Cyprus · 5 Days · 25 Moments · November 2016

Cecilia, Nikki, and James's Trip to Cyprus. Clary was there too.

6 November 2016

Church day at Our Lady of Grace Catholic Church in Larnaca

4 November 2016

The birthplace of Aphrodite for sunset!
Roadside icecream stop. Essential to vacationing is the eating of as much icecream as possible.
It was an archeological kind of morning. Finished it out with a cool visit to Kourion with James "exploring history".
Build your own adventure at Amathous archeological site! Seriously we could roam free in there!!!
We got to learn about early peoples at Choirokoitia archeological site! Cecilia did not get stung by bees/wasps - win!

3 November 2016

Stacking/hugging rocks to keep warm, finding awesome trees, and all-around great views on the Artemis trail in the Troodos mountains
Hiking at Caledonia Falls in the Troodos mountains
A nice waterfall in the troodos
Nikki touched a cat with a bad rash. Don't do that.

2 November 2016

For the record Cecilia did awesome.
Kayaking in the morning was a great idea. Even better would have been knowing that Cecilia had NEVER kayaked before pushing her out to sea!!!!
Nikki brings her own snacks!!!!
Drinks!!!! Hot wine, got chocolate and cold beer. Stories is delightful, with cozy corners and conversations full of old fashioneds.
Veggie mousaka!!!!
The Meeting Pub
Flying buttresses at Grand mosque of larnaca
Discovering larnaca castle
St. Lazarus church
Dat beach life tho!
Lanarca, Beach

1 November 2016

At the beach after lunch/dinner
Rental car! Go Nikki!
Great location, great view and reasonable prices. Dipato