Singapore · 1 Days · 7 Moments · July 2017

Once upon a time in Singapore

19 July 2017

Singapore Zoo

18 July 2017

Singapore is a geographically small country located in Asia with Mandarin as its official language. Citizens from neighboring countries like Indonesia, Myanmar, Malaysia, Philippines, Australia..( uh oh the list could go on and on 😄) come to visit or even work here. Why? First, Singapore is a land of many opportunities. Second, This country is so clean and green that you could see trees wherever you go. Third, There are numbers of tourist destination here that is worth seeing and so photo worthy. Fourth, There are array of food choices here. There are Hawkers (food court) in every corner and the price is affordable, the coice is yours whether you want to eat Indian, Malay, Singaporean, Japanesse, Chinesse etc etc food. Fifth, Singapore is one of the safest place to live in. Sixth, People here are disciplined this is evidenced by their tidy place and smooth traffic. Seventh, Mode of transportation is quite convenient. Their SMRT system is meticulously thought of. (to be continued😄)
Garden by the Bay
Marina Bay
Chinesse Garden, Japanesse Garden and Little India Singapore is a mixed race country. With this, they alloted a particular place where a citizen of a particular country could thtive in. In turn these communities became part of Singapore's tourist spots. The ff are the worth visiting tourist destination; Little India, Japanesse Garden, Chinatown and Chinesse Garden. This gesture of Singapore, i think, was made in appreciation of their friendly relationship to those countries.
Botanical Garden