Italy, Netherlands · 2 Days · 9 Moments · May 2017

Chantelle's adventure in Netherlands

7 May 2017

Dinner in Volendam
River cruise with the contiki crew! Best thing bevies Included! 🍷
Stroopwaffles only have one description... fucking amazing!!!
4 hours free in Amsterdam! What to do well go to Heineken brewery and go to see the flower market and go see Anne Frank house too bad the line up was around the block!
Clogs and cheese! I'm coming home with my very own clogs!!! Haha just kidding just a key chain! Bike tour by Bike-a-Dyke
Drew the short straw and got top bunk! Luckily didn't fall out of bed last night! Could have been interesting if I would have had more to drink!

6 May 2017

A little cheat sheet to help us get around town
Amsterdam schedule
Shared a hostel room with Lili, Laura and Elena