Asia · 2 Days · 11 Moments · May 2017

Late May break to Hong Kong and Macau

29 May 2017

Heading down the hill from the fortress into town.
Macau fortress.
The ruins of the facia of St Paul's Cathedral, Macau.
Old Portuguese area of Taipa island, Macau.
A delicious Portuguese Macau lunch in a traditional little restaurant with bags of character tucked away in one of the old Portuguese areas of Taipa island, Macau.
A snapshot of the casinos of Macau. We can honestly say we left the casino with exactly the same amount as we went in with... 😉
Setting off for Macau. The boat ride made us feel a bit wonky...

28 May 2017

The most delicious Sunday brunch ever, at Limewood in Repulse Bay, Hong Kong Island. Great company and gorgeous views topped off the awesome food and amazing drinks.

27 May 2017

First night in HK with James and Karen. We went for hotpot, Sichuan-style. It was spicy. Really really spicy! You can't really see the sweat and the redness of Phil's face, but there were many, many beads. My glasses were struggling to stay in place 👓🤓🌶