own house. Something like that. Think it doesn't translate well.
Monday For coffee time we stopped at a petting zoo place. The weather was beautiful about 23. The bikes through this area that had lots of green house and nurseries. This field was begonias. We also stopped at the castle. Which was pretty neat. You can't go inside but we walked the grounds. We also passed tons and tons of corn fields. It was so high!! Every where was so green. Live all the hedges they use for landscaping.
Monday We had are usual awesome breakfast with hard boiled eggs, cheese, meat, cucumber, tomatos, cereal, yogurt and today there was Liver wurst, love that totally brings back memories of eating lunch at my grandma's. After breakfast you pack your lunch with all this stuff also. She also made this awesome banana, orange and ginger smoothie. Yum yum yum. After all this we meet at the bikes at 9. They have to pull them off the top deck every morning. This dock was right in town so we were moored on a regular street. So we started biking through the city which was a little iffy. But we made it. All our butts really did not want to get on the bikes this morning. Everyone was looking or hiding the for the few gel seats that the boat had. Mom wrist was wrapped up. But you could tell that she was in a lot of pain. Later on today we figured out that she had no back brake in her bike. Because she can only use her right had and she couldn't stop her bike.

13 August 2017

On Friday night after surfing we stayed at the Pier and there was a huge market all along the pier with food trucks and vendors selling everything from clothes to baking, fruits and veg. We bought the best and hugest Macaroons ever. She has all different flavours. We got a lemon, strawberry, lemon, Oreo, natural and Q picked and sticky cinnamon cake. Don't realize they sold it by weight. And these macaroons where dense and huge. So our bill was $40 euro. Oops. That's what happens when you don't speak the same language. They were French Belgians. We also got some awesome Bratwurst. Then ended at the Frites house for some yummy fries and mayo. And off course ended the night with games. Well Q and I didn't we went to town and did laundry. But everything is closed by 6 pm so we just hung out at the laundry mat. Lol. Awesome date night. $4.5 euro a load. Totally jammed in as much as I could in Three loads. And did as much dryer time as we could before the door closed on us. At 10pm.
Sunday we biked about 5k to Ghent centre. On the way there we saw their city mowing crew. It was very cool the Shepard would whistle at his dog and she would bark and keep the sheep off the side walk and push them further along. This is how the keep all their grassy areas manicured. Then we got the the town centre lots of churches. We went and visited the church for the very rich if the 14th century. Unbelievable how they built such beautiful tall buildings and that they are still standing today. Not see that with what get ms built now a days?? We parked our bikes in a parkade for bikes. Didn't cost money. We then biked back for supper. After supper everyone went on a canal cruise of Ghent and saw the back side of the town centre and got more history. I stayed with coy, Cort and lily, Ella & Akira on the boat. Was a great day and the weather was beautiful. Burnt my face an bit.
Sunday. Our first day on the bikes. Took awhile to make sure everyone bikes were all ready. And we were on the road by 9:30. So pretty and green. Very lush, so many plants I want to be able to use in our yard but not the right climate. Coy road on the bike buddy with Sheila till lunch then hooked him in the back of uncle Q. That way he could pass people and Q could get a real work out!! The biking is very easy compared to home and there are nice paths all along the country. In the city it's a little bit more tricky as there are other bikes and cars to watch out for. We stopped for coffee at a little place where the bathroom was an experience for the girls. You walked in and the urinals were right by the sink that both the girls and the boys use and the stalls were in the same room that were for both boys and girls. Really weirded grace out and the guy who was at the urinal did not wash his hands when he left. So gross!!! We packed a bag lunch in the morning before we left.
Sunday. We biked 40k. And met the boat. Isaiah got to help with the ropes when the boat came to the dock. All the kids and Teresa, Shelia stayed at the boat. Halle came with the us and we biked to downtown Gent.

12 August 2017

Saturday In the evening our bike tour guide took us for a guided tour of Burge centre. He has a master in art and architecture so very knowledgable about the towns. Burge still has the wall all around it. It's still very intact from the 14/15 th century. But a lot of it was updated in the 19th century to make it look more romantic. Bruges was a very wealthy town. A huge commerce centre. Loads of churches. In one of the town centres there was a huge disc party for the locals. It was funny to see with all these 14/15 century buildings around. There are swans all around.
Saturday This is our boat the Zwaantje. We started getting everyone seats and handle bars adjusted. Had and awesome supper. In our cute dinning room on the boat. Upstairs is dinning and lounge area. And below deck are all the rooms. Need to get a better picture of our room. two super single beds and each room has a bathroom. And on the upper deck is a patio. Where they store the bikes also.
When we headed baby to town. The big kids wanted to to do the torture museum. It was gross!! Can't believe people treated people like this. There was every device you can think of there. I had to leave. It was too much. Halle read everything!! I did take a picture of what happened to fighting woman, what the did to gamblers. The rest was too much. Thankful I live now. Because it sounded like they could do anything to you to make you Confess to all sorts of stuff. CRAZY!!
Saturday. This morning we Cleaned up the Den Haan house. And then did a load of people to Bruges its about 30min from where we stayed. Then Dad and Q went back for all the luggage. Lol. No way we could take all the people plus luggage. So as they did the luggage run we went to downtown Bruge. the town centre was beautiful, was very busy people everywhere. We then walked to the dock where the boat was parked. I'm definitely getting my steps in. Think I got 23000 steps this day. The boat wasn't ready for us. So we just dropped off our luggage and headed back to town.

11 August 2017

After Vimy we hustled back to Den Haan to make our surfing lesson. The day was beautiful. So all 10 kids had a group lesson it was only 1 hr. which was too bad because they were all getting it at the hr so another 1 would of been great. Everyone got up at least once. Was fun to watch. Hard to get pictures of everyone when all 10 are coming at you at once. But was a really fun afternoon. They went swimming after. We sat on the beach and enjoyed the sun. It was the first nice day in a couple days.
So I'm three days behind. Phone dead when we get back and once it's charged I'm not!! So now that I've left it a couple of days I need put more details. Realizing that I need to write way more if I'm going to remember anything. So this is more details for me. Sorry if it's to much for you following. This morning we got in the car and drove to Vimy in France. To see the memorial that Canada has put up to remember the soldiers that died and served in the First World War. This year was the 100 anniversary so Canada built a new interpretative centre. Which was very informative. So we walked the huge lime stone monument and some if the grounds then went to the centre. Where you can read/watch stories of different people that were affected by the war. France gave Canada 117 hectares of land for this tribute. As you drive up the hill to the monument. You pass through a village and most of the houses have Canada flags hanging from them. At the centre you can also go through the trenches.

10 August 2017

We had a pizza night at the house with a chin up challenge under the stairs. Ella and Isaiah were awesome! Q and Jer pulled off a bunch. Heather and I just hung there! No other adults dare shame themselves. Lol Then the games began. President at one table phase 10 at the other. Willem was the president a number of times as he was sure to let everyone know. I sucked at phase 10 think I was stuck on phase 3 for 8 hands. Halle gave everyone beautiful braids.
Later we walked to the beach weather was not so nice but beautiful views. The boys rented Segway and were their own gang on the boardwalk. The girls walk went for coffee with Beppe to get Lily medicine. She got a doctor house call, first fir everything. Was $38 and said she had Angina which if the start of tonsillitis, I thought that meant heart something. Lol. But she's had swollen glans for a couple days now. So glad we got that sorted. Thanx to our awesome host!! Then had a little happy hour! Great house for big gatherings!! Smells a little piggy but almost is nostalgic for me. Lol. Great trip so happy to be able to do this!!
Huge cows!!!!

9 August 2017

So Dad picked us up at the train station in Bruges. In a 7 person VERY small 7 European person car. We need to put down a seat for luggage so lily road in front on Q lap. We went to Den Haan 25min west to the farm house were we are staying. It's an converted barn. Really awesome. We have a boy wing and a girls wing. And mom and dad get the main floor room with a sink. Pretty nice set up for a large crew. Smells a little like when I first was dating Q. Yes they have pigs!! Big furry (not nice fur, Grace touched one said it was like a wire brush). Went for a long walk this morning very picturesque, with large Flemish/Belguim cows?
This was are last morning at our house in Den Haan. It was great. Smelt very Piggy!! If you went outside but was all good. The place we're we stayed was a family farm. He is the forth generation. They only do hogs now and do more local and organic. They have a little store/shop set up at their house where people come to buy pork. Also they have a number of restaurants around town that they deliver to. The house that we stayed at used to be a Calf house (barn). The building is over 300yrs old. He did a really awesome job fixing it up. And was a great host. It was a 30min walk to the beach. Totally was a great time.
On our first train to Brussels then to Bruges. Pretty awesome and very fast. Think we are getting the hang of this European travel. Q did an awesome job driving. Only got honked at once. Lol. It's a little crazy in that not sure if the road is fir two way traffic sometimes and you need to be hyper aware of bikers.
He headed off to Rotterdam to drop off the car and catch a bus to the train but before we did that we had a picnic in a park to eat some of our groceries that we had left. I have a great video of grace and the mango. Then Q was tossing blue berries at the kids. Surprise surprise Grace was our best pet. I think she caught 90%. Q and I were laughing that this was so amusing for the kids. It was like we had pets!! Great way to pass the time.
After lunch we went to an pretty neat museum all about the first William of Orange and where he was murder in this fort in the mid 1500. Very cool that these buildings are still here. This museum also has a lot more about the history of the Delft pottery. Then we went to the other church where all the royals are Burried. The town is full of history and Beauty.
We then stopped for lunch in the town square. It was beautiful out more pancakes and I finally had croquettes, so yummy!! These are my big girls loving in each other. Q didn't want a picture with me. Lol.
Today we left our house in Utrecht this morning and left for Delft. Where we did a tour of where they make Delft pottery. I got egg cups delivered home. Pretty excited to use them. My grandma always had them at the breakfast table.

8 August 2017

Today we went to scheveningen. Tried to stay inside because the weather was ver wet!!! So we do the Sea life aquarium. And had lunch at Pannekoeken huis. That was on the list of food things!! Did not disappoint!! Q had his most favourite thing raisins bacon and apples all on his pannekoeken. Best day ever for him!! It pretty much poured the whole day so did not do much more than walk the very long pier. Was a great day!

7 August 2017

Hanging around Utrecht. They were having a party to celebrate the woman's soccer team winning the Europe cup. So I thought I'd sport my Hup Holland glasses!
We then climbed to Dom tower which was beside the church. It is the tallest church tower in the Netherlands. 368ft 112.5meters. Over 400 steps. Pretty cool experience the last bunch were very tight!! But amazing views of Utrecht
The Dom church (Kerk) built between 1321-1382. Absolutely amazing!
These are the stairs to the house. We are all sleeping on floor 3. Lily is on 4. Getting in my stairs everyday. Who said Holland was flat!

6 August 2017

Giethoorn. It was so busy today it was like bumper boats with real motor boats. It was a very fun day!
Bump crash! Good times.

5 August 2017

Where we are staying in Utrecht
Crash for Jet lag
Beautiful canal where we had dinner
Lunch at Hema. Like target with an IKEA food court
In our huge rental car. Lol

4 August 2017

Just getting some food and work done at the airport before we leave.