Australia · 78 Days · 51 Moments · February 2017

Chandler Down Under

14 May 2017

took hair flip photos and i swam through the waterfall. it was incredible! our last stop was lake eucham where a crocodile lived but we went swimming anyway. so much fun hanging in the water and just floating. then i saw 6-7 turtles and baby turtles by fallen trees! they were so cute swimming around. then we got back on the bus and headed home to get dinner of pizza and pasta and burgers and eventually fall asleep.
Sunday funday! Today we woke up around 8 to head on our uncle brian's rainforest tour! first stop was this creek area where we jumped off a rock and swam around. it was so beautiful even though the water was a little cold. then it started raining and we got back on the bus. em and i sat together in the very back while adam and mall and rosie sat in the row in front of us. then we headed to josephine falls. i was exhausted but still got into the water and slid down the falls a couple of times. i had sid the guide spin me around so i was like a frisbee headed down the rock face. it was so so fun! i almost passed out from hunger but caught myself and then we travelled to lunch an hour away. we had chicken drumsticks and cous cous and it was all super good. then we got back on the bus and played a game where you have to pass a lifesaver from one match to another but have to keep the match in your mouth. it was actually pretty fun! then we got to milla milla falls where people took...

13 May 2017

WAHOOOO! we were snorkeling the great barrier reef!!!! we woke up early and got breakfast at coast roast and headed to the boat! we were all tired but also super excited. when we got on we met a nice couple and lady from sydney and an old lady who didn't talk. then i was called over to talk about my dive. turns out i was in a group of 5 instructors, the owner of the catamaran, and me. they said since i dove last year i was fine to be in that group when in reality we never actually made it to the dive in 2016 but i wanted to go on this one so i didn't tell them otherwise. then we headed out! i was super nervous and couldn't sink! denise had to pull me down and then allen had to hold my hand for parts so i wouldn't float away! it was so beautiful though. wow. i saw so many fish and we swam through coral caves and i was in complete and utter awe. then i ran out of air first so i had to surface and get a personal boat escort back to the ship. that's where i saw lil emmy in her stinger suit
me and it was super embarrassing! then i got a new wetsuit and did a second dive. i was getting into my gear and before i started having trouble bae came over to help me. he moved my hair and helped me get into my vest and flippers and we chatted about how it was his first day and i fell in love. then i went diving. this time i solved my problem but getting more weight and it was incredible! i still used up my oxygen pretty quickly buttttt i'm an excellent diver so that's cool! then i got back on the boat and got a corona and lied out and hung out wit my friends. i was in heaven! bae brought us cheese and crackers and it was delicious! then we were leaving and gathered our stuff. we went in to hug everyone and i went in for a hug with bae but sunglasses took it! then i hugged bae and complimented his first day and he smiled at me. :). then we went back and took naps and got fish and chips and beer for dinner for $15! then we went out with sabine and jazz and our room which was super!
...and hood and couldn't contain my laughter. then we snorkeled together and had a blast! i accidentally followed some girl with my go pro for like 15 min who i thought was em... oops. then we got back on the boat and mallory came up to me and told me "i think i peaked" and was so happy i loved it! then my wetsuit would not come off. the zipper was stuck and em and mall couldn't get it off! mall told me to ask the crew for help but i felt stupid and didn't want to ask one of the cute boys especially not the one boy i had a hugeeee crush on so i asked an older crew man instead. when he couldn't get it undone he told me to stay put and came back with scissors and called over my love and the other young crew members for a demo. he made me lie on my back and pretend i had passed out and needed to be resuscitated. he then had one of them hold my shoulders while he cut my wetsuit off down my back! then bae and sunglasses had to pull the sleeves of the wetsuit off and basically they undressed

12 May 2017

today was another great day! me em and saragot breakfast at the pancake house bc we didn't want to eat with marks lady friends. they didn't have mimosas but we got over it. then we went to palm cove beach where we swam in a little square and i thought that was hilarious. we all tanned and swam and talked and then everntjally got a late lunch at cactus mexican restaurant. we got burritos and margaritas for $20 and it was everything i could have hoped for and more! we were on vacation! then we took naps at home and then woke up to go out! we got our champagne again and watched the manhunt which was a men's fashion show which was fun. thenwe went to sleep.

11 May 2017

...and she got the girl on snap but i didn't unfortunately. she added paul on my snapchat too so now i can see what he looks like. then we went back to the room to pregame more with little fat lamb and wine. em and i didn't know the difference between circumcised and uncircumcised penises so we googled and talked about them for an hour or so. then we called faraz to see if jewish boys got circumcised and he said yes. then we went back to the bar and then adam and i got hungry so we left for mcdonalds. we were both super drunk but the food was so good. i then pulled a leaf out of a tree to give to emily so "she'll never "leaf me" because as you know i love em. great night!
today em and i woke up at 430 after going to sleep at 2 in order to get to our 7 am flight to cairns. we were both delirious on the plane and got mcdonalds bc yolo. i love em. then we got to cairns and to gilligans and realized it was actually pretty nice. we stored our stuff and went to jimmys where we got steins of pale ale and burgers. we were on vacation and em was having fun. then em felt sick so she went inside to chill and i tanned at the pool and actually got color! it was crazy! then we checked in and put our stuff in our room and took a nap bc we were exhausted. we met up with sara and mark and adam later and all went to dinner at fasta pasta after me em and sara got new bikini tops. mark brought a girl named sandy who was really cool but we were confused why she was there. then we went to ladies night at gilligans! we got 5 free glasses of champagne from shirtless men and girls went all out! one girl wore just stickers over her nipples! em and i switched snapchats 4the nite

10 May 2017

sam came to town! i went to dinner w him and faraz and kloey and mark at sushi train! i was super hungover from the night before but sam convinced me to go out anyway. i like sam he's great. then we went to frankie's pizza and kloey left and patience came with us. we hung out and talked and danced and then i took a cab home because i became a fifth wheel. how does this happen? i will never know. i met my fifth club owner that night but granted he very well could've been lying. the only way to know is to say his name at the door of the club and hope it works. fingers crossed.

8 May 2017

scubar monday. a night for the books always. this scubar monday was a hit! everyone was getting ready to go out to scubar sidebar or snakehips! we pregamed at cleveland st and then when i came back downstairs me kloey olan and caleb couldn't find everyone so we left for the scu. it was empty and olan wanted to leave but i wouldn't allow it. i danced around and did the worm (which i do too often nowadays) and requested songs. i then got free drink coupons for dancing well and being nice and asking and for caleb saying it was my birthday. then they asked who wanted to be the hermit crab race volunteer and i ran to the stage to do the honors! i helped the crabs escape the big metal bowl and stood there looking cute. then i got another free drink coupon! yay me! then shit went down and i left to maccas for comfort food. i ran into a girl i knew who told me i was "face and body goals" and "so fucking pretty." and that my friends at the table "would be lucky to have me" when asked if togethe

7 May 2017

last day we woke up to our beautiful campsite and headed out to kangaroo valley downtown (which means two shops) and got breakfast at a beautiful cafe. then we rented kayaks and headed to the river! the water was pretty cold but we warmed up quickly exercising and rowing through rapids. we decided we wanted to jump in the water so we did. it was super cold and hard to get back in the kayaks. hailey went to get just her hair wet and accidentally fell in! it was so funny! then we got back in our car and headed home. we had a great trip but we were also excited to sleep in beds and just be home to rest awhile.

6 May 2017

we woke up for the sunrise and it was totally worth it! we walked our two steps to the beach and saw the most wonderful oranges and reds and pinks fill the sky. we were exhausted so we went to get coffee and then decided to just park our car and sleep in the trunk for a couple hours. when we woke up we headed on a walk to hyams beach with nasa approved whitest sand in the whole world! man the sand was whiter than we were (and we were being super basic). then we decided to get fish and chips for dinner and headed to kangaroo valley to sleep. i found a random campsite that was free so we pulled in and immediately saw two wallabies! they were so cute! then we kept going and saw wombats!! so many wombats!! we got within a foot of them and wanted to pet them but they have mange so we didn't. then we drank more goon and more beer and watched were the millers and moana. we lived the life! wombats around us and wine in us!

5 May 2017

today hailey and i headed to jervis bay on our weekend road trip! we got our wicked camper and got on the road. we had lunch in bulli and looked at the beautiful world we live in. we sang our hearts out in the car and hailey is actually a good singer so i sounded really bad in comparison. then we went to honeymoon bay to watch the sunset. it was beautiful! we then got pasta dinner and it was so so good! it was a vodka sauce with bacon that filled our hearts and stomachs with love. then we parked our car in a random parking lot and were anxious all night we would get fined but decided ah well and drank our mexican beer and goon for cinco de mayo. we watched the first couple minutes of moana and then went to sleep.

1 May 2017

milk beach! today me and em and kelsey went to milk beach to tan and then watch the sunset. i started at shark beach swimming laps and ran into sara who just happened to be there which was super weird! we saw body builders have a photo shoot and i guess they were super famous but i'd never seen them. then we went to rose bay to get food and i got a $12 t bone and it was dank. we then took the ferry home and it was so beautiful and i was so happy and i really enjoyed that whole experience.

29 April 2017

tonight we went to the rose hotel, me em alex mark adam hailey sara and matt and drank beer and hung out. we were all laughing and talking and em and i even got kinda drunk oops and were all having a great time. annoying people were being a little annoying but we got over that quickly. then we went back to dean and alexs room where we watched pillow talking with a bitch by lil dicky and hung out. it was such a fun night we have to do that more!

25 April 2017

Bondi to Coogee Coastal Walk!! Dad found out that bondi means "water hitting rock" and told me australia is a poor mans hawaii
Happy anzac day!!! no class no work no worries! today i woke up early to pregame and since everyone was asleep i went to get groceries but alas the stores are closed that day so instead i rode the escalators in the broadway mall for awhile and then got a slurpee to put my vodka in. i drank that in overalls and felt like a child but like a cool child who runs the playground so it's chill. the me hailey and mall headed to a hotel to play two up. we saw jack the gsi on the bus and he gave us bad directions so we all ubered together to the hotel. me hailey and mall played a couple rounds of two up and i won twice lost once coming out with ten dollars. mall broke even and was so happy and i was happy she was happy. then we went to the rugby union game dragons vs sydney roasters. there was a beautiful double rainbow over the stadium and hailey and i drank pocket vodka. then hailey and i got sushi train and headed back home to sleep bc we were exhausted

17 April 2017

today was another kloey battista villagio party and it was lit! mal and i wore our best outfits (jk) and then got mini bottles of champagne and drank those along with goon. then lia and joey came! it was super fun to see them and we hung out as a cabin! then there was a beer pong game that had one cup left on both sides. i asked if i could celeb shot and missed but it came back to me so i shot again with my left hand and it made it and i won the game! it was awesome!!! so proud of myself! then people went to marley and people went home and i was one of those that went home

11 April 2017

today we celebrated devs birthday by pregaming in her flat. kloey and i split a bag of goon (as we do) and dev gave us a lot of tequila when we got to her place. kloey and i really only talked to each other which was fine and actually kind of preferred because we didn't really know people there. then everyone said they wanted to go to the sheaf instead of the establishment but klo called an uber for establishment because we'd never been. it was a cool venue where we danced a bunch and people salsa danced! then we uber ed to the sheaf or thought we did and kloey had to pee so we walked into a restaurant kitchen and asked these random bus boys if she could pee and then we all became friends and they made us a gourmet pizza and pasta with vodka sauce and bacon for free! like no money! then we left the restaurant but not after klo gave the owner a quick kiss goodbye. a night for the books
tonight was quite the night. it started with a pregame in devs room for her 21st! she was drinking jose and feeling herself and it was fantastic! kloey and i were splitting goon (what else is new) and then split some of devs tequila! then we pregamed a little longer in the indiana boys room and i made everyone slap the bag multiple times. then everyone decided to head to world bar but kloey said no we're going to the establishment so me and her went there instead. it was super cool inside! people were salsa dancing and having a great time and we were feeling ourselves! then we moved to world bar but our uber dropped us off a little ways away so we walked and ended up in the kitchen of a restaurant to use the bathroom and in no time they were making us gourmet pizza and pasta for free! klo and i were having such a great night and i even recorded myself recanting the night so as to never forget it

9 April 2017

coogee beach day when it's 80 degrees!! it was pretty crowded but the weather was awesome so it's totally fine! faraz mal and i lied down and these tweens came over and sat right next to us! we were annoyed because they wouldn't shut up and were listening to songs like hollaback girl really loud and then their friends came and they had their feet on my towel, so we had to move. then mark and sam and hailey met up with us and hailey mark and i climbed this big hill to get really good burgers and fries! then we went to clovelly beach which is a beach in between concrete slabs and it was so cool! the water was so clear and we stayed there until around 5 or so when it got cold. then we went home very satisfied after a fun day

8 April 2017

today faraz mal and i went to this really cute farmers market in redfern. it was at an abandoned train station and it was really cool! faraz and mal got what they call the best burgers ever while i got a coffee because i had already eaten. it was really cute there i'm definitely going back. then we headed off to the good ol library and the rest is history

7 April 2017

today i woke up early and headed to avalon beach to meet up with faraz and bonnie and allie. it took 2 hours by bus and train and walking to get to avalon but it was worth it bc it was beautiful! we couldn't swim there so we picked up some one fifty lashes and headed to our next stop of whale beach. faraz and i stopped at some pricey restaurant for steak sandwiches that were out of this world and we headed down a big hill to get to the beach. it was incredible! the water had a bit of a rip and bonnie got caught in it so the hot lifeguard kicked us out of the water. then old people told us we were being disruptive so when mark and mallory showed up we headed to our last stop palm beach. this beach is seriously incredible. so so so beautiful wow! then we headed up to the lighthouse where you could see the beach and the bay at the same time! it was honestly incredible! we listened to fire and the flood and laughed and i was so happy. friends and beaches are really all i need i loved it!

3 April 2017

today was a rough day considering the amount of goon i drank the night before buttttt i powered through for scubar monday because it wasn't an option not to. kloey olan and i drank our goon at the villagio and then on the bus on the way to scubar. olan didn't get into scubar so klo and i went in for a second and took a picture and left for side bar. they went off to dance and i talked to three boys who all bought me drinks which was nice. i then told them i had to leave bc my friends fell and they didn't believe me until they saw security picking them off the ground and kicking them out. they were drunk and so i called them an uber and then called molly and walked home. an hour after wandering around i realized i was lost so i called myself an uber and had him drive me through maccas it was a splendid night

2 April 2017

today we woke up in our hostel to prepare for our trip to the grampians. we slept on the bus again and saw incredible views of valleys and waterfalls and lakes and streams! we were tired but super happy to see the views. then we had lunch in a random town at the cheeky fox and i got fish and chips of course. then we got on a motor coach to go to adelaide. it was a 4-5 hour drive and we were all very tired yet restless and were driving through the middle of nowhere and were not very happy to be going to adelaide. we finally got there around 630 bc there is a half hour time difference in adelaide which is weird. we got dinner at an italian restaurant called la trattoria that was pretty good! then we called and uber and i asked him to take us to a bottle shop and he brought us to a drive through liquorland!! it was awesome! we got our goon and headed to room 24 where we got drunk and i danced a lot and played kings cup and had to end sentences w in my ass! security rolled our party tho

1 April 2017

... 60 year old winnie and jill from newcastle and nottingham. They were retired math teachers and were super nice and funny. Jill slept below me and winnie slept below mallory. We drank half our bottles of wine and then em fell asleep in a matter of minutes. apparently hailey and mal couldn't sleep because winnie and jill snored very loudly. they thought it was me for a minute and so did i until i held my breath and realized it wasn't me.
we woke up early to get on our bus and headed to he great ocean road! i was number 169 at mcdonald's and i thought that was way funnier than it was. We got on our bus and started on our hop on hop off tour of the great ocean road. Hailey fell asleep and her head bobbed all over the place and it was so funny! We kept being the last ones to get back on the bus and the driver said he would charge us next time oops but at least i got a really cool black hat! we saw the twelve apostles, loch gorge, the fallen london bridge, and lots of other really cool natural oceanic structures! The our was actually super tiring and we did a lotttt of driving and we got super hungry but eventually got burgers and three bottles of whispers wine. Then we went to the hostel and on the way the driver ross played led zeppelin and bruce springsteen etc covers by a banjo and a man and em looked like she wanted to die and asked him to press next. he didn't. we ended up sharing a room...

31 March 2017

... that just woke me up! then we went to have lunch at this really good place called atta boy and got delicious burgers! em got a chicken burger without the chicken add beef and we laughed at her but i guess it was really good. We then walked around melbourne and went to the lulu lemon outlet by taking the cool tram system. I got a cool sports bra for $20 USD! Then mal em hailey and i went to the botanical gardens and i was tired so i was kinda cranky and annoyed for no reason. Then we went to sushi train with em's friend from school and ended up getting sogi in a pineapple and it was super good! then we went to the afl swans vs bulldogs game. When we got there i threw up in the bathroom from food poisoning but then felt better and went to the game and eventually got a beer. Then hailey went out and i went back to the hostel and my top bunk. I said hello to my asian bunk mate but she didn't understand me which made me feel like i was back in room 111. I then slept w the lights on
So the night was thursday the 30th and mal em adam faraz kevin and i arrived at the airport for our 10pm flight. Em and I got two beers each (stella because we were feeling cla$$y) and got kind of tipsy. This weird guy tried to talk to us at the airport but we made adam make him go away and then we all sat and waited as our plane was delayed and then what do ya know cancelled! we ran to the help desk and faraz worked his lovely magic and got us tickets on a flight the next day at 7. Apparently i was on a different flight than everyone else the whole time and mine wasn't cancelled but the lady just gave me some judgemental looks and switched my ticket for free! I felt so so dumb and my friends had to console me. The next morning we were up and on the plane to melbourne! We got there and of course I went to the wrong nomads hostel so it took me an extra 30 min to get there. I talked to isabelle on the phone and she seemed so excited about ucsb that i was really tired from the day but....

27 March 2017

Class when it's 80 degrees outside? no thank you! bondi beach instead! Monday was too beautiful to go to class so instead i went to bondi with kloey sara olan and caleb. The water was incredibly clear and there were no clouds in the sky. It was just the perfect beach day! I swam forever and tanned and swam and ate some fish and chips and just was so so happy! After being there from 12-6 we headed back home to get ready for scubar monday! I met up with kloey and olan at the bus in new town and we slapped the bag on the bus. Then we got to darling harbor urbanest which is so nice! After an hour or so of pregaming we headed out to scubar. Once there i played what are the odds with caleb and made him drink a lot of random drinks #sorrynotsorry. It was a really fun night dancing and laughing and then i ended up walking home and talking to isabelle on the phone. One of my favorite days here so far for sure!

26 March 2017

today we got to hike on our own which was pretty sweet. Cabin 4 stopped to look at the views and to stand under a waterfall because that's what we do. The path was beautiful and we were laughing all the way to the lunch spot at another waterfall. We wanted to swim in it but alas it was too dangerous so we stayed there for awhile and just hung out. We finally got to more stairs that seemed to never end. At this point our butts were super sore and we were ready to be done. We finally finished our third day of hiking and Pete gave us a really cute congratulations speech about being ourselves and not caring about what others think of us. Then we got on the train where i had to sit on the floor because it was so crowded until someone got up and i could sit next to kloey. 2 hours later we made it back to the nest and then headed to dinner at urbanbites. It was fun catching up with the people at surf camp and just hanging out. Exhausted and content I went to sleep around midnight

25 March 2017

.... the waterfall was incredible! then we looked up and what did we see? more stairs. so we had to climb those to the top! this time i had my inhaler so i was more confident but also more tired from having to hike 8 hours! mary kate was scared of the heights but ended up doing great! i stopped to look at the views and finally made it to the top where the boys had made a tunnel for us to run under. then we made some more dinner and drank our other bottle of wine and had a nice and relaxing night. we reflected on our day and i really do feel better for it. pete said to never care what others think of you just how you think of yourself which i really like to hear. then we sat around the campfire again and it was so nice and relaxing! then we went to sleep pretty early while lia and joey tried to work our impossible fire place sorry guys. Kloey and I exchanged the hot goss as per usual and then went to sleep.
Today we woke up at 7 to go on an even harder hike. We got on the bus and ptfod the whole 45 min and then broke up into our groups for the day. we were cabin 2 again which was sickkkk and pete was with us. We hiked through rocks and through bush and pokey plants and creeks. i fell into them with my shoes but kloey fell a lot in general. lia fell and joey saw her fall so she kept rolling on her back which was so funny. pete thought kloey's pink backpack was really funny and i thought that was funny. we then ate lunch at beautiful swimming holes and then heading up and down stairs for so long! i got to talk with pete for awhile which was cool and i told him he looked like the old blake his shirt and i don't think he liked that. saw awaterfall that i almost walked past but then decided to stop and look at it and then put my head under it! it was so fun and was super energizing and i got others to do it too! then we finally saw the wow factor which was this gorgeous waterfall! cont.....

24 March 2017

today i woke up at 630 am to head to the blue mountains for my outdoor education class. we got on the train and got there around 10ish. Then we went hiking. Kloey and I were in cabin 4 and we hiked with cabin 2. Sam was our leader and we were a group of strong girls! the hike was incredible and then there was this hole you could crawl through and i didn't want to but then sam said it was a competition so i went and then our whole group went! lia didn't think her head would fit but it did. Then we had to go up the great stairway aka 1000 stairs. I had a hard time breathing and sam said it was okay and followed me all the way up. We ended with a view of the three sisters and it was incredible! Then we went to coles to get food and alcohol and kloey and i each got a bottle of $5 wine. We got to our accommodation and unpacked and cooked and used kloey's fun pen before heading to hang at the campfire with vera and sara and jon and sam and jimmy and we roasted marshmallows. It was a good day

20 March 2017

today was a very typical day on campus to begin with. i ate lunch with faraz and carlo and got blisters on my feet from my birkenstocks so i had to wear socks with them. then faraz and i decided we wanted to explore. we ran into sam who was writing criss cross apple sauce on a little rock bench on campus and he came with us. we went into one building that was cool but then we found a super cool building with an awesome doorway and seemed to be an anatomy building. then we ran into this random professor who let us into this back room museum where we saw skulls and full skeletons and bones of people! we also saw skulls of kangaroos, dugongs, tasmanian devils, deer, turtles, and so many others. it was super cool!

19 March 2017

today i went to royal national park with my class. i had a viral infection so breathing was kinda hard so i let pete and jack (professor and gsi) that i would be kinda slow and they said it was okay. kloey and i slept the entire bus ride there which was nice. then we went off and saw a really cool rock formation called wedding cake rock and lots of weathered sandstone that was super cool. JP took a selfie and i caught it on camera which i thought was funny but i don't know if he did. then we went to marley beach and little marley beach and i got to show people firsthand what blue bottles can do to you. then we ended at a cute swimming hole where i went swimming. it was so refreshing and such a nice day for it. i loved it! kloey and i were super tired on the bus ride home. then i went to dinner at broadway mall market area and got a kids burger and fries that was delicious.

18 March 2017

today i went to the glebe street markets with madeline. i bought a really cool ring with a sun on it and got the best popsicle ever made with watermelon and lime and mint! it was a really cool market and this girl was singing all these songs i like including fix you and rocket man. great day!

15 March 2017

today i went to the engineer pub crawl and it was my first excursion after being essentially deathly ill for 4 days. I made it to one bar and then had to leave because i was feeling sick again but it was still a fun time. crystal drank 4 beers

10 March 2017

tonight was kloey's party and it was a blasttttt! i won beer pong with ellie but then we lost the next game which was a bummer. I saw a guy there who looked exactly like a guy from my high school. so weird

9 March 2017

Today i went to the royal national park with mark and hailey. we took two different trains and still got lost until we found Julie Anne, a very nice woman with a very large dog who gave us a ride to the start of the hike to the figure 8 pools. she was so nice and gave us her card to call her when we got back to make sure we were safe. It was the most beautiful hike ever! we hiked through the jungle (having to look out for leeches) and saw streams and creeks and cool birds! we also got the coolest view of rainforest and ocean! after an hour of hiking we came out of the rainforest area and walked along a raised platform over a grassland. that was beautiful!! we finally got to the pools after 2 hours of hiking but at this point the tide was super high so we had to stay back in order to see them and not get pummeled by the huge surf! we then headed back with limited water and for me a heavy heavy backpack and the hike was a lot of uphill that i didn't think i could make. it was a gr8 day!

6 March 2017

It was my Bondi Beach Birthday! Today I didn't have class so I went to Bondi by myself to celebrate 21!!! I got a lovely salad and cocktail and sat on the beach even though it was super super windy. I was so at peace it was lovely. I just sat there with my thoughts and the beautiful scenery and was just in such peace. Then i made my way back to Redfern and went to urbanbites for dinner. Dev bought me shots while we waited and the waiter gave me a double because it was my birthday. Then they gave me a bucket of coronitas for free because they couldn't sell them but i think it's because it was my birthday :). Then mark and adam and devon and crystal and sam all came out with me to scubar where i had a great time! it was a wonderful wonderful birthday!!

5 March 2017

today was the UNC duke basketball game so we went to a bar in the city to watch it with other north carolina fans and alum. north caroline ended up winning which was awesome! it was a great game! then we went shopping in the mall near there and i got a very cute shirt and a pair of shorts. then we went out for sarah's birthday in new town at a college party. it was almost my birthday (at midnight) so dev bought me so many drinks there and we danced around and met weird boys with fake irish accents and felt like freshmen. we left and looked for a place to go to celebrate midnight but it was sunday so everywhere was closed so we brought shots into the room where adam and jp and mark were watching surfs up and took them at midnight. it was honestly pretty fun!

4 March 2017

today i had brunch with faraz and mackenzie and it was delicious! i don't remember the name of the place but i really wish i did. then i went straight to kloey's friend's penthouse with the coolest view of the harbor and the bridge! it was incredible even though it was foggy! then we went to the aquarium where we saw penguins and sharks and rays and a dugong which was the aquariums pride and joy. we got to ride in a little boat through the penguin exhibit which was super cool literally and figuratively. after that we went to this bar area near the harbor and kloey and i split fish and chips and salad and got beer. the aquarium lady said that they put shark in the fish and chips unless you ask for the catch of the day but we didn't know whether to believe her or not so we ordered them anyway. then i had people over to pregame before the mardi gras gay pride parade. my flat mate shang came out and when JP tried to be nice and talk to him shang was very rude. then we went to the marly

3 March 2017

today i went on the engineer pub crawl and joined the engineer society. I made some friends and got drunk for so cheap! i had no idea that engineers could party so hard! i met a boy who was super cute but then i lost him because i had to pee which was definitely a bummer but i got over it. then faraz said he would walk me home but actually he just walked me to his home where me him and mackenzie drank some wine and he drew a fake tattoo on my foot that everyone thought was real. i was too tired to go home so instead i slept on his couch and mackenzie gave me a pillow and blanket which was awesomeeee

2 March 2017

today i went to coogee and tanned. i got super burnt and my jellyfish stings looked nasty but i had a very nice time and mallory asked to take pictures of me so i must have looked good. then we went to ivy and sam and adam took a cute roommate pic so i made emily take one with me even though we aren't roommates. ivy was super cool and some guy gave me his email address to talk about donald trump with him. that was weird. another guy came up to me and he was bald and old and gross and em told him to "fuck off please" that was awesome!

1 March 2017

today was the first day of orientation week and it was so fun! i got coke in bottles made of ice and hung out with my mate abroad Laurie! she is very cool and invited me to an engineer pub crawl on friday so that's cool!

28 February 2017

went to manly for the day and it was beautiful! it rained for a little but i still got burnttt i also got stung by a blue bottle jelly which hurt really bad and in trying to get it off got stung again on my hand. don't try that at home

26 February 2017

today we went on a dolphin cruise in port stephens which was super fun! i went down the water slide first so i got a free drink but unfortunately some of the others got gnarly jellyfish stings. then we went sanduning nearby which was very fun and they even had a couple of us use their go pros to film for their company!

25 February 2017

the accommodation was in a beautiful area near the most incredible bungalows and a super fun bachelor party
wine and beer tasting at two vineyards and a brewery!
Started the day at the reptile park where i met koalas, crocodiles, kangaroos, and lots of birds!