France · 1 Days · 3 Moments · May 2017

Chantelle's tour through Slovenia

18 May 2017

Once in the town of Ljubljana we were given a quick walking tour from Sian. We walked across the dragon bridge which tale be told that if a virgin walked across the bridge the dragons would wag their tails. Ended up settling on dinner at an Italian restaurant and a huge calzone that was filled with sour cream and ham and cheese. I did not finish it! After shared a room with Georgia.
Before heading to the accommodations we made a stop at lake bled. The views were amazing and it was a beautiful day. We found a cafe to have a coffee and a slice of lake bled cake. It was a piece of puff pastry over top of a custard with a crust like layer on the bottom. Soooooo goooood!!!!!!! 🤤. Such a beautiful spot!
On our way to the stop over in slovania. No bags off coach this night just an over night bag. I wish I could do an overnight bag every night!!!