North America, Asia, Africa · 22 Days · 24 Moments · July 2017

Kudzi's wedding SA and Zim

22 August 2017

Holiday is finally over. Said bye to Ma Met Sello for breakfast Stopped over in Doha

21 August 2017

Went to visit sis Jabu and fam. Met simo, Budi pat, Sipho and Andile

20 August 2017

Spent the night at the Meikles hotel. Had dinner at La Fontaine Met the Kutshwa girls out and about Breakfast was great Got shuttle to the airport Eventually left Zim Bags were lost by SAA Spent the night at Gillian's Met Innocent and his Wife

19 August 2017

Time to leave for SA so Fadzi's bf George comes to pick us up and take me to H. Only to get to the airport and all flights have been stopped due to some permit conflict but I think it was over the Grace Mugabe row.
Amai home is finished
Viewing the homes in Kings peak farm
Guest house is broken into

18 August 2017

Dipping the Cattle Fadzi arrives Sasha arrives The jazz show that did not happen Outing in Chinhoyi Vimbai clothes arrive.
Haircut and day out in Chinhoyi

16 August 2017

Stopped to see BZ on the road back from Caves then stopped by the Chafausipo home to see Ej
Caves trip with Vimbai JR
Morning Jog in Chinhoyi and Doc gets returned to Harare for treatment

15 August 2017

Trip to Harare to buy car parts. Masimba stops by coming from visiting his mum.

14 August 2017

Amai and her winnings Car repairs begin

13 August 2017

Day spent at the Chinhoyi show then BBQ at the house with the Minimini boys.

12 August 2017

The wedding: A lot happened today, we started the church wedding at 12pm then went to the venue for lunch. On the way from Harare, Vimbai, Kundai and Tendai had car problems with the Pajero breaking down on the way. Seems to be a head gasket issue. The car sent to tow them also runs out of fuel. Anyway they eventually make it and celebrate Kudzai and Sindiso's wedding.

10 August 2017

Several days rolled into one - watching Ma steps - BBQ at the Kutshwa's - BBQ at the Kureva's - Sekuru D.C. Visits - moneygram transfer deal with Marvin to his brother Obriel - gave me $400 in Zim coins

9 August 2017

Things around Chinhoyi - getting the lights fixed on the car - began project to tiling - began ceiling and wardrobe repair job - began paint job

6 August 2017

Harare trip, to pick up the groceries that I bought in SA and had delivered by bus to Zim. Did a few things today: - met up with Rumbi at her daughters gymnastics event - met up with Nomsa Mafaindi to drop off the bag sent by Jedza - went to Roadport to pick up bags with Bito.

5 August 2017

First outing with Marvin and Vincent I'm Chinhoyi. We go to the Marvins shop and they no longer sell drinks so we decide to go CSC club and we gocha Nyama there - the place is really dirty and dingy but this is Chinhoyi. We meet some guys there whose car runs out of fuel and we drive around trying to help them before ending up at Club Empire to watch Tocky Vibes. Fun evening.

4 August 2017

Arrival in Zimbabwe and Bens uncle Chris who was supposed to bring the car rental is no where to be seen so I catch a cab to Monomutapa hotel to wait for him $20. Eventually the dude arrives at 11:30pm and I go to drop him off at his house Before driving to Chinhoyi in the middle of the night. Eventually getting home around 3am.

3 August 2017

Day one of my trip has started well. I met up with Rocky and his brother Ronny for breakfast and we went to a spot near four ways - I don't recall the name but of course I was treated to the typical African breakfast. Wow. Then TK and I headed off to do grocery shopping for the next leg in Zimbabwe at Makro. Rocky will pick me up around 3pm to go and see his new build. Went to see Rockys new house construction... wow I love it. It's a double story mansion just down the road from his current home. They hope to complete it by year end. After a bottle of Glenfidich Rockys accompanies me to visit my cousin Donald. We have dinner with Donny before he drops me off at home in four ways. What a day.

1 August 2017

Stop over in Doha. Found a lounge called the ORYX which was actually not bad. For $50 they have a shower, free food and drink (including limited alcoholic beverages) and a quiet room where I got a few hours sleep. It's not a hotel or anything but it will do for the 6hrs that they give you. Man the shower was refreshing after 14hrs in the air

31 July 2017

Finally it's time to leave for Africa via Doha (Qatar). This trip has had its fair share of complications from almost not happening due to the Mwanashes birth certificate being unavailable to flight changes. Anyway here I go.