Spain · 11 Days · 6 Moments · June 2017

Cayleigh's adventure in Spain

22 June 2017

And last but not least, the Magic Fountain! It was an hour of music, water and colour and a lot of fun!

21 June 2017

Our last destination before we go our separate ways! Peniscola is along the coast of the Mediterranean sea and we have spent the day swimming and tanning. We also walked along the edge of the shoreline were the castle is and it offers quite the view of the sea! Thursday night we will be back in Barcelona to watch the magic fountain of Montjuic and then on to part two.

18 June 2017

So we finally made it to Madrid only to discover that it could get hotter than 35 and sunny. I believe it in fact made it up to 40! But happily the hotel has air conditioning. We again took both a bus tour and walking tour which helped orient us, though we did end up going on an 'adventure' on our last day. Madrid has a royal palace so that was of course our first stop. It was beautiful and has lovely grounds, though we decided perhaps a little big for us. And their cathedral is only 23 years old, but took about 100 years to build because they kept running out of money. The city has quite a few large parks and all their big streets seemed to be lined with trees, giving it a bit of a different feel from Barcelona. They also put their entire ring road underground, making driving only slightly less crazy. But Mommy has done an excellent job so far. Unfortunately we had to cut our trip to the city short but it was definitely a lot of fun and there is still a ton to see!

17 June 2017

After Zaragoza we made our way over to Segovia. It had the Disney Castle, a Roman aqueduct and a cathedral. What more could we ask for! The drive was also very pretty, as we went through a few small towns and went up some very big hills. The aqueduct was incredible and the castle was were Isabella of Castile lived before becoming queen. Due to its proximity to Madrid and Toledo, this area seems to have had a very active history. After visiting the city, we went to El Escorial, a monastery and royal palace, where almost every member of the Spanish royal family since Philip V has been buried. Unfortunately though it appears that they are running out of room. But the palace, library, and grounds are absolutely beautiful.

15 June 2017

After leaving Barcelona, we headed over to Zaragoza. It is a beautiful town with very well preserved Roman ruins including a wall, theatre, forum, port and bath. This was the site of the former colony Ceasar Augustus. We also visited the Alcazar, which is now the seat of the provincial government but was originally built by the Moors and then taken over by the Catholic monarchs of Spain, leading to an interesting mix of architecture. We of course visited the cathedral and enjoyed the medieval market that was in town. Once again we did lots of walking, though luckily everything is a little closer together in Zaragoza

12 June 2017

Since we are a little late starting the Spanish leg of the recap, this is going to be quite short. Barcelona was a very impressive city where we enjoyed both a walking tour and a hop on hop off tour. Everything from the Roman ruins to the Gothic Quarter and the Sagrada Familia were very interesting and very busy! The Montjuic Castle was beautiful and so full of history! In fact, it has probably spent just as much time defending the city as it has attacking it! Supposedly the Sagrada Familia will be finished in ten years, though they still seem to have quite a lot to do. It is definitely not a traditional church and I think they may have overdone it a little on the decoration. The walking tour was definitely an excellent recommendation as our guide gave us a good mix of the historical details and gossip that always makes everything more interesting! And finally, in searching for a cup of tea for Mommy, we have also discovered milk is not refrigerated here! It was an adventure!