Peru · 6 Days · 6 Moments · May 2017

celia's adventure in Peru

17 May 2017

Suspiro un lucuma, a native Peruvian fruit that tastes like butterscotch

14 May 2017

Why a giant line to get into the park with the fountain?!

13 May 2017

So Zen

12 May 2017

That awkward cab ride through Lima to three different banks so we could pay him in cash
Gloria's dry and flavorless airplane dinner was particularly disappointing, so all the fragrant restaurants we passed in the cab really beckoned strongly. We arrived at around midnight and let me tell you, I was totally exhausted and ready to sleep. But, she's a night owl, was hungry, and had been taunted by a million restaurants during the cab right, so she promptly hit me with some sad puppy eyes and a request to go eat some chicken at the place we'd seen 1 block away. I couldn't refuse both because I knew the pain of being hungry while traveling and because I didn't want her wandering around a foreign country at midnight alone. Pollos Hilton served us a quarter of a chicken, some fries, a salad, and a beer for 28 sols. The chicken tasted amazing – different from anything we'd eat in the US, but still the flavors were familiar ... Not foreign or strange. And it had been well spiced; the flavor was pervasive throughout the entire meal, from outside to the dead center of the bird.