Switzerland · 2 Days · 10 Moments · May 2017

Chantelle's voyage in Poland

15 May 2017

One of my fav MTO learned to make perogies at Kogel Mogel a Michelin star restaurant. I got praised for my perfect perogi. Now only to make 1000 more to feed the contiki crew. Best day perogies twice this day!
More salt mines where we were encouraged to lick the walls. I even licked the statue of the pope cuz I'm a bad ass like that. Woke up with a sore throat so I'm saying the salt mines helped me.
More salt mines
They salt mines of Krakow
The market and town square of Krakow. And well of course I had to have perogies for lunch. They had potato and cheese, mushroom and spinach and cottage cheese I think. Emma has kelbassa and she said it was amazing
First day in Krakow and I have run out of underwear. So only one thing I could do is find the nearest laundry mat.

14 May 2017

Day sheets and maps for Krakow
On the bus trip from Vienna to Krakow we had the planned stop of visit to Achwitz. Such a heart breaking place with so much heartbreak and devastation. We went thru the first and initial concentration camp. We were able to see just the small portion of what happened to people and the mass amounts of people that were there. Items were the shoes one whole room of shoes. Some were beautiful ladies shoes that were probably quite expensive in the day. From ladies shoes to men's work boots to tiny baby/toddler shoes and what we saw was prob just a small amount. There was also the room of human hair that had been shaved from the ladies to be sold to make rugs and blankets. Also a lot of items that people brought with them such as pots and pans and trade tools and suitcases and clothes. These people thought they were being moved to a place they could make a new home. I think my heart broke this day. Also saw they had chambers and the cans of what they used in the gas chambers.
First night in Krakow we had a provided dinner at the hotel which was good but the boys were still hungry so after dinner Sian did a walking tour to the town square to show us where the bars were. Some boys in the group were still hungry so ducked into a pub with Jarryed, Ben, josh and Brandon and ordered a round of drinks and 3 burgers and a basket of fries and came to a grand total of $26 Usd so Brandon bought. The burgers were the size of lunchon plates. Glad I waked back with the boys sure I saw a guy taking a shit behind a magazine stand. Also they boys kept seeing the ladies with the red umbrellas and thought they were prostitutes but later found out they worked for strip clubs. Clubs that make men spend crazy amounts of cash like we're talking $250,000 USD
We stayed in the ibis budget hotel. And well these were prob the most interesting rooms. I bunked with a new girl dayna. An Aussie working in London as a nanny. But back to the room the shower walked out right to the middle of the room. So Dayna got close quickly to say the least. This hotel was great other wise the mall was close and the town square was a quick 15 min walk.