South Korea · 4 Days · 8 Moments · February 2018

South Korea

11 February 2018

Took 5.5 hours train to here for the sunrise 🌅

11 February 2018

Dog cafe today!!!

10 February 2018

Only -4,5 degrees but feels like -10 degrees lol😭😭
Lunch today!!! Yummy and my favorite rice😋😋

9 February 2018

Skiing!!! So excited for this! I did play once before, that’s my second time. But still feeling excited, I almost forgot how to ski😭 Ski instructor said: don’t wear too much you will feel hot That’s true😂Even it’s only 4 degrees I felt soooo hot. It’s really a nice day for me!

8 February 2018

Our first dinner in Seoul! That’s my second time to eat this, really nice food! We just ordered 2 dishes, but they gave many things. And no service fee charge😆 $38,000WON
Outside: -13 degrees Inside the restaurant: 25 degrees It’s crazy