Cyprus, Canada · 130 Days · 3 Moments · June 2015

Chapter 4: Cyprus

28 October 2015

(Looking back)*** Out of the entire 2months, Cyprus was the place that took me most by surprise. It was extraordinary. From the home we stayed in, the food, weather, ocean and people, it was breathtaking. Staying with Easts proved to be a bit of a challenge as expected. It wasn't always easy finding time to be alone, but overall it really didn't bother us. That month flew by. Trips to the ocean, what seemed like endless days of tanning by the pool, reading a book and pondering life. Celebrating Laurie's 40th was a riot. The sunsets at the taverna, eating that food...ahh hard to describe. Thank you Jesus for allowing us to go. That trip helped shape me. P.S ZESTA SANDWICHES...

20 June 2015

The first week here has been wonderful. We've seen beautiful beaches, sunsets..the food here is ridiculous. The service is just as good. Kayla and so have spent a few days alone, looking for good places to eat and walk around, explore the new surroundings. I must say though, as much as I'm liking here, I feel restless. I feel that I need to get back home soon, that I need to get to work on music. It's been hard laying around, but I'm trying to learn to relax.
We arrived at 4:30am. At the Larnaca Airport, the sun hadn't come up yet. We were picked up by our taxi driver, we had no idea what we were in for. What we thought we were in for was a quick 25min drive to Parriklisia, what we got was a lost in translation ride for 2hrs or more trying to find the house where we would be staying for the month. After lots of road side assistance and guessing from the maps Laurie gave us before leaving London, we found. The sun was in its full golden glory, and we were stoked for sleep.