Ireland, Qatar, Australia · 253 Days · 129 Moments · July 2017

Charisse's journi to Australia

2 April 2018

Us meeting Pixie Froome 🐾🐾🐾
Himself thinks he’s still “downunder” 🤪🤪🤪just at Sylv’s for Easter Monday lunch and meeting her newest pup ‘Pixie Froome” 🤓

1 April 2018

A contented Alfie and Mutley 😍
In Doha transit waiting on final leg of our trip Phew / just quaffing some champers 🥂🍾🥂
We are finally home- very wet here but peaceful and relaxed. Mutley estatic to see us and Alfie, well he’s just Alfie. So that is it my loyal and maybe just a bit nutty followers, another adventure in Australia over. It was a blast, lots of beautiful memories to hold onto until our next foray downunder 🤪🤪🤪🤪 Take care peeps, love from me and himself 🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀

31 March 2018

Well our trip has come to an end, we are now in the lounge at Perth Airport waiting for the first part of our trip home - both still in shorts BUT have warm change of clothes in our carry-on 🤪

29 March 2018

Choices, choices, choices 🍽🍷🥩
Enjoying a drink at the Northbridge Brewing Company - beer and Cosmo cocktail 🍺🍹 chin chin
Our second to last night here, we’re currently in Northbridge, CBD in an AirBNB. Photos with big blurred lights on top actually says “rooftop movies” 🤪

24 March 2018

Australeeeean gold thongs 🐨🐨🤒🤒
We have friends coming from Mandurah this afternoon for a meal. I have excelled myself I think, exhausted now👀👀 Am making Eaton Mess, bottom meringue half dipped in chocolate and grapes also - woohooo and Moussaka with garden aubergines. Photos of my hard work in the kitchen, Bernard chilling and Bella hoovering 🤪

21 March 2018

So our time here in Australia is coming to an end 😢 these 4-1/2 months have flown by, I have cared for some beautiful dogs and cats plus some goldfish, they will be in my memory for a long time, we’ve met old friends and made new ones which we will cherish and keep in touch with for many years to come. Our time in Australia is very special to us as is our home in Eire; hopefully for a few more years to come we will be healthy enough to continue with our “double” existence in both parts of the Globe 🤪 - enough warbling on, tomorrow we start the bi-annual packing - a massive headache - so until later peeps, nite nite 💤💤💤
A few photos of where we are staying and one of the walking areas for Sophie and Bella 🐾🐾

18 March 2018

Meet our new “charges” Sophie and Bella 🐾🐾 Have gotten used to me but grrring at Bernard all the time, must be his beard. Homeowners headed off to Bali at 4am and I took them walkies at 7.25an 👀😱👀😱🍀This house is set in 10 acres of bush land, very peaceful setting, we are at the moment sat on the back patio in reclining chairs reading and watching/listening to the myriad of parrots singing in the trees, bliss - chat to you later 🐨🐨

16 March 2018

We have arrived in Lake Clifton😜Stopped at the Cape Bouvard Vineyard for food and to whet the whistle - then to our house sit, meet the Dashchunds Sophie and the other one 👀👀👀 - also a lone Advocaco that was in my handbag ???? Packing space was minimal today 🤪Be in touch soon mom amies 🤓

11 March 2018

Pussy cat eyeballing me 👀👀 Last day in Ferndale today, we wend our way to Lake Clifton for our final House Sit on 16th looking after two Dachshunds and then it’s our trip back to, by the photos I saw today from Ailish, a very wet and flooded Ronga 🌨☔️ Still it will be great to get home 🌈 . Been cloudy the past two days but that hasn’t deterred the mossies that love me. Had three going to bed, woke up with four more, one being on the eyebrow/lid - not the nicest place for a bite. Bernard off to Joondalup to have his final check on his new gizmo my task is to get this place spick and span before leaving tomorrow, Lyn very kindly let us stay the extra days so it’s the least I can do and then pack up the trusty steed for our 12th move. Catch you later 🐸
Up close and personal, one of the two cats we’re looking after. This one took a “slow amble” over my head in the middle of the night, that woke me up 😼

10 March 2018

Himself in the outside bath and walking the “plank”

7 March 2018

Meet Squib, Lyn left him this time for her few days away. He is 15 years old, deaf as a post, built like a butterball turkey and suffers from atrocious wind 💨💨💨 He has Aimie’s eyes the last year she was with us, so kind and gentle that what’s a few farts between us 🤪 Carch up with you soon, only three weeks til we are back on the plane to Dublin 🧐 Time flies, til later mon bravs xx
Our so gorgeous Mutley 🐾🐾

4 March 2018

A few photos from yesterday, a great way to top off a dying palm and the other three, Bernard in the pool. This was prior to him dropping a live electrical wire in the pool as he was trying to vacuum debris up! Took a while but we got the power back on! For any of you who are lucky enough to be married to an ultra intelligent drive me around the twist man, my thoughts are with you. Himself becomes fixated on liddle biddy things - for 4 days now it has been his new hearing device but from yesterday it has been about an HSE pension and accompanying documentation. To summarize, his language isn’t the best, he is very loud shouting at his IPad because a message has annoyed him, digging paperwork out of the very smelly kitchen bin because someone in the HSE said a page was missing, the last whilst trying to dish up dinner. My head is kerboinging. I was meant to call my cousin, Genevieve, this evening but that went out the window and best of all, tomorrow, back to the Hearing Centre for th

3 March 2018

Not much happening the past few days, a few photos of our house in Co Tipperary, one of which featuring a rather grubby looking “Bob” 🤪

2 March 2018

Our house at home in Co Tipperary with the very hairy and mucky Bob brrrrr

28 February 2018

Glum and Happy - just realized that we are nearing the end of our time “down under” 3 and 1/2 months gone so fast! Glum that our adventure is nearing it’s end and happy to be heading home - we are twixt and between. Mustn’t dwell though, another 4 weeks of posting to come 🤪

27 February 2018

It was time to water the garden plants, phew there are a lot. We are into day 5 of our house sit in Ferndale, Bernard driven to Joundalup for the fitting of a “gizmo” so that he can watch tv with no sub-titles and the sound blaring out‼️📣 He has just accepted another Locum in Coober Pedy, SA leaving this Sunday 4th and back 18th March when I I’ll be ensconced at our next house sit from the 15th March in Lake Clifton. I encouraged Bernard to take this locum because back in the late 1980’s I went on a solo trip to Oz, taking a bus around before visiting my Uncle in Nelson Bay and Coober Pedy was one of the stops. It is a most fascinating town, the income from mining opals, where the houses, shops etc are all our underground - it’s an opportunity for Bernard to see it. Another one off the ‘bucket list’. Until later my cherubs 🤩

23 February 2018

What can I say - BERNARD IS IN HEAVEN!!! Our Airbnb in Abbey, the double bed was in the living room, yes you guessed it, himself was ‘prone’ on his back for two days of our stay. Next photos, our Trusted House Sit, cor f......king blimey, there is a four poster brass bed in the outer garden and HE hasn’t been off it!! We had an argument this evening where he said his back is bad, yes OK but not up the extent of lying on it 24 hours a day. As you can imagine the argument is lingering on, eg “you’re watching TV” - uhmmm what’s the comparison of being in a prone position from 7 am til I get home from shopping? The argument will continue 💤
Himself just rang me to say he’s on his way home from Joondalup, I say great, he then knocks my socks off by saying “but I don’t know where we live”!!!! Yes, calm down, I did give him our house sit address - what would I ever do without him 🤪😜

22 February 2018

Our second to last house sit in a Ferndale. Photos - well what can I say, Bernard is making up the brass four poster bed that is outside, sheltered in the patio. This place is quite unbelievable, owner, Lynn, just recently diagnosed with cancer of the leg and metastasis, says she is doing ok and her husband has advanced Parkinsons! Don’t you now feel lucky with your own health? The wc is in our accommodation and as I sat and saw the control panel, I knew there must be something special going on and left well alone. SO WHAT DID YOU EXPECT FROM HIM WHEN HE SAT ON THE THRONE 😱he tried all the buttons, won’ tell me what happened but says I’m in for a surprise. I told him he was a nosy git and there was no way I would fiddle and twiddle with things not to do with me and he said HAR HAR, I’ll catch you up on it. Methinks I have to be very careful with my personal ablutions from now on - arghhhhhh! Night my darlings, until tomorrow when no doubt I’ll have a photo
We have left Abbey (move number 11 I think👀👀) - down to Dunsborough beach where Bernard is going for a couple of wreck dives. I have roughly 5 hours to kill so will read my Kindle for a while in the car with AC on / it’s hot here and only 9.45am, then shall waste some time getting our trusty, very dusty, steed washed woohoo, will check back later 🧜🏼‍♂️

19 February 2018

We travelled to Abbey, WA near Busselton yesterday, photos of beautiful Airbnb we are staying in until Thursday then Bernard has a scuba dive at 9am, I’ll be homeless til he comes back when we travel onto our house sit in Ferndale - happy days 🌻
Our journey n the houseboat comes to a close today, it has been wonderful, thoroughly relaxing for Bernard after Elcho Island 🐊. Move on from Ravenswood around 3.30pm and are going to head to Bunbury about a 100km’s away for an overnighter. Next house sit starts on Feb 24th in Ferndale, Perth for three weeks, a few pets to look after there and Bernard will have a swimming pool to frollick in 🏊‍♂️. Will let you know what’s happening later. Oh yes, photos, a beautiful black swan befriended us this morning, she enjoyed the shrimp bait 🦐

18 February 2018

I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here” 🐊🐬🦀
This bull was on the bank of the riverbank, he was pretty well endowed. Anyway a couple of houseboats pulled up behind us and moored, the men looked at me and said that’s a big bull, my reply was he does have a heavy load to carry (polite I thought) then “himself” pops out and says to them “did you see his huge balls!” 😱

17 February 2018

A quickie here, it’s a long trip up River to our next stop but the day, views, wildlife is exquisite - I feel like we are on the African Queen in Casablanca - Ingrid Bergman me thinks was tall like moi 🤓
Chundering Along the Murray River looking for the Kangaroo Bar as a pit stop 🐨Couldn’t find a kangaroo, Koala will have to suffice 🐊
What an extraordinary experience, miles and miles (or knots and knots) of beautiful river views, I can’t physically describe it and Journi doesn’t allow videos - it is glorious 🤗
Blue crab - bit Bernard 👀🦀🦀🦀; followed by decadent brekkie of Fizz and fresh fruit, life gets better 💐

16 February 2018

1st batch of random photos today! Posh house on Port Bouvard Canal, only saw it cos we took a wrong turn out of Marina 👀. Fisherman paddling by, very chilled out 3 Cpn Ahab flexing his ‘pecs’, 4 baiting his fishing line 5. Second catch of the day, threw back in 6. Crab numero uno, followed by no 2 and then a magnificent Blue Swimmer crab, threw them all back in - lucky crabs and fish 🦀🐟 courtesy of this non seafood eater. The crabs really lurve disgusting chicken necks 😱
Bernard insisted on taking s photo of me - sorry 👀👀
Plotting our trip 👀👀 Today is our 10th wedding anniversary and 17 years together OMG. Never thought after the first couple of years together, which were quite stressful back then, that we would grow together and become more deeply bound to each other. At the ripe ages of 64 and 70 (no sarky comments that I don’t look 70!!!) we never thought that we would be lucky or adventurous enough to build the life we have together. The travelling and new experiences at our questionable time of life is a complete bonus - long may it continue for many years to come 🎊🎊 - that very much depends on today’s travels and that we don’t throw each other overboard - yaraphoooo 👀
Flipper has launched 🐬

15 February 2018

I thought about not putting anything down today then Bernard, as you can see relaxing in the photo, said what about Jack and Maureen’s visit. This couple were in Mount Newman when Bernard worked and lived there in the ‘70’s. They have become great friends of mine also. They visited us today in Port Bouvard, where we are berthed until tomorrow, with Maureen’s 80 year old, very spritely and switched on cousin from Burma. Had breakfast in the Marina, now have an invitation to visit Valerie in Rangoon, which Bernard has jumped at. With all the friends we are making in our travels and the invitations, I have no idea how we will fit all of these beautiful people in! However, our oldest grandson, Thomas, turned 8 today, we are stunned where the time has gone and tomorrow is our 10th Wedding Anniversary, brings back memories of when we were in Dunblane with the most wonderful, kind and loving woman I had the pleasure of knowing, my mum-in-law Felicita. I loved her deeply 🥀🥀

14 February 2018

A couple of random photos from today on our boat trip from Mandurah to Port Bouvard. The one with my arms up I was emulating Titanic - not very good as I hadn’t seen it and the entrance into the channel. Took us over two hours on our trusty vessel to tie up alongside, wrongly I might add, but had the help of a South African Marine Officer - but casual as I had no bra on so with the wind and Bernard putting his hands on my chuff to hoist me up to the wharf, not a pretty sight. Me thinks of the song 🎼hang low sweet chariot🎼, nite nite my friends 🦑🐬🦂🦀🐟

13 February 2018

A quickie before bed, Bernard went an hour ago, He came thundering out in my PJ bottoms which are covered with goats and sheep and then proceeded to argue with me that they were his PJ’s, after a heated debate he found his and stomped to bed, five minutes later stomped back out shouting I was taking the power from his CPAP. This was 7.20pm! Needless to say there was a fiery debate, I watched my programme and he went to bed. He did look very cute in my pj bottoms though 💤💤💤💤 life is stressful sometimes but worth it, I’m now going to climb over him, most probably injure a few bits, and join him - good night my friends, sleep tight ❤️
Having a well deserved sundowner after the most amazing, funfilled, scary day in a long time👀 He fell off the Capn’s Chair like an upturned turtle, I came from “fo’ward” didn’t have camera to show y’all, but almost banjaxed myself laughing. I do love this man 💓 I still have some of my hair left - just joking, Bernard and I are so lucky with the wonderful travelling opportunities in our retirement years - well not too much retirement for my man cos his Locuming in Oz keeps us going, til later peeps 🦑🦀🦑
Happy Anniversary to Bernard, 10 years hitched, 17 years together and our life gets richer daily. When our life together began we never dreamed after the struggle of the first couple of years that we would have grown so well together. Who’d have thought at our ages of 64 and 70 that we would eventually be having the life we now enjoy 🥂🥂Long may we have the health and mental ability to continue on these wonderful adventures for many years to come. I love you Bernard to the moon and back, oh ok even to Pluto but what that Disney dog has to do with us I have no idea? Did I mention “mental ability” bit of an over estimation with the way my brain seems to work. In the immortal words of the Terminator “I vill be back” 🤓
Where my finger is on the map is where we are in very rough waters, missed three stops, didn’t see them so hopefully heading towards Mandurah for our overnighter. A night in a darkened room absolutely essential, bucket of Valium and wacky baccie would be welcome - s..t just missed a red marker !!!
Photo numero uno is Bernard’s use of the shower for his snorkelling gear. The rest! Well we set off with all good intentions for our first day “at sea”, thought we’d have a practice at getting the boat into the mooring, yesterday was a bit tricky and heated to say the least, WHAT HAPPENED YOU ASK? We got stuck on sand on the opposite side of the river 👀👀👀 Bernard went in, propellers free but bottom of houseboat sitting on sand bank. HELP 🚑 SHIVER ME TIMBERS, called the office, said they would be out to help, our $1,000 bond would soon disappear 😱 see next bit ......
Photo - two Dolphins frolicking by 🐬🐬 so in all the panic of being stuck and himself dripping all over the boat, his comment was “Could I have a fry up?”, what could I say, out came the bacon, mushrooms, toms and egg for him 🤓 After half an hour we noticed the boat moving, tide coming in, jumps for joy, hand fisting the sky but we ask ourselves, where’s it going to drift to then a shout from the shore and help had arrived. Now having steering lessons on the river, shall stop now, don’t want to miss this, Bernard pulling into mooring. Bonza peeps 😉

12 February 2018

Himself just tying his crab net to the back of the houseboat with a tempting raw chicken neck inside to hopefully bait an innocent crab 🦀🦀 As anyone who knows me, it’s crab for one, I can’t take seafood but guess I’ll cook the little blighter(s) for him if this venture is fruitful. BUT then again if he forgets to take the crab pot up/off we will f..k up one of the outboard motors! Okay, okay I’ll put a reminder as a post it on my forehead to remind him 🦂🦀🦐🦑🦀🦐🦑
Bernard contemplating a dip and then going for it. Been a wonderful first day afloat though we needed assistance to moor in South Yunderup, wind very strong and blowing boat around but we got there, had a nice bbq and now watching tv on the Ipad whilst Bernard reading - Caio kiddos, til manana 🤗
We’re off and running - oh I mean sailing - on the Murray WA, only a minor couple of fracas so far but there’s still time mom amies 👀👀

11 February 2018

Cormorant drying it’s wings after a dip in the lake here in South Yunderup with his partner 🥀🥀

10 February 2018

Smee again, Farrah wanted us to stay another night so getting ready to load up the old jalopy for our next adventure. I think I mentioned Farrah is a dog groomer with her own salon in the house, well she is associated with the local dog rescue here and TODAY her Saturday, she is fully booked grooming rescue dogs free of charge ❤️❤️ what a totally beautiful thing to do. Bernard and I love her very much 💓

9 February 2018

Hurrow again peeps - photos first one, we are packed up for our 10th move! Back to South Yunderup/Pinjarra; then “himself” came in sporting the hat and blue ‘sunnies’ from the local Charity Shop. Photo doesn’t do justice to how much of a “plonker” he looks ❄️

6 February 2018

First photo of little dog Farah groomed today, rest are of Fred the next door neighbour’s 9 year old greyhound. My favourite is the last one, his goofy grin🐾🐾🐾

4 February 2018

Beddie byes 💤💤💤💤 Dave on my side, Bernard has lots of space, so tonight is going to be eventful👀👀 Dave is a big boy, nite all, love from us, a couple again 💋
Just come to bed and Dave taking up my side 😇💤 doesn’t want anything to do with Bernard’s side of the bed 👀

3 February 2018

He’s back safe and sound 😇

31 January 2018

Sitting outside with Farah and a very cool Chewy 👀 Don’t really have any news but will update when “himself” returns 😉

30 January 2018

Jame’s home and giving some loving to Dave and Daisy 🐾🐾 Beautiful day today

29 January 2018

Daisy in her frock!!! Jigsaw time Australia Day and my newly threaded eyebrows 😱😱 Bernard back in five days, miss him ❤️

25 January 2018

My roomie just shaved his beard off 👀
Packing up for the 8th time today, moving back to Farah for a while. Couple of photos of my “roomie” the past couple of days, Steph, he rents from Carly and Jamie, very nice Kiwi 🐙
Just a quickie, more later 🐾

23 January 2018

Photos first, Chewy eyeballing me because I have one suitcase packed at the door to leave Thursday and he’s getting a little bit upset. 2nd one, my psychedelic pink toenails in the kitchen led lights with the beautiful Chewy. Bernard FaceTimed me today, he’s very happy with his grub, thinks he should wash his sheets (they only gave him one set!), so I asked him to take me to the washing machine, he’s not into these things, it’s a top loader, so all the dials are set for when he gets laundry detergent from supermarket👀 Told me today he saw his first patient with “Leprosy”!! I thought that was a biblical disease.... syphylis is also rampant - good grief. Himself is looking forward to a few cold beers when he gets back, I’m looking forward to seeing him ❤️
Was sent this lovely contented photo of Mutley from our house sitters, miss him🐾🐾 Bernard still in Elcho but in constant contact. Had a message from him Sunday morning that he had bought some meat from shop plus veggies and could I give him a recipe. Orf goes a recipe to him - that evening I get a very excited hubby on FaceTime showing me his chopped vegetables cooking away, after discussing how/when to add the meat, he proudly showed me (I was at this time sitting in a pot on his IPad on the stove so he could talk to me!) a plate of raw mince, chopped onions and mushrooms - woohooo - then asked how to make Bolognese 👀 So from my “potted” position ‘we’ cooked spag boll, he was so very pleased with himself and I was too because if any of you know Bernard he “can’t/won’t cook. I also think with the endless boredom up there on weekends it has given him an outlet. He took me out of the pot to show me the outside of his house, it’s the wet season up there, the roads were thick red m

19 January 2018

More, the runway, passengers disembarking, sea views look nice but full of crocodiles 🐊 and some general photos of the ‘town’!
A few random photos; Chewy with socks on so he can walk on the beach, us walking, Farah, Dave & Daisy Thursday evening at the Farmer’s Market, Scarborough Beach - beautiful down there. Bernard has decided to do a third week up on Elcho Island, Arnhem Land, NT!!! I changed all the flights so he is now coming back the 3rd February 😱 I feel like a widow 😉 - it could be worse I guess, at least he’s enjoying it although it sounds like a godforsaken place to be. He went out with two nurses and a translator (there are 10 languages spoken on the Island - English the least) on some home visits. I asked him what the houses were like and he said a wooden shack structure with a couple of mattresses on the floors and cushions, that was it, very basic. I booked our houseboat trip on the Murray today so that he can unwind and our 10th wedding anniversary will be afloat 🛶, only one person can drive it so it’s Captain Bernie for the duration and I’m his swashbuckling mate - ahoy there me hearties

18 January 2018

Photos from Bernard up north. On the plane, duuuuh Cherie, airport terminal his unit, the locals who came to him to flog a painting! And his Ute. More to follow...

15 January 2018

Bopees time for Chewy and I with the rain pounding down outside. Spoke with Bernard this evening and he said he was glad I didn’t go to North Arnhem Land with him, said it’s very basic and much like an under developed part of South Africa👀👀 ALTHOUGH he said he might ask for a third week up there if the next couple of days go OK! Himself believes and I have to admit I agree, that 9 days practicing isn’t going to make a dent there. I will, as usual, go with the flow, Farah said I can stay with her anytime, we were “blessed” when we met her and James for our house sit in January 2017, she is the daughter I could never have, love her to bits🌹Enough of this meandering old woman’s thoughts, goodnight everyone and in the immortal words of Irish comedian Dave Allen “wherever you go, may your God go with you” 💤💤💤
Page Two.... I went back into Farrah and said the key wouldn’t open the lock, so we watched a bit more of the movie and I asked if she could break into a car - yes she says - so out we both go again, she went to the car with key and then when I looked over the top of the car I SAW OURS - some plonker with an almost identical car had parked next to Farrah’s - we’ll what can I say, the neighbours must have wondered what was going on as I burst into laughter and couldn’t stop, then I calmed down and we went in for a much needed glass of red 🍷🍷🎅 That’s Chewy at my feet as I’m trying to figure how to turn on this fandangled oven, bieee
Chewy and my new home for the next ten days 🤓. Absolutely piddling down today but we still went for s walk and got soaked to the skin ☔️- all dried off now. I think I might be losing the plot - what you says - Farrah and I were watching a movie and our bottle of wine seemed to have evaporated! I told her I had one in the car so odd I go to the car, this is around 8pm, very dark and try as I might I could not get the key in the lock, I was getting panicky wondering...... how

14 January 2018

Just checking in or out👀 Lines of baggage for the 7th move! Bernard stuffing his saddle chair in a bag and then dropping him at the airport for his flight to Darwin - catch you later 🤗

10 January 2018

A beautiful day here today, I’ve been busy doing the BAS quarterly books for the accountant - all done now! Bernard just came home from his final day at work in Pinjarra - woohoooo so NOW tomorrow is my least favourite chore - packing again - have to keep Bernard’s case to 13kg, small allowance for a small plane ✈️ on the second leg of his trip Monday, he’s spending a night in Darwin Sunday. As you all know I’m staying with the wonderful Farrah but there is now a slight change in plan, friends of theirs, who we know, have asked me house sit their beautiful Staffie, the image of Raiden but slightly smaller, called Chewy. I in my innocence asked if he was named after Chewbaka from Star Wars to be told no, it’s because he chews everything duuuuhh. House just around corner from Farrah 🤗

9 January 2018

G’day - my healthy lunch and photos of our apartment in Pinjarra. A nice place in same complex as before but no fish saying hello and Feed Me Now 🐠🐟🐬🐳🐋 Bernard went to the Dentist yesterday, a bit of filling and tooth fell out. WELL I will never criticise my dentist’s charge for the same treatment of €70, Bernard’s filling was $344.00!!!!! How can they quantify a charge like that? Luckily Conor will sort out his infected root when we get home, cos we would need a mortgage here 😱 Bernard off to Elcho in Sunday do we’ll check out of here early a.m. (us, har har) and I’ll take him to Perth Airport for his flight to Darwin. He’ll overnight in Darwin before flying on to Elcho. Just as well I’m not going with him, Airnorth baggage allowance is only 13kg, that’s the weight of my toiletries alone! I will then spend two glorious weeks with Farah, Dave and Daisy 🤗 When Bernard back we are planning a houseboat trip on the Murray will will coincide with our 10th Wedding Anniversary.

7 January 2018

On the move again 🚗

4 January 2018

Smeeee again 👀👀👀👀 Bernard came back yesterday and is off tomorrow, just a short visit including large bag of laundry 🤓 So tomorrow pack up everything to go back with him, this will be the 6th pack of our trip!! I’ll join him via bus and train Monday. Phew, it’s all go! Then Sunday 14th Bernard flying from Perth to Darwin with an overnight stop followed by a flight to Elcho Island one of the furthest northerly Islands in the Northern Territory. He will be the only GP, just under 3,000 inhabitants, mainly Aboriginal - Bernard is very interested in aboriginal health and on the PLUS side it is a “dry” island with no cars!! I do think my stay in Scarborough with the delightful Farah is a wise decision. After Elcho we will hire a house boat and travel the Murray River for a week - until next time compadres, Buenos knockers 🍷🍷

2 January 2018

It’s a “smiling” day today 😊

1 January 2018

Raiden smiling and myself in a New Year’s Eve Tiara 🎉🎉 Bernard off to Pinjarra today, back to Swanbourne Friday evening til Sunday when hopefully I will have all our gear aka clutter packed up for him to take to Pinjarra and I will follow him up Monday on the train. On 14th Jan, Bernard will fly to Darwin for an overnight stop before connecting flight to Elcho Island, NT. I will be staying the two weeks he’s away with the lovely Farah in Scarborough - be in touch soon, Caio 🤗

28 December 2017

Took Raiden to the beach this afternoon and then to a restaurant on the beach? He was very well behaved as was Bernard!!! Been today given the thumbs up for two weeks in the Northern Territories, on the “dry” Elcho Island got two weeks Locum - drying out time for the Crimbo liver methinks 😱

26 December 2017

Christmas Day was a fun filled event. One of the Secret Santa presents was Pie Face with the addition of a can of squirty cream. My husband got into quite a brave mood by grabbing the can of said cream and firing it all over my head and face! I was slightly stunned but am used to his quirky albeit risky to his health ways, when Popoy next to me said if her husband had done that she would have thumped him! I just scraped all the cream from my head, face and clothes and rubbed it all over said husbands “nut” - what goes around comes around 🤗🤗

25 December 2017

Christmas Day at Farrah & James 🎄🎉🎅🎉🎅🎄

22 December 2017

Merry Crimbo🎅 Just arrived home after a beautiful Carol Service followed by an outside mass at the Notre Dame University in Fremantle with our friends Russel and Rosemary followed by dinner. At home, just walked the handsome Raiden around the area looking at all the Crimbo lights. Will sneak in an episode of The Crown and then orft to bed and await Santa. Goodnight my friends and we wish you a very Merry Christmas - ho ho ho 🎅
Well it is Friday 22nd December, Bernard’s last day in Clinic here in Moora so today I have to pack up and get everything ready for our 4th move 🚗👣! We both don’t feel at all Christmassy at the moment, hopefully it will hit home when we settle in Swanbourne. There on Christmas Eve we will be going to carols/mass in Freemantle with our friends Rosemary and Russel and Christmas Day “”Ubering”” to Scarborough for Crimbo Day with the offering of a Turkey and Stuffing to celebrate with Farrah and James plus their friends 🎄🎄 Bernard is ready for a rest, he was on call yesterday, at the hospital 8.30 am stitching a man’s very long cut on his arm up, followed by another person who wandered in and then he was hands on til he came home at 5.30 - at 8.30 pm’ ish he was called out to the hospital again to see two further emergencies, so I think he has earned his dollars in these two weeks! Until next time mon amie(s) 😘

20 December 2017

Driving to a garage for Rego test to day and spotted these Christmas decorations in the middle of nowhere 🤗👀 Also Bernard having g a drink and dinner out. Two more days and our time in Moore comes to an end. Our next exciting step in our journey is a house sit in Swanbourne from 23 Dec until 8th Jan, really looking forward to it. Til next time mi amigos 🎭

16 December 2017

Bernard relaxing, and why not 💓

14 December 2017

Hurrow peeps 🤓been a while I know but this hotbed of activity aka Moora is stupefying👀👀👀 Yesterday evening was the “charity bed race” to raise money for a local charity. The roads were closed off, diversions put in place, police out in force wooohooo. There were eight beds being pushed and around 500 spectators around a third of the population!!! Anyway it lasted 30 minutes so we were home by 6.45. My heart is still beating erratically from the excitement 💓. Sarcasm apart, even for such a small community there is a very large comaraderie (spelt wrong methinks) here. The town is only 100 years old but is quite quaint although I do miss being able to wander around shopping malls. Bernard had his second night on call last night (he has two a week): Tuesday he was called from the Clinic at 4pm, arrived home 5.30, called out 6pm, then 8pm and finally 2am. Last night wasn’t too bad with just two call outs. It took me back to the bad old days in Clogheen....

12 December 2017

Hurrow - second day down in Moora - unfortunately part of Bernard’s deal was to be on call two days a week for the local hospital. He just got in the door this evening and his phone went, had to go to hospital, patient with chest pains. I had a chicken roasting away, all the trimmings and then at 8’ish his phone went and back to the hospital to see a sick child. He is on call till 8am then back to surgery at 8.30am, but he seems to be enjoying it! Hopefully the rest of the night will be peaceful??? 😱 Sleep well my friends 💤💤💤

10 December 2017

First day here in Moora, very hot. Photos! First one is the Main Street (going to really get down and boogie here 👀👀), second is the Moora River from bridge, a little bit dry! There are under 2,000 inhabitants here, it is classed as a DWS “ District of Workforce Shortage” which means the Government has classed the area as having less access to medical services compared to the national average. Meaning Doctors do not want to work in these areas. So when Bernard applied for the Locum position, he was snapped up but still had to jump through hoops to legally be able to work here. Had to get another clearance to enable him to work with children and in the local hospital. There is only one Clinic here and country hospital 🎅
Well, got my new washing machine and ride on lawnmower 🤓
Today we say farewell to Pinjarra 👋. Our heading is due north, out bush, to Moora 300km away for a two week locum. Our stay in Pinjarra was enjoyable except I was confined to base since Bernard had to use the car to go to work, I managed though as I don’t mind my own company and obviously my new friends - the swans, ducks, coots and koi carp plus my Kindle. After Moora we head back south again to Swanbourne for a house sit for Simone and Mat looking after Raimen. Will catch up later 🐨🐨

8 December 2017

My dad’s funeral has just started in the UK, very sad being here, love you Dad ❤️❤️❤️❤️
We’re are with friends in Mandurah and my dad’s funeral is just starting 💦

6 December 2017

5 December 2017

Lorakeets 🦅
It is so beautiful and peaceful here. Bernard at work, I’m sat out on the deck with a glass of wine and my Kindle, the lake is as smooth as glass, this morning three swans, five ducks, two coots, a myriad of fish and a partridge in a pear tree 🌲 were visiting, looking for food! The lake is shimmering on the edge of the roof and I’m having some alone time with my dad (in my thoughts!). I miss him so very much but the decades of memories I hold of him (and mum) are moving around in my mind like a camera - wonderful, happy and loving memories. Any bad ones are banned and compartmentalised elsewhere. My dad’s funeral and cremation are this Friday, 8th December at 2.45m in Chichester, I will be there not physically but mentally every step of the way - love you Dad ❤️🌹❤️🌹❤️🌹

2 December 2017

1 December 2017

A pair of black swans came onto the lake today, now I’m feeding them, three ducks, a coot and about 50 Coi Carp 🦆🐡🕊

29 November 2017

Hello, I’m starting to cope with the loss of my dad, will take a bit of time. Bernard is the kindest and most gentle man I could ever have met, fallen in love with and married. He is such a great listener and sounding board and gives me much needed guidance and support. I would be totally lost without him - he is my life. Enough of that, for all of you out there living with the misunderstanding that I’m out here sunning this 64 year old wobbly body drinking mojito cocktails by the bucket load whilst being waited on by 6 abb packing bronzed gorgeous Australians whilst Bernard is working his little “chuff” off - YOU ARE SO WRONG! Please look at the three photos, I’m just a house wife with piles of ironing to do, crockery to wash and bed to make, plus the weather is chilly and last night it poured down ☔️🌥 At least I have checked in with you all. Until the next time “hasty la vista compadres” 🌵🌴🐨

27 November 2017

Sorry - not feeling very sociable today, hopefully in better frame of mind soon 🙁

26 November 2017

6.00 am and I’m up to get himself up ready for his first day in the Clinic. Yesterday was nearly all about studying and getting in the right state of mind to enter the foray of General Practice again. I am the chauffeur to the Clinic to help out in case Bernard can’t log on and needs help to put his “saddle stool” together. Think they might be a bit surprised when they see me, last Friday I had made an effort when we visited there but today they are getting “Scary Spice” in triplicate 👀👀👀 Photo is of villa next door’s Crimbo lights 🎄

25 November 2017

A feeding frenzy 🐠🐟
Heard a noise and then saw this fountain outside of our bedroom 🐳
Just woken up to this view from our bedroom🙃 and a photo of Alfie after his visit to the vet with Claire our house sitter 🐹. Will check in later with further updates, ciao for now - OMG I’m a poet and I didn’t know it heeheehee now where are my meds?

24 November 2017

We headed out of Scarborough this afternoon and wended our way south of Perth to Pinjarra. Photos - Bernard outside of Clinic he will be working in, the villa we are in for two weeks and some very big fish in the lake under our decking. We are actually staying in South Yunderup, 5kms from Clinic in Pinjarra. Himself had a couple of hours playing on the PC to get back on board with the software for the Clinic. Not much more to impart yet, but t watch this space, you never know👀👀

23 November 2017

Crayfish gone down well, pizza followed, chilling with full bellies 🍕🍤
Bernard and the two James’ went diving today and came back with 6 crayfish (anyone who knows me, I do not eat sea food), they have filled their bellies with garlic bbq crayfish - uhmmmm they loved it 🦐🦂🦎
Welcome aboard Sylv xx

22 November 2017

Posted the photos before I could add this. Well the Three Amigos getting ready for diving for Crayfish! It was like watching the Three Amigos or Stooges 🤣
Santa was in the Mall today, very fancy🎄🎄Second photo, the blue/grey Staffie is our next house sit. Beautiful day today got some chores done and tomorrow Bernard is going beach diving with Farrah’s husband and friend

21 November 2017

This boy is Jake, a Portuguese Water Dog, yup I didn’t think he looked too much like a seal either 😜He’s a lovely tempered 11.1/2 year old, slowly going blind and suffering from Cushing Disease, poor little blighter. We shall be looking after him for a month from mid-Jan to mid Feb in sunny Freemantle, after our two week house sit in Swanbourn looking after Raihman an American Staffy 🐶 and moggie 🐹. Weather was warm today but is fairly chilly this evening but definitely not complaining. Live long and prosper peeps 🦄

19 November 2017

At the Footy yesterday, Ireland leading til beginning of third quarter then Australia found their umphhhh and won by 3 points. It was quite exciting - never watched International Rules before, only played here.
We’re on our way to Fremantle to check in with our second house sit which starts 12th Jan looking after a dog called Jake who has Cushins Disease and all of his hair has fallen out😱 Poor little fella, know how he feels with my balding pate!

18 November 2017

G’day peeps 😜Sorry it’s been a few days since last update but things now finally settled drown. On our first night we stayed at “Moe Lv ❤️” B&B near the airport, small but clean and adequate. Booked an AirBnb on the 6th for three nights near Hillary’s Marina, but Airbnb decided to only take the one night, so host told me to get onto them about next two nights, which I did. Betwixt that we visited Farrah our last Trusted House Sit in Scarborough and the delightful Dave and Daisy (photos here), Tina, Airbnb host, rang me, the extra two days hadn’t gone thru but the night if the 17th was booked? Lot of tooing and froing going back and forth, Farrah then asked us to stay that night, the 16th, because we were chilling and the red vino was delicious, so next day go back and pack up our gear and ‘eh voila mon peti pois, we are back in beautiful Scarborough until we head to a Pinjarra in Friday for Bernard’s two week locum. No real major barnies yet but it is early days😜watch this space..

14 November 2017

A lovely man stopped his trolley and gave a lift to transfers. Bernard being frisked, always thought he looked a bit dubious😱 and us settling in for the last leg. We have now arrived and are in our B & B, unfortunately Bernard didn’t bring his IPhone and IPad charging cables so now there is a fraught battle for mine - at the moment I’m winning but gawd knows how long that will last? Night night 💤💤
At Doha airport, next leg starts at 02.35, hopefully we will not be TANNOYED like we were in a Dublin for being the last two passengers to board 👀👀👀 - Bernard just had to take a pit stop in the loo 😜

13 November 2017

Pre landing snack 🥂 WiFi at 40,000ft - wow ✨
The lounge Dublin Airport
Almost at the airport after a very fraught and tense morning. I found a comfortable position for my long legs but it does look a bit like I’m in position to give birth 😁

6 November 2017

Hello Peeps 🤗 Well tomorrow we start back downunder for the 4th time😎. Today has been a bit stressful but we will get there, if we don’t miss the bus for the flight! Which with Bernard’s slightly laid back attitude where he says to me “shust” and holds his hand up to me palm forward as if to stop traffic to tell me to calm down and back off arrrrhg 😡Just to let you know, being as laid back as Bernard is, we once missed a flight to Scotland and the return flight!!! Also missed ferry to the UK, been tanoyed at airports too many times to mention - no wonder I’m going bald 😱😱. So until the bus tomorrow, it’s goodnight from me and goodnight from him 💤💤

4 September 2017

My wonderful, loving and much loved passed away in England, am so far away in Australia but I love him so much and always will. Until we meet again Dad ❤️❤️❤️❤️💦💦💦💦

24 July 2017