Hong Kong S.A.R., Thailand · 2 Days · 16 Moments · February 2019

Chaing Mai, Thailand

16 February 2019

after grand canyon, we went back to hotel for shower, then we started our next journey to ninman road area for night activities. this area was about 30 minutes from hotel by driving. the side street where we parked our car was filled with very nice service apartments. truly nice, believe me. ninman road was an area filled with restaurants, and the one we went to was named kao soy which was famous for curry noodles.
we were not aware that grand canyon was having 2 parks: grand canyon beach, and grand canyon water park with different sport activities. we went into grand canyon beach, and the total fee for enjoy of all activites was 700B for 2 which included swimming, canoeing and zip line. the zip line alone costed for 500B for 2 already. met with 2 little girls from france who played zip line with us in the same group. they were 2 pretty girls.
2nd day in chiang mai the original plan was to get up at 7:30am, breakfast in the hotel, then went to grand canyon for water sports. but because too tired in the 1st day, could only get up at 10:00am. plan was jeopardised that we could only take lunch in grand canyon.

15 February 2019

living area

15 February 2019

first dinner in chiang mai. the restaurant is located in an area named walking street. it's about 30 minutes drive from hotel. food is good, and it's less expensive.
we booked a car online from eurocar, such that we have to go back to chiang mai airport to pick it up. damage is found in some areas of the car. and they are recorded.
some views in corner spa hotel. this hotel is considered as a resort, but it doesnt deserve unfortunately. no facility at all except for 2 small swimming pools, and a small canteen. hotel room is spacious, it is divided into living and sleeping areas and sized for 70 sq. m. but again, there is only 1 tv in the living area.
first lunch in chiang mai. in corner spy hotel. taste is good or may be we are too hungry, but the portion is rarher small. price is inexpensive when comparing to hk
corner spa resort hotel where we are staying
chiang mai international airport
finished breakfast around 10:05, and got to the gate around 10:25. almost missed the flight cos going to washroom. felt ashamed to all the passengers on the same flight that they had to wait for us
breakfast done
checking in
way to airport from home. the flight departs at 10:30