Germany, Thailand · 35 Days · 11 Moments · January 2017

Celina's Journi nach Thailand

27 February 2017

Nobody can tell you how you can find it and where you can find it but you have to experience it by yourself Traveling changes you Travel as much as you can Be happy with just your backpack You don't need a luxurious place to sleep you just need a place to sleep It doesnt matter anymore if there are ants or bugs in the place you eat You don't care anymore and this is fucking awesome You learn that it doesn't have to be completely clean also when that sounds gross but it's okay it doesn't matter I had the time of my life and I can't tell how much I appreciate that I was never that happy before in my life
What I learned during my travel: Playing pool Driving a motorbike Improved my English Scuba diving Speaking to random people everywhere and every time and just join people we are all sitting in the same boat and everyone is glad when somebody is talking to them Being yourself and being comfortable with yourself Love yourself! Love yourself without make up Give a shit about what people are thinking Just say what you want to say and be happy with it Enjoying the moment Playing cards Watching the stars and how different the star constellation is Watching the sunset every fucking day Be happy and find your happy place You don't have to follow the book The most important thing is finding your happiness

18 February 2017

Time of my life 🐚🌊⚓️

5 February 2017

THIS IS KOH PHI PHI 👋🏼 bye bye happy place! Off to Koh Tao! Waren verrückte Tage hier in Koh Phi Phi. Es ist wirklich eine verrückte Insel; einerseits denke ich, dass ich nie im Leben eine schönere Natur sehen werde, wie ich es hier getan habe und dafür bin ich so dankbar und fühle mich so gesegnet, dass ich das alles sehen durfte. Andererseits ist Koh Phi Phi die krasseste Partyinsel und ich freue mich auch schon wieder auf ein paar ruhige Tage. Ich habe wunderbare Menschen kennen gelernt; und sogar Karoline, die viele von meinen Freunden kennt. CHEERS KOH PHI PHI

3 February 2017

Finally arrived in Phuket :) Nachdem ich meinen Flug verpasst habe und alles ein bisschen darunter und drüber gelaufen ist bin ich endlich in Phuket und genieße ein wenig die Sonne ☀️ Chiang Mai war so toll ich bin so traurig dass ich gehen musste ich hab so unglaublich coole Leute kennen gelernt und es war einfach der Wahnsinn ☺💕

31 January 2017

Chiang Mai - you have my heart 💕🌴🐘

26 January 2017

Day 3/37 - Ayutthaya ☺ today I travelled to this lovely city which actually felt a little bit like being in templerun 😅 we took the bike today to go everywhere and it was so fun :) but also we went to the poor streets which maked us sad to see how people and especially sick and old people have to live.. but the coolest part of the city is that it is full of cute dogs 🐶

25 January 2017

Perfect Bangkok Day 🙏🏻 We had randomly the chance to be part of a ceremony in a small temple; We went to the kings palace, Wat Phra Karo and to the temple Wat Pho 🍲

24 January 2017

Erster Tag in Bangkok - anstrengend, dreckig, viel los, aber die Tempelanlagen zwischen drinnen sind kleine Ruheoasen zur Erholung

23 January 2017

Erster Stopp - Cairo ☀️ Langsam steigt die Aufregung.. Gerade noch schnell das erste Hostel gebucht in Bangkok und hoffe, dass alles klappt und ich mich zurecht finden werde 🙈 schon ein komisches Gefühl, wenn man weiß, dass man die Sprache dort nicht beherrscht.