North America · 3 Days · 14 Moments · September 2015

5 yr Anniversary trip to Puerto Rico

26 September 2015

Dinner and a magician!
Yes it was soooo worth it! Loved everything about this place, the doors are just my kind of rustic.
The LONG LONG walk to the second castle!! All along not sure if it's even worth it, where is the tram car when you need it.
Chaka being Chaka pulling a "Humty Dumpty" on the, luckily, very steady wall.😜
We took the long walkπŸ˜­πŸ˜– to Old San Juan to go check out this incredible forte it provided timeless backdrops and just the unforgettable splendor of our surroundings. So worth the walk!
Pool loving!! What a lovely and fun day this is turning out to be.
Had amazing selfie moments on the beach and spoke with the kids.
Starting Day 2! Had a better breakfast than we did yesterday.

25 September 2015

24 September 2015

Travel from Boston to arrival in San Juan