Switzerland, Austria, France · 2 Days · 11 Moments · May 2017

Chantelle's tour through Austria

13 May 2017

Last day in Vienna and last day with Lili last stop together was the winter palace and saw some of the amazing gardens.
Last me time optional (MTO) in Vienna was the schnapps museum. Got to see the different types and different methods of how they were made. Best part we were able to try 3 types of schnapps. This really felt like it was contiki and was just taking us these places to upsell items. We had to pay to go to these places and than we were expected to buy products. Expensive MTO.
We went to visit the natural history museum of Vienna after we enjoyed Sacher cake. I traveled all this way to see a Canadian moose lol. And how about those crab legs sure would be tasty dipped in butter lol.
After the walking tour Georgia and Brandon were going to have the famous cake of Vienna Sacher cake Emma, Lili and myself tagged along. Sacher cake is a chocolate cake with an apricot filling and covered with a chocolate ganache. It was amazing we enjoyed with a cup of tea. As it was Mother's Day it brought back memories of the previous Mother's Day with mom and auntie in Victoria
Shenanigans in Vienna
This was last day with Lili. We tried our hardest to get her to continue on with the tour. But alas work came first for her. Oh well we have promised to visit each other. She had promised to take me to jersey shore to see those Guedos. GTL 4 life lol. Today was the first time we really reached a wall with the English language. We tried to order sandwiches at a grocery store and the lady working the deli didn't speak English. Oh well we found pizza that they made in store.
Next day we did a walking tour by Sian our contiki guide. Only day on our trip so far that it was pouring rain. We walked thru the winter palace (Donnerbrunnen) of Sisi. We were also close to the home of the white stallions that Vienna is famous for. We finished the walking tour at Swarovski store.

12 May 2017

After the concert we were given a free night in Praha theme park. Lily and Ainsleigh picked this crazy roller coaster which the cars were meant for 4 people I drew the short straw and got a seat alone. I ended up sliding g from one side of the seat to the other and ended up bruised on legs, hips and arms. The guy running the ride insisted that we get another go because it was not a good ride. The second go around of this roller coaster the cars rotated in circles so with 3 we were off balance and spun like crazy. One of the best nights we had to this point in the trip. Dinner this night consisted of French fries from the food stand. Other rides we partook in were the Ferris wheel, the lay down roller coaster and gas powered go carts.
Some of the cool sights of Vienna. The batcar and a cool hotel name
In the trip to Vienna we were able to go to see a classical music concert which included opera and ballet. The main violin in this concert was over 700 years old and had such an amazing sound. As with contiki we were able to meet some of the musicians from the orchestra and take a few photos with them.
The day sheets and maps of the city