Italy, Germany · 3 Days · 11 Moments · May 2017

Chantelle's journi to Germany

10 May 2017

Stop over in Dresden on our way to Prague. I have relatives form this area of Germany. Thanks to auntie Sheryl's good genealogical studies
A night out at the club across the road from the hostel. Ainsley and her shots ugh 😰.

9 May 2017

Afternoon walk Cold War Cold Drinks walking tour had a very eccentric tour guide from Aussie land. Made the tour fun and exciting. The stories of how the wall broke apart families was heart breaking also got to see once the Berlin Wall was built just what the devise looked like. With stories of hungry dogs that were trained to attack and also sniper towers for anyone trying to cross the wall. Stories of people being separated from parents and having children that haven't met grandparents until the falling of the wall 30-40years of separation. The thought of overnight just having a wall separating you from family and friends. Unthinkable in this day and age but with trump saying that he is going to build a wall between the US and Canada and Mexico a feeling of stepping back in the past and repeating mistakes of the past.
The foodie in me says to enjoy all these cities have to offer food wise. So when in Germany enjoy pretzels and also snitzel!
Walking tour of Berlin saw TV tower and the parliament building. Also saw the university square where the book burning occurred when Natzis took power and ordered for books to be burned. Saw the marq Alexander square and also a walk thru of the memorial of the murdered Jews of Europe. Also saw the location of Hitler's bunker which is just a parking lot. Lots of debate of what to do with the location. Germans were very hesitant to glorify such a hideous ruler all that stands in this place is a small information board. The bunker was said to have been blasted and cemented in.

8 May 2017

Just a few shots of the hostel we are staying at. The boys had Das Boot which was 2L of beer! 🍻
Berlin plus hostel is the coolest funkiest hostel! It has set my bar high for my expectations for what hostels should be. Glad that this is such a positive experience!
Some of the amazing art work on the Berlin Wall. The remaining part of the wall was right around the corner from our hostel the plus one hostel Berlin. Berlin has the coolest feeling. First taste of how laid back and chill European life is.
Berlin schedule
Just a few picks from first stop in Germany this is the first check point that was required during the war
Shared a room here with Elena, Lili