South Africa · 5 Days · 7 Moments · July 2016

Celicia's trip to Durban, AIDS Conference

20 July 2016

Sitting in the plenary at AIDS2016. I was with it for the first two plenary speakers, but the 3rd one is about vaccines. Even though the speaker is speaking in English, it sounds like Greek to me. Or Mandarin. Something that I cannot decipher. I am just once again happy to live in a world where enough people understand this, and are working towards an efficacious HIV vaccine.

19 July 2016

Amazing to think that this is the 21st International AIDS Conference. And remembering that we have been talking about HIV since the early 80s - essentially 3/4 of my life. We certainly have come a long way, but it is amazing to think that despite all the action and money and talking, infection rates are still high, and only half of the people who need it are on ART.
My friend Yogan listening intently.

17 July 2016

Morning plenary session at Day 2 of TB2016. Listening to my BFF Yogan Pillay talking about a TB Think Tank the Department of Health established. As usual a measured input.

16 July 2016

In the TB meeting. It is perplexing to me why TB does not get the attention (money, and research enthusiasm) that it deserves. TB accounts for the majority of deaths in people with HIV, so fixing TB diagnostics and treatment options seem like a no-brainer. Come on people, get it together!
Always weird when an app has you traveling to a country you are living in 😏 Well, I am in Durban for the 2016 International AIDS Conference. Even though Durban is just an hour flight away from Johannesburg, the warmer climes are a treat. Met at the airport by a great mural (see below), and just above it a massive banner of the ANC touting its leadership in the lead-up to the elections on 3 August. Bah humbug. I have no issue with ANC policies, but leadership is limited to a few, sadly. Anyway, enough of the politics of the country, and on to the politics of HIV and TB...

15 July 2016

Mural as promised.