United States of America · 17 Days · 57 Moments · December 2016

Ceke's adventure in California, United States

13 January 2017

Goodbye USA. It's been real. At airport. LAX
Fun times with Family
Fedha Cox. Got some crazy accomodation rates through him. Indebted forever
Last sundowner and lunch in LA

12 January 2017

Fun times at dinner. Friends and Family. #cheesecakefactory #LA

11 January 2017

Celebrity houses. # hollywood
Even in the rain, Disney Land must be done
My buddy Fedha Cox
Really big cocktails in Hollywood

9 January 2017

Just a selfie with my dear sister in laws family

8 January 2017

San Fransisco. Just a cool city. No other way to describe it
Charlie found someone he was in Consolata with. #SanFrancisco

7 January 2017

Food food and more food. Best Salmon I've ever eaten. #SanFrancisco
Riding the Cable Car. #SanFrancisco

5 January 2017

Oxbow market. A place with many things to eat. #napa
G Foodie experience Napa
And they have a whole section dedicated to my favourite delicacy
Wine tasting. #napa
Napa Valley scenery
Napa town. Quaint, small and sleepy.
Photo bombed by a dog
Just a nice day in Napa

3 January 2017

Has one lived before they watch Cirque du Soleil. Their MJ production (dubbed The One) was just........the one. Amazing!!!!
The small talk with most people has been tiring but I liked this bar man @Ceasers Palace. His band is Chris and is traveling to Europe for the first time this August.
One must gamble in Vegas
Hanging out with Charlie

2 January 2017

Just found this amusing
More foodie experiences
Birthday Brunch and champs
This is at 2 pm. Had to take this photo. Casino is packed at 2 pm. I honestly think the free alcohol they gave at brunch is to get people tipsy enough to gamble. Only on Las Vegas
Went to see David Copperfield. Debut Vegas Show. I know there's and explanation to how he does what he does but indeed it was magical. Excellent Experience
Just more of Las Vegas by night. Lights lights lights.
Ok. So the chopper tour company (for the Grand Canyon) picks you up in a Limo. Hmmmm. #LasVegas
Picture of the official picture of the helicopter tour that I didn't want to buy for 30 bucks
Landed Safe. That's our pilot.
Vegas City Views Via Helicopter
Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam views via helicopter. It was just nice to see another version of nature. Lots of Rock
Helicopter your of the grand Canyon. First time in a copter. Nice!!

1 January 2017

Birthday Brunch. All you can eat and all the champagne you can drink.
Landed Las Vegas
Slot Machines at the Airport. Just in case you didn't manage to gamble away everything
The party on the Strip
Just turned 40. #LasVegas
Beautiful New Years Day. #LasVegas
Just before I turned 40 #Lasvegas. A bar
Now I'm 40. Fireworks on the strip. # NewYear # LasVegas

31 December 2016

En route to Las Vegas. The tour now begins

30 December 2016

Tired and Jet lagged, we went across the street to just look for something to eat. Groggy we stumbled into a place called Flemings. Shock on the portions and the bill!!!
Can't eat like that everyday if we intend to make it through this two week journey but it was fun.
LA LIVE by night. That's actually the name of the area in LA we are staying in, not me making up a funky title. Supposed to be good for entertainment. Will check it out when I deal with the jet lag
So this is what the States looks like. Hmmmm

29 December 2016

The finished look after a 24 hour journey

28 December 2016

Enjoyed the Champagne. The fresh look early on in the flight