United States of America · 4 Days · 9 Moments · June 2017

Channie's and Miriam's trip 2Port Angeles, WA

16 June 2017

So we made it ti the place that we will stay for one day it was so Awesome to sleep in a bed .

15 June 2017

At breakfast, I saw mountains with snow at I'll on them. We had French Toast. The best food on the train!
When I first looked out the window of the train and sawthe river, I thought "we are so close to the waterfall" a river means theres a waterfall probably. A few hors later, we never found a waterfall. Im super sad.

14 June 2017

Another stop alond the 2nd train headed to final destination
On the train still in CA saw the pretty water and cost line

13 June 2017

I was climbing on a brick wall at the first stop of Amtrak train ride to Washington. We stopped at Sanderson, Tx, this place and got off for 10 minutes and went back on

12 June 2017

I was .... so excited and scared at the same time. When we got on the train I was so impressed by what they had. I just wanted to scream.