Australia, New Zealand · 72 Days · 4 Moments · January 2017

Cat's journi to Melbourne, Victoria

10 April 2017

We left the glorious Beach Road flat with time to spare, resulting in an impromptu Yo-Chi and Churchill screaming as if he was incurring bodily harm. Taking the JQ217 flight leaving Melbourne Tullamarine airport at 23:45 and landing at Auckland Airport at 5:20 local time was bloody exhausting. Turns out I need more than two hours sleep to function remotely normally. Getting to New Zealand was somewhat traumatic- extreme immigration checks and customs controls consisting of x-ray machines, multiple beautiful dogs and having to declare any dirty shoes? But we met the cutest child who looked a cartoon in the queue so that made up for it. After waiting for a decent time to show up at Ollie Milner's place of employment- King's College Auckland, suuuuuch a nice place- we ended up showering and chilling for a bit. Will check in later 👅

4 February 2017

Found a dog beach 😍🇦🇺

31 January 2017

Getting used to Hampton life with Churchill 💙

29 January 2017

Landing in Tullamarine International Airport 🌟