North America, Europe · 5 Days · 26 Moments · May 2017

3 RNs and a Pharmacist take on Paris

27 May 2017

Today was our trip to Versailles. It was BIG, hot, and crowded. Today was the hottest day of the year so far in Paris and it was too damn hot to be in small rooms with a lot of people who don't believe in deodorant. Once we moved to the gardens, it was too damn hot to be in the sun with a bunch of damn people, so we took a train packed with more people to Marie Antoinette's area​ of Versailles and visisted her Petit Trianon and Hamlet. Both of these were charming yet still too hot so we found a cool shaded area underneath a tree in the garden and took a nap. After cooling off, we decided to leave and visit the cafe outside of Versailles and try their beer, best decision ( other than the nap) of the day.

26 May 2017

Today's adventure was amazing went to the Louvre, Catacombs, and Musee D'Orsay! The Catacombs were a little scary Especially having Cristina and Catherine jumping out at me while I am already scared as shit being under ground and not able to get out!

25 May 2017

We ended the night with having a well deserved drink at the "Dirty Dicks!"
Oh just enjoying our day in Paris
Today we went to Notre Dame, St Chappelle, la Concierge, Pont Neuf and the Eiffel Tower.
Notre Dame! This was magnificent!! We got there early enough to avoid waiting in any lines but we were lax enough with our travel there that we stopped for several cups of coffee and croissants.
Ok. We are exhausted! We all fell asleep in the sitting room last night ( I think Christina may have made it to bed). It was 2230 and the air outside our apartment was still alive with fading sunlight, conversation and chruch bells.

24 May 2017

Night snacks n wine
Here's more food!!!
Having a great first day in Paris with some wonderful people.
Part of our self guided walking tour of Montmartre
St George square. About to head on our first metro ride.
We finally made it! We've survived the scariest (and longest) van ride. Waited for our host to meet is at our airbnb and lugged a total of approx 400lbs of luggage up three flights of stairs. We are on our way to Montmartre but made a much needed pit stop for coffee and 🍺
It's 0105 somewhere. We have about 3 hours remaining on the flight. The flight itself has been smooth. The boarding process...not so much. There was a misunderstanding about zone boarding and an EXTREMELY rude staff member (whom I will call Julie, cause that was her name) yelled at a group of us and was obviously the wrong group to tell at, because Julie looked like she was the cock thrown in to fight. We've talked, eaten typical airplane food and have dozed off. For some reason it's about 10 degrees warmer in our section than anywhere else on the plane. We've complained several times and continually asked for water, that they have generously been bringing us 6oz at a time. During our last rant (6 hours in) the flight attendant let us know there is a self serve bar toward the back of the plane. Three of us walked back there and grabbed the large bottles of Evian set out for people to serve themselves, 6oz at a time. This way is much more efficient.

23 May 2017

Waiting on shuttle to airport
Just a little fun in Miami
Oh my bags are packed and I'm ready to go🎶🎵
Looks like Christina is going to be well rested!
Waiting on Crystal and Stacey so we can get the Paris trip started
We leave today! Cristina, Crystal and I are already awake. Excited and nervous for what is in store for us. Stacey is still sleeping ( or at least ignoring our group morning chat). We will all meet at the airport this afternoon and our flight to Paris leaves at 1930!! We will get in at 1030 tomorrow morning and head to our Airbnb​.